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    posted a message on Artist Spotlight and Giveaway - Jorge

    Awesome art. Keep up man!

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    posted a message on Reckless Experimenter Nerf
    Quote from Enk >>

    Should have nerfed the new boy instead, and not the Reckless Experimenter. But at least they did something


    Again they proove that they are designing cards without considering all the interractions of those cards with the existing ones. And if a degenerate combo/a broken interraction appears - they nerf the existing ones and not the new ones that actually caused the problem (Shudderwock -> nerf the Saronite chain gang; Druid op high cost cards -> nerf mana ramp (a basic/classic cards), Rogue mining pick and tutor card -> nerf Preparation, sure, why not?!).

    I don't know if I am more happy about them, listening to the community and preventing a broken combo to see the light of day, or I am more pissed of another example of them, acting like little kids, not admitting that the new card should be change before release and that they should do a better job of testing their new ideas and not just throw sh*t on the wall and see what sticks.

    And I am also pissed that some people are just being blinded by the 200, 400, x amount of dust they are getting from all those nerfs. Remember people, a new expansion is coming in about 2 months, another 135 or so new cards and guess what - they will fuck up again. But let's see which basic/classic card / which class will get the nerf-hammer this time to atone for their new missprints. 

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    posted a message on "Technically" full dust refund should be applied with buffs too

    I think, a long time ago, Blizzard/Team 5 made that, so only nerfs to the cards are getting the full dust refund, not every change (like adding a tribe (mountain giants), changing the appearance of a card (ww grisly), animation effect (Illidan) or even buffs), even tho they didn't bother to change the red text on the nerfed cards it won't make them give away so much free dust.

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    posted a message on How to guarantee Sn1p Sn4p will be fine without any nerf or change to the card...

    That may be a fine idea, however, I don't think it should be used to "fix" a "bad designed" card.

    Note: I am still not sure if it's a bad designed card yet. 

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    posted a message on All Classic Legendaries!!

    Congrats on getting all the classic legendaries man. My suggestion is to just wait. Hoard those packs from brawls, promotions, etc. and just wait. Especially if you are in no need whatsoever of that dust. You can maximize the value of those packs, especially if classic legendary get the nerf-hammer. 

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    posted a message on Card Balances Announced

    It's not like Prep is since yesterday in all rogue decks, but they decide to nerf it now? "The long term health of the game" is such a BS, it's not even funny. I feel like they develop 2 expansions in advance, but do their nerfs "on the fly". Prep + quest or Prep + vanish was such a strong play at some point, yet they nerfed quest like 3 times and didn't touch prep even once and now they are "ensuring the long term health of the game"? Oh, c'mon! Prep was not only a miracle rogue tool, but in almost every rogue deck long before you decided to print an rng clown weapon and give it a card to guaranteed draw it for 0 mana (with prep) to make the mana curve "so smooth".

    I don't believe the nerf of the Preparation will make the card unplayable. It will just "ease" some combo potentials of it. And no - I am not a salty main rogue player ;). Just don't like BS explanations of certain actions. And I especially dislike nerfing basic/classic cards. Same with the Nourish/WG nerfs from December. I am not completely against them, but they should just admit that they f**** up on the design of certain cards from the recent expansions and didn't consider the power level of some classic cards, when combined with the new cards.

    Or if they feel like such cards, like Preparation, are limiting their designer space for future expansion, they should revamp the whole core of the game, and don't just nerf a lil' bit here and a lil' bit there. At the end it doesn't look like a "long term stabilization of the health", more like "on the fly nerfs, just by looking at some "mysterious" data".

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    posted a message on Buying the adventure with gold ( question )

    You can't buy the full adventure (all the wings) with gold ahead of time. So, if you want to play anomaly mode now, you have to spend money or wait 3 weeks and buy the rest of the wings with gold and then play the anomaly mode. That's it.

    Nothing is locked behind the paywall, except the gold Zayle, since it's not craftable. 

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    posted a message on Wrong death rattle interaction

    The deathrattle of your weapon triggers, when your weapon "dies" (loses that last point of durability), which is always after the minion death. So, it's correct, not a bug.

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    posted a message on Do you guys also find the meta insanely boring?

    The only thing I don't like about the meta (and the game) now is, how much they pushed the RNG-factor of winning games with those "discover" mechanics from 3 of the lackeys, Hagatha hero power, Dr. Boom hero power, Elysianna in a control vs control matchup, Power of creation, Shimmerfly, Marked shot,  etc. etc. 

    It's not that I don't like any of them. I most definitely do like them all separately. But I think it's just too much of a deciding factor right now. Or at least I feel that way (also got that feeling watching the World Championship).

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    posted a message on Why do you play heartstone?

    Because I like collecting stuff and I enjoy trying out decks and winning with them (no matter if they are t1 or t4 - if their playstyle suits my playstyle - I play them and have fun). I also like to play a game, where I can play whenever I want (I don't feel "forced" to complete dailies or login every day or else I fell behind). It's also really chill and has a competitive character as well. There are many more reasons, but I am too lazy to write them all down :).

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