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    posted a message on Problem with daily quests!!!

    RNG mate, nothing to worry about.

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    posted a message on Hit Rank 13 - Feels Good
    Quote from SNiZZley >>

    UPDATE: just hit 12!!!! 

    Crazy run of 5 wins in a row.  All about the Catrina Muerte and the Mass Resurrection / Archmage Vargoth :)

    Nice man. Now try to not focus if you are winning or losing, just have fun with your deck. There is still plenty of time from this season to get to rank 10. Try not to burn out. If you start to develop negative emotions and/or are afraid to go in to the next game, cuz you might lose it - just take a break. Same goes if you get on a losing streak - my is set on 3 loses in a row - then I take a break. Be careful of tilting, especially after your winning streak - try to recognize the symptoms and react accordingly.

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    Quote from Echtvad >>

    According to my deck tracker - I have a 58% win rate without coin and 52% win rate with coin - so No we do not need to remove the coin. 

     Why? You have better win rate without the coin? So, we do need to remove the coin, so you can get to legend.



    I couldn't help it, sorry.....     /s

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    posted a message on Has anyone made a successful Big Warrior deck?

    It looks really fun. I've tried an even recruit warrior back in the Witchwood days, gonna try this one too. Thanks a lot for sharing. 

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    posted a message on Remove The Coin
    Quote from 1xbenx1 >>

    There has been an influx of really bad posts the last 3 days.

     This is what rotation does to new players - they go craaaaaazy ;)

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    posted a message on Why doesn't token druid run Sea Giant?

    Fair question. My only reasonable explanation is, no room for it - you want more than 1 minion per card from your cards and also enough buffs to make those small minions threats if left on board. 

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    posted a message on Bad Summoner OTK with Gonk
    Quote from AnonSpartan >>

    The idea is that when you have 2 Gonk on the board, you get one extra attack per minion killed. So you kill 7 imps and then hit your opponent 7 (or is it 8?) times. At that point you'd only need 4 or so damage on your druid and you win. Pretty cool but the meemiest of decks. Disguised Toast would love it. 

     Wait, you can keep and stack the extra attacks you get from 2nd Gonk? Lol, didn't know that. Need to check it myself. I thought, you attack and kill a minion, then attack face, then it's over with attacking this turn, no matter how many Gonks you have on the board.

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    posted a message on Bad Summoner OTK with Gonk

    Okay, I get the idea, you kill the 1/1 imps with your face. But how do you kill your opponent? And what if you have the Twig already equipped? Still kill the enemy imp's? And you have only 2x Branching paths to buff your imps? Or the idea is - you always kill an opponent's minion/taunt with your face, then smack the opponent's face and that every turn? I don't understand....

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    posted a message on Thunderhead, safe or nay?

    I suggest you to save your dust. Especially if you don't sit on a few k's and most of the cards already. Both of those cards are not essential for the decks you may want to play.

    You can play Murloc shaman without Thunderhead, if you want to play aggro shaman deck. You can also play Token druid without Force of nature, if you want to play aggro druid deck.

    I don't know about this warlock deck with darkest hour you are talking about, but sounds like a meme one (no offence to the players playing it or it's deck creator).

    So, basically, if your point is to fool around and have fun - then by all means, craft whatever you feel like. But if you want to be efficient with your dust - then try to only craft what is essential to a specific deck and if you like the deck that much - then go all-in on the crafting and like Rdu, make everything shinier :).

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    posted a message on No taunts in warrior
    Quote from heliangelo >>
    Quote from Kaladin >>

    There are no Taunt minions in Warrior's Basic or Classic set.  What makes you think Taunt is part of their class identity?

     I mean there are no murloc minions in shaman's classic set but seems that they makes part of his class identity.

     I disagree with that statement. 

