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    posted a message on is there something in our power to have blizzard remove the questlines from wild?

    Not all questlines are toxic. But yes, Warrior and Hunters quests need to be dealt with. Warlock's is already banned in wild, so that DOES help. Now if we can get rid of Warrior's and Hunter's, it'd loosen the choked grip on wild a little bit more. 

    We still need to work out Sorcerer's Apprentice for mage too. Spells should NOT be costing zero and letting your opponent BOTH cycle through entire decks while killing you from full health +10 or more armor sometimes on top of it. She needs to be banned too. 

    The trouble with this topic is Blizzard cared so little about wild as is, since the design teams have started changing so much, interest in wild balance has dwindled even more. I'm still shocked we were able to get the Warlock quest banned at all. 

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    posted a message on Community Q&A With Hearthstone Developer - Celestalon #1

    I'd be asking things like priorities changing and/or improving on wild balance changes.

    Finding out possibilities for new classes like "Monk" being added into the game, etc.

    At least someone asked about class skin randomization. That's one feature I'm shocked we don't have already since all classes have a shitton of skins now. We also need randomization options for the coin too now. 

    Also his response to why the Illadin card was changed was weak, imo. Lady Liadrin is a hero skin yet she also has her own legendary. Same can now be said for this year's main story characters with the exception of Tavish. They all have skins yet they have legendary cards too, in some cases multiple cards even. I think keeping the OG illidan card as was woulda been just fine since he didn't see much main decked play anyways. 

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    posted a message on What are Wild players looking forward to this set?

    Heal/control pally and Handbuff Pally are looking pretty interesting to me this set. I might even give pure pally another whirl. 

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    posted a message on Alterac Rogue Cards
    Quote from Wada >>

    So what, Rogue has had two VERY strong serious decks in the past two expansions.

    It's time for some more fun stuff instead. I hope Burgle or Deathrattle decks will be atleast tier 3 viable.

     In wild Burgle variants are gonna be INSANE, especially the more Tess heavy builds. I'm ok with that. 

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    posted a message on Korrak the best legendary in the world

    Yeah, its a sweet effect but the stats are weak. Not really threatening on his own. He'll be used in meme/highlight reel decks for streamers and homebrewers like me but competitively speaking he won't be as strong as you think. 

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    posted a message on Tavern brawl

    This is like legit the third or fourth time they've run this brawl already. If blizz is that lazy that they refuse to come up with new brawls, then it's time to pull the plug on the mode. No one is serious about it and very few people play it past the free pack they get from it from their first win. 

    Of course every one and their brother are doing the boring patches + embiggen. We've had this brawl so many times already no one has to think about it anymore.


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    posted a message on New Neutral Legendary Card Revealed - Ivus, the Forest Lord

    Druid COULD make good use of this, theoretically it could turn nuts if effects don't repeat too much at 20 mana. 

    But that said it's too vulnerable to silence and/or single target removal, which there's abundance of with both mechanics now a days. Being targetless should''ve really been an option if they wanted this thing competitive. It might see some play in tier 2 or 3 decks but no way it makes any cuts in top competitive decks, Especially in standard. 

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    posted a message on Balancing wild format

    Yeah....I agree with the Op's sentiment that wild needs nerfs, but his priorities are off. 

    I'd be more focused on getting Pirates some much needed swings with the nerf bat, and odd quest hunter needs to be hammered. Badly. 

    Also if anything in Mage needs desperate work its Sorcerer's Apprentice. That card is and always will be a problem with giving players on both sides way to easy access to 0 cost cards thanks to her effect, She needs the "Can't be less than 1" adverse effect stat. 

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    posted a message on Isn’t it about time they nerfed warrior?

    Remember when Blizzard said they were gonna back off of "charge" as a keyword? Me too. 

    Remember when Blizzard said they were gonna back off of card generation? Me too. 

    I remember when Blizzard first brought in "Rush" and oh how they peddled that it was basically gonna replace "charge" in the long term. 


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    posted a message on I have an honest doubt about HS community...
    Quote from TheMightyYogg >>

    The truth is that Hearthstone team does not give a fuck about wild format. Every expansion they just throw in bunch of cards and hope that this will work out for them. If not, they just gonna nerf couple of most problematic cards and say “hey, you guys see, we care about the meta, right?”

    Apparently it’s too hard for a “small” company to test and balance all gameplay mechanics and interactions before adding them to the game, that’s why over the past year we have witnessed so many unplayable metas in wild. Printing cards like Celestial Alignment or giving one archetype (pirate warrior) an insane power boost also does not help. As the result, wild is in one of the most miserable states ever with like 3-4 polished and primitive decks competing with each other over and over again.

