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    Mage has Fireball for lethal, suddenly turns into Astral Communion. If this doesn't happen there is no Yogg.

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    Slow claps for you blizzard. Slow claps for you.

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    Libram of Hope, Mass Ressurection, and Plague of Death are all 9 mana spells. 

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    Hate to burst your bubble but that "this turn" at the end isn't for show.

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    Except Warlock has much better draw than mage and tends to run a lot more minions than mage, most of which actually work well this this. Not to mention Warlock is already getting more survival tools like the 4/3 Demon that deals 2 damage to everything except demons.

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    If they hated hunter they would never have given them this card. It's crazy strong. This card literally could not be anything other than a legendary without being overpowered. Mage and paladin are fine to pull secrets out of thin air because most of their secrets aren't that phenomenal. Ice Barrier is okay, Flame Ward is solid but is purely a defensive card, Noble Sacrifice dodges one hit, or Repentance allows paladin to deal with a large threat IF they have some way to damage it. But hunter... Hunter Secrets are the most powerful in the game. Freezing Trap to bounce something, Explosive Trap can nuke a board of small guys, Pressure Plate just outright kills something, Snipe preemptively kills or weakens something before it's had a chance to do anything, Pack Tactics makes your board that little bit more tricky to deal with. And the reason this is all so powerful? It's hunter. The board is their field. These cards give hunter control of the board so well because their minions are so dangerous to keep around and the opponent doesn't have a choice BUT to deal with them. Being able to just pull a freezing, explosive, pressure, pack, etc out of thin air is crazy strong. And while yea you'll whiff on that secret you wanted sometimes, a majority of the time you'll still find another secret you like. And if you don't find one that's immediately useful, maybe it could prove useful later.

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    3 mana draw 3 in a class that's very good at preventing damage from being taken? Yes, please. Might see a resurface of freeze mage if they get the support they need. Against Hunter and Mage though a little sketchy. But if they're spending 2 mana to hit you in the face that's 2 less mana being used to develop the board. And I don't think anybody is gonna be sad to get this off of Ring Toss

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    Honestly, I have to disagree. While they may not be the flashiest things we've seen in a while they do offer some strange potential. Not only for this expansion but for future ones. This one right here already gives me some ideas to mess around with using Waxadred, Shadows of Death, Ticket Master, etc. And we haven't even seen all the cards that are coming out either so what else will this pair with?

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    I was gonna say this card is unplayable but then your comment made me realize it can also target enemy minions. Will probably be solid against deathrattle hunter if that gets enough support. But yea, otherwise, not too much to see here.

    Edit: The more I think about it the better this card gets. I was thinking too much on stealing a deathrattle but the fact that it steals everything including things like reborn, taunt, lifesteal, rush, etc just make this card so much better. I retract what I said. This card will be quite good.

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    Why ruin your opponent's strategy with high powered explosives when you can enjoy the evil yet humorous nature of ruining them with bad luck birdies? Available to all classes at the low low price of one or two deck slots.

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