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    I'm finding the game to be nearly unplayable at the moment. You've read threads like this before, I try not to write them, or to complain for complaining sake, but I'm adding my voice in regards to this dogshit meta.

    Evolve shaman is everything wrong with competitive, worthwhile HS. It combines to massive effect both extreme mana cheat, and RNG. Like two months ago Guardian Druid was nerfed, not because it was too strong, but because it was an unfun play experience when it Overgrowthed into Guardian Animals. Evolve Shaman is this exact experience made even worse by being given a tutor. At least when Druid drew poorly they would be left with a heavy brick of a hand and were quickly overwhelmed. Resulting in a normalized winrate.

    Not the case with Shaman. I have experienced very few games that Knuckles doesn't come down on five. And then the mana cheating begins. Huge, uncontestable boards that must be dealt with while simultaneously dealing with the weapon. Some decks fair better then others vs this, but overall it's a tyrant of a deck that is choking out many other strategies and basically wasting my collection. Honest to goodness, there are so many interesting cards and potential decks out there. 

    I for one am not enjoying this helpless feeling.

     Go watch pornhub. it may relieve some frustration for you. Or just git gud, meta is good

     LOFL.  Clearly you never played the game when it was ACTUALLY good.  The game fucking sucks now and has for some time.  "Git gud" you suggest??  Get a fucking CLUE.

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    DUDE....Hearthstone fucking SUCKS. It is living off of the reputation it established 5 years ago when it was a (mostly) very very very good game.  It fucking sucks now, though.  I feel sorry for anyone trying to actually play it now and never having experienced when it actually WAS fun to play.

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    Hear, hear!

     It's "Here, Here", idiot.

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    Anyone who writes "standart" and "AggroRouge" needs to get a fucking clue.

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    Lol don’t be so mad. Im no dusting solarian because I will playing him all the time in my HL deck. I got enough dust/gold for next exp anyway

     Who's mad??  Oh wait....you are one of THOSE idiots that think everybody who disagrees with you is either "mad" or "fake news".  There's not even a shred of anger in this thread.

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    posted a message on mind control should be banned from arena

    It's fucking ten mana.  OBVIOUSLY it's powerful.  YET ANOTHER....I just lost to X card, we need to ban X card thread.  So so so so so SO lame.

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    Many/most decks in Wild are like that, especially control decks.

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    I don't understand why people hate Leeroy Jenkins so much :P 

    Ye, you can combo with him... in ONE CLASS (Rogue)

    Fireball does the same amount of burst damage, ignores taunt, costs 1 less mana, and can also be used in combos (see Exodia Mage),

    Kor'kron Elite is currently the most overstatted charge minion (until the next expansion, when demon hunter comes out)

    Reckless Rocketeer might do 1 less damage and cost 1 more mana, but it doesn't summon two 1/1 whelps

    Arcanite Reaper does 10 damage for 5 mana, easily outclassing Leeroy Jenkins as a finisher


    So in conclusion, I plead you to stop jumping on the "hate leeroy" bandwagon. There are far more powerful finishers and far more powerful aggro cards.


    The only card you didn't mention that wasn't a class card is Reckless Rocketeer.   

    The others are class cards.  

    Leeroy is the most oppressive non-class aggro card in the game.  It's the most popular finisher.   

    It also limits design space.  Good luck with Reckless Rocketeer.

     This is exactly correct.  The fact that Leeroy can be used in ANY deck is why it is going to HOF.

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    If control/combo decks can have access to Neutral Taunts/Heals/Rush options, then Aggro should have access to Neutral Chargers.

    The meta game isn't even dominated by aggro. Face Hunter made ONE appearance in the meta, the literal first time its been relevant since like, 2016, and that was only because Rogue and Shaman were top of the meta. A class who has always been weak to aggro and a Shaman deck that didn't have tons of AOE/Healing for once, which also proved to be a good match up for Face Hunter to win against.

    Other than that, Aggro hasn't really been a thing. Stop trying to take tools away from it, we don't need another snorefest meta where the only viable decks are greedy decks making infinite value while having enough Taunts/AOEs to curb stomp aggro while getting there, like the Deathknight metas. Hearthstone panders heavily towards Value/Control decks as is and has been for a long time. Aggro hardly gets anything nowadays, it doesn't need what few things it has, taken away.

     What a surprise...brainless aggro player has absolutely no clue.

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    This seems like a salt thread. Did you just lose to a deathrattle deck? Umbra and Rivendare are not part of any issue related to Hearthstone 

     Whaaaaaat????  Did you even read the OP, or just the title??  Getaclue.

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    posted a message on Quest Priest is a problem - here's why

    This thread is so fucking delusional.  Some people will LITERALLY complain about ANYTHING.

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    Hearthstone has been superseded by other, more interesting. more skill-intensive games. The devs have failed to meet community expectations, so it's just slowly declining.

    I have fun with the new expansion for maybe 2 weeks. That is certainly not worth paying hundreds of dollars for. I basically just quit the game, until the next expansion/update.

    Yes, Eternal is THE game that will destroy Hearthstone.  Or was it Gwent?

    Oh, I just remembered.  The game has been dying since Beta according to the people who can't play to save their lives.

     It's not going to just wink out and be gone.  But, whether you like to admit it or not, all of the numbers suggest that the game is in fact not only declining in popularity and player base, but has been for some time now.  It will continue to be viable, but there is no doubt the game is in decline, and part of that is absolutely due to fed up players going off to play other games.

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    Yeah. There are different ways you can enjoy it, but the most obvious one is winning. You can’t really have fun loosing. So why not build some metabreaker decks and win a bunch with them? I got to rank 1/legend for two seasons in a row so far and I really recommend doing the same thing if you get bored of just copying other people’s decks!

     HAHAHA.  You do realize the vast majority of people who play this game haven't a clue when it comes to deck building, right?  It's why net decking is so popular.  If people had to build their own decks, AT LEAST 50% of the player base would either quit or become completely inept.

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    Hearthstone was working properly on iPad before, this issue came right after the last patch. So please stop bitchin like a ten year old because some of you broke-ass plebs cannot afford a proper device. 

     wow..this is a mature and constructive addition to this thread from you..

     Apparently this is your first time on the internet?  Here's some advice:  It's best to just ignore the trolls.

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    posted a message on i am so addicted to this new mode

    LOL.  Battlegrounds is mindless minimal strategy garbage mode.  There are like 2 or 3 (hmmm should I be mech or beast this time??) strategies you can win with, and nearly all of the decision making is obvious.  I'm already bored with it and doubt I will play it very much anymore.  I'm glad it's sparking interest in HS (because God knows it needs it) but once the novelty of this mode wears off, this isn't going to be a mode that stands the test of time, IMO.

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