    However, it’s essential to point out, that both formats became absolutely flavourless for me. Games nowadays are boring and repetitive, most of the outcomes are decided by turn 4, and there is no more room for fun and experimentation among super polished fast and aggressive  decks. 

    At least I can enjoy arena or battlegrounds, but I am pretty sure that very few people are actually satisfied with the current meta. 

     The devs have actually come out and explained this in the past: They'd rather make a meta so toxic that people bitch until they're blue in the face than have a "fair/balanced/boring sets" (their words, not mine) that cause people to quit from boredom. Apparently their numbers are telling them more players quit playing in more balanced sets than these broken/toxic ones. The biggest example they gave was Rhastakhans Rumble. A fair and enjoyable meta for most players but they lost a bunch because they couldn't get easy wins or some such. That's why they've brought in toxic meta players into the design team in order to draw the game closer to "win or die by turn 5" styles of play. 

    Until they see it causes more players to quit then longer gamed formats we're stuck with this style of card design for the long haul. I dunno how much longer I can hold out,

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    posted a message on I have an honest doubt about HS community...
    Quote from Sherman1986 >>
    Quote from AndreiLux >>

     We have the mode called Casual, where all the experiments belong.

     Is that a joke?

     It is a joke, but a bad one. Truth is casual mode is a mode were experiments can happen safely, since wins and losses don't really matter there. The problem is I'm starting to see just as many toxic decks like Pirate Warrior and Baku Tavish-Quest hunter decks in casual as I do in ranked. It's gross. It's making even playing casual mode miserable and not fun.

    I get that people want free and easy wins to farm, but realize this: sooner or later, people who are bullied into either losing games by turn 4-5 or forced to insta concede are gonna be more and more encouraged to quit the game entirely. I'm trying to fight these urges but you guys so desperate for your adrenelen shots aren't making your cases very well. How healthy do you guys think that'll help hearthstone's long term health? IF you yourself are bullied so bad in ranked with quick losses that you have to bully casuals to make yourself feel better, that says a lot about you and the amount of caring you do for the actual game. 


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    posted a message on United in Stormwind Mini Set: Deadmines - Launches November 2nd! All Cards Revealed!

    Wow Aggro priest gets a boost I see. 

    Love the pirate theme however kinda wish it was its own expansion instead of just a mini set. But I'll take what I can get. Yahaaaaaar!

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    posted a message on Big priest is fine now?

    Big priest is always "fine" as a deck when it comes to power levels. You'll get wins when it comes to value based games. Dunno how it stands up against aggro decks though, and hyper aggro decks will always be around. It's more so now thanks to recent sets. So take that into account. 

    Personally I despise the deck but it will get you wins.  

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    posted a message on What is a mechanic you underderstand is part of the game, but also truely hate?
    Quote from Itoldyou >>

    Charge - I hate the fact the new devs are shit and doesn't know how to work on a game with charge minions anymore.

     You've never played magic, have you? 'Charge' is NOTHING new to any tcg/ocg mechanics wise. In fact it's pretty standard in most. It just so happens in hearthstone they decided to put the keyword on broken minions that tended to be overpowered in the past. Hence why it got changed to rush. 

    I'd be ok with using charge more if the minions weren't used in this game so much as OTK's for combo decks essentially like boars. With magic at least haste was a bit more of a set up and more difficult to use. 

    For me my big hate is a toss up between APM style of otk's since I think it's cheating with time limits and ropes, or resurrection and priests. As it is even resurrection is a pretty common mechanic in card games but priest just plain completely obliterates it in toxicity. Even in yugioh the power of res wasn't so absurd (at least it wasnt ten years ago...). 

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    posted a message on Nerf Mage or limit the time allowed to play
    Quote from YojimboSanjuro >>

    Mage is ludicrous, does the rope not run out?!

     Unfortunately that's not how "time" in this game works. APM really does matter here...the player could be "queing" up quite a few cards and spells, thus their time gets extended so the game can render the cards animations. It almost acts like an extra buffer for the time limit. It just so happens mage is the class that milks this feature the most because of its APM related styles of play coming out lately.

    That said I do agree that it's B.S. Blizzard won't ever do anything about it though so I wouldn't try wasting breaths here. People have been complaining about time limits and in game animations forever. But I agree, lots of match results would be different if the turn counter acted like it was supposed to and actually ended when the rope did. 

    honestly I've been one of those guys advocating for shorter time limits in hearthstone for a while now. Especially since intentional ropers are a huge thing now and it drives players nuts. Thank god I know how to take quick turns and shorten the game's turn times.  

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