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    posted a message on Stop stealing

    It's a predatory system, plain and simple. It's a system meant to trick you into buying more and more gems/tokens or what ever you want to call runestones. So in that sense it is a form of stealing. It's just not illegal because as you pointed out, it is in fact a choice to buy or not buy. But it doesn't mean it isn't wrong. 

    It's dirty and it really is a form of stealing. It's just only legal because of lazy and greedy courts that allow these kind of loopholes to exist. 

    There'll always be the gullible and desperate who'll be into buying what ever is put in front of them, that's just not me. If more players thought with their brains then they'd realize how terrible this system is and how it's designed to drain your accounts as quick as possible. 

    And it's no coincidence that Blizzard is implementing this system board wide across all games. It's disgusting. 

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    posted a message on Did Neptulon break the wild format? (mainly when used in priest)

    I was thinking about this card the other day.

    What if Neptulon got nerfed so his hands could ONLY attack minions with the windfury effect from the body? That way the only way the only damage you take from Neptulon's hands is their actual attack phase.

    Or maybe taking out the hand's "Immune" keyword instead? 

    Obviously you can't nerf the mana cost since he already costs 10 so the next best solution is to change his effect somehow. 

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    posted a message on Game broke?

    You playing on a phone or Pc? 

    I've heard sometimes phone users have different problems because of coding. I'm guessing you tried hard logging out, quitting the game and then coming back on?

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    posted a message on Can we nerf the questline hunter to 1 mana instead of 0 ? [STANDARD]
    Quote from slayercrohs >>

    I don't think the quest itself is the problem.

    The amount of cheap spells is a problem. They have 10 4 mana or less damaging spells and none of them are bad.

    You can make a deck with 20 cards just damaging spells and that is a problem.

    The quest wouldn't be a problem if they didn't have such a big amount of spells


     No. The spells themselves aren't the issue. Given what they are as cards at face value and most are ok/average to decent at best. But combine them with Tavish's reward and enable them to refresh a 0 mana hero power? Broken as hell.

    If Dwarven District never existed as a quest, I doubt half these spells would see play. As a class hunter has way better and more effective ways to hit face otherwise. The only thing keeping a lot of these cards in any sort of lime light at all is this quest. 

    Take Rapid Fire. 2 mana to deal 2 damage. Not terrible value I suppose if you're judging the card on its own face value but hunter has better out there. Yet this deck can make max value out of it because it IS dirt cheap, something aggro worships, and it even replaces itself with Twinspell. 

    Same thing with either of the 1 mana deal 1 damage and summon a 1/1 beast token spells, but worse. Neither are terrible or game breaking on their own but this quest adores them because of their cheapness...the tokens are just pleasant bonuses the deck doesn't give two craps for. Would they see very much play if not used in this deck? Probably not. Not that great at removal or tempo since all you get is a 1/1 token out of those spells. And if you're using them for the burn there's better hunter cards the class has that can even target both minions OR face, not one or either. 

    Most of the spells this deck gets to use are glorified piles of "meh" without this quest, period. If not for the face their cheap costs helps with the hero power refresh, they wouldn't see play at all. 

    Honestly it's because of that I think this quest should be banned outright. IF this quest can make even trash tier spells seem broken, then you know something's wrong with the card's design. 

    Blizz finally balled up and banned Warlock and nerfed Warrior's multiple times. I think the ban is the most viable option for hunter if they refuse to nerf it for what ever reason. It ruins hunter as a class because now Blizz has to be weary of any decent spell they print at all in the future busting the deck even worse. Thus severely limiting design space. 

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    posted a message on Can we nerf the questline hunter to 1 mana instead of 0 ? [STANDARD]
    Quote from Andrei2007 >>

    If you can rat their quest reward, you are playing at low ranks. As for the nerf idea, terrible. You want to straight up kill it. There are ways to soft nerf it, like adding a spell to the first step.

     I've heard worse ideas than killing this quest. I mean it's basically what they've done to the warrior questline anyways, and that thing still gets played. So stop panicking. People thought the pirates quest was killed when it got nerfed, TWICE. It wasn't. In wild it's still the most popular warrior deck around. 

    Also not to be that guy but I've seen streamers like Roffle either Rat or Mutanus Tavish from hunter player's hands multiple times, and they never stray far from the legend ranks. Sometimes rank doesn't matter and the players complete their quests too quickly and can't summon Tavish on the same turn he's added to hand. It's rare but it happens. Don't assume players ranks because their games don't play out like yours.  

    Adding a third spell to each tier makes the rewarding effect balanced. Not only does it slow progress but it forces the hunter to empty out the hand further, meaning they can't just "I win" if they hold back enough burn on the turn tavish gets thrown down. As it is a SINGLE effing point of damage only required for TWO measly spells, which btw, can target either face or minions, is way too unfair and easy to complete. and with the insane amount of card draw hunter has now it can't even fizzle out anymore either. 

