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    posted a message on Watch out for scammers! 80g Quest Trade
    Quote from Protkenny >>

    Just wanted to post a warning before scammers in the 80g quest trade thread. It seems like they are currently very active.

    Indicators for scamming players:

    - recently created an account on hearthpwn.

    - different hearthpwn account name and battletag.

    - trade-request spamming