    There is a difference between "class identity" and a specific "archetype", that is getting pushed with an expansion. The shaman's "class identity" is board swarm and control with cheap minions that you can buff, your totems and cheap board clears against another board swarming class / single target removal against big minions from the opponent's side of the board. The "Murloc archetype" just suits the "class identity" of the shaman - since murlocs are cheap minions that can buff themselves and thus allowing you to make value trades and win the board control early game and swarm your opponent's face.

    Same goes for warrior. The "class identity" is a control class, which uses armor gain to prolong the game and weapons and removals for the opponent's side of the board - just look at the old WotOG Control warrior decklist and you will understand what I am talking about (he got shit tons of armor and that's how he won the fatigue phase, not with that many taunts). It can switch to offensive tho, using those weps for the face and charge minions. "Taunt warrior" is just a "specific archetype", that T5 pushed especially around the Un'goro expansion, but even then - the completion of the quest gave you a strong offensive tool that usually will end the game in a few turns, combined with your other forms of removals. The current Control warrior is just utilizing Dr. Boom's hero power and Rush effect to control the board and remove the enemy's threats. That hero card supplements warrior's "class identity" really good, that's why you don't even notice the missing taunts from the lineup.

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    posted a message on Conspiracy of Hearth, a theory set in stone

    Thanks for the nice story dude.

    I think there isn't any consipiracy, just the servers of this particular small indie company can't handle all the players that want to try the new expansion. If you are that worried about your Arena run, just wait for a week and then complete it or do it in the non-peak hours, if you can - week days, before launch - is my best bet.

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    posted a message on So after one week of new meta...

    Aggro was always up there in the tier list. I don't know what's that so surprising about it, op, I really don't? Be it Odd pala, dude pala, murloc pala, pirate warrior, odd rogue, murloc shaman, some stupid random hunter, zoolock, trogg shaman, etc. - Aggro dominates the early stages of the meta, when people are still testing what they've got and what it is good for. 

    And if it's not you b****ing about 4k dust decks getting you to legend, it will be the other part of the kids b*****ing about how you can't get even to rank 5 without 10k+ dust control deck with 5+ legendaries in it. But at the end - it's just about the w(h)ining. Instead, you can learn how to play and get to legend yourself, but that's harder than just to go on the forums/reddit to cry about something, anything.

    And btw, there isn't even one week since the release...

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    posted a message on Archmage valgoth mage

    You mean Mountain Giant, right? There is a deck list, it has different variations, tho:

    ### Khadgar Dragon Mage
    # Class: Mage
    # Format: Standard
    # Year of the Dragon
    # 1x (2) Sunfury Protector
    # 1x (2) Khadgar
    # 2x (2) Firetree Witchdoctor
    # 2x (2) Book of Specters
    # 2x (2) Acidic Swamp Ooze
    # 2x (3) Messenger Raven
    # 2x (3) Conjurer's Calling
    # 2x (4) Twilight Drake
    # 2x (4) Scaleworm
    # 1x (5) Zilliax
    # 1x (5) Rotten Applebaum
    # 1x (5) Harrison Jones
    # 1x (5) Dragonmaw Scorcher
    # 1x (6) Safeguard
    # 2x (7) Crowd Roaster
    # 2x (7) Astromancer
    # 2x (8) Power of Creation
    # 1x (10) Kalecgos
    # 2x (12) Mountain Giant
    # To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone
    # Find this deck on https://hsreplay.net/decks/cXNbNzPYcwelsxfm270O1b/

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    posted a message on What deck hard counters control warrior

    Mech pala is nice as well. You have nice deathrattle minions. Save you Khangor's endless army for after they use brawl.

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    posted a message on Bomb Warrior and what's wrong with it.
    Quote from Synthetikmisery >>
    Quote from UselessFantasy >>

    My opponent drew three bombs in a row after two turns, despite having 15 cards. Nah, it's just you had some bad luck with it. 

     In every match or just 1? Cause 1 match where it happened isn't enough to define the protocol.

     And how many matches did you use to "define the protocol", cuz it is RNG and you know it. 1 game (I know) I had 5 bombs and didn't drew any of them until I was with less than 10 cards in my deck, then the show started :).

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