    They made right/reasonable calls in nerfing Warrior's and banning Warlock's Quest. I'd say either option works for hunter's too, personally I'm in favor of banning it all together. Even without the quest hunter as a class still has more than enough face decks to use.  

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    posted a message on New Priest Legendary Card Revealed - The Harvester of Envy
    Quote from ankha >>

    I know they're 6 mana together, but Mindrender Illucia.

     Too much mana. Illucia's effect returns the cards to their hands too quick before you can get any kind of decent value. That said if you can buy a turn with this thing out and THEN play illucia later then that'd be the nuts. But good luck with that strategy, 

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    posted a message on Quest Hunter is broken

    I've said so since the questline was revealed. A single point of spell damage for only 2 different spells casted in each tier? Ludicrous! With how much burn hunter has at its disposal, each tier should be 3 spells at least...if not 4. Someone really wanted hunter to be tier S during that expansion. 

    Pirate's quest got nerfed MULTIPLE (Finally, but should've happened sooner...) times, but they can't even touch raza hunter's? Also ludicrous!  

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    posted a message on Yeah baby, aggro is dead with 40 hp
    Quote from xskarma >>

    Reports of Aggro's death have been greatly exaggerated.  - Mark Twain, probably. :p

     Yup, I suspected as much. Can't get that lucky, lul. 

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    posted a message on Yeah baby, aggro is dead with 40 hp
    Quote from NIPKYAT_RA >>

    Hearthstone matches are happening the way they used to happen when the knights of the frozen throne expansion was released.

    Control meta is back.

     Feels good to hear that wild is mostly full of control meta. 



     Awesome! I'd hope the same...if Aggro was truly dead. Believe me, I wish it was. But it'll never truly go away. In my mind, if aggro ever really did disappear for good, then good riddance. 

    But sadly, you over exaggerate my friend. Aggro will always be a tool cheap players can rely on for strong decks. Look at warlock...each time the gimmick of any given set fails for the class, it always falls back to a zoolock build for the meta. Same thing for hunter. Both classes have so strong basic and classic cards that new set releases don't have to really ever matter if necessary. They'll always have strong decks. And aggro is the preferred play style of both. I hate it that that's the way it is but that's how that cookie crumbles.

    Trust me, aggro is still safe. But trust me, if it does ever truly die, I'll gladly be the first to bust out the party hats and confetti. Screw the aggro style to the 10th circle of hell.  

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    posted a message on Renathal killed the game

    Yup, aggro player found! Sorry, buddy. Control and midrange styles of play matter too. 

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    posted a message on Battle pass

    Yeah, I love the cosmetics you get from the tracks. The problem is too many of them get sent to battlegrounds, and I flat refuse to play that shit mode. All of those great characters: Elise, Brann, Reno, Alex. Those all should've been CONTSTRUCTED skins. Not for a mode you can't even collect anything for other than cosmetics. Waaaaaay too many cosmetic reward slots were wasted on that shit mode. 

    That said the constructed stuff you do get is sweet. The diamond stuff is always nice, and so are the golden cards for the commons and rares they offer. For 20 bucks it's "ok value" really. Now if ALL the skins offered were for constructed and half of them weren't a waste of digital space, then it'd be a bargain and a half if you're a cosmetic skin collector for video games. 

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    posted a message on Diamond Cards- Come chat with a Dev! [Confirmed]

    I LOVE the IDEA of Diamond cards...just no more charging absurd amounts of money or gold for them. Please?

    I think most of the prominent hearthstone legendaries that were major wow characters in their lore should get them. LIch King and Sylvanaus are a couple of great examples for cards who desperately need one. 

    As for personal requests, I'd LOVE diamond skins for the entire League of Explorers. Those 4 guys are my fav gimmick hearthstone ever created. 

    That said I wouldn't mind giving the ability to somehow upgrade all legendary cards into diamond somehow either. If that was ever a thing I'd be more than ok with it. 

    All I ask is to keep the economics involving the diamond skins more reasonable. The orc's skin availability in diamond was nice but it cost waaaaaay too much.  

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    posted a message on No More Nozdormu Day?

    probably because that hearthstone holiday is tomorrow. I wouldn't worry about it unless tomorrow passes without the quest. 

    That said I'd worry about the festivals first. I miss those. Getting either extra gold or exp for special quests was a great help when they did those from time to time. Now they give out jack shit for that kind of help. 

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    posted a message on Cant open Brawlpack
    Quote from mulluk >>

    Anyone else got the problem not being able to open the reward from the current brawl? Its not a "shop" issue, since the shop is open and working. Several restarts didnt help either.

     Yo! I tried dragging the pack to the open slot, it wouldn't go in. Must be a glitch from the new patch, I've already noticed quite a few this time around. 70 billion+ dollar indie company, ladies and gents!

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    posted a message on Please help priest

    Must be a thread for standard. In wild, priest has quite a few decks now. Res priest is always a pain in the ass.  Trust me, priest will never go away as a class. 

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