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    Exactly that's the difference between the two...Ice Block you have to face the lethal damage before you become immune . This secret pops on ANY turn you take some damage.  

    Why it says immune and not stealth though is beyond me, stealth fits the rogue flavor more.


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    Man this new meta is going to be great, With cards like this agro can finally be eradicated as a play style. As a guy who not only loves dragons, but control and big combo, as well as anti meta decks, I absolutely fell in love with this card right away.

    The salt from the agro style players has really added to the flavor of my French fries, thank you so much guys =)

    Trust me. In the long run non agro metas can only mean good things and increase the health of the game. Might actually make people think and make decks on their own instead of relying on hearthpwn to hold their hands for them. Then we'll see how true skill levels play out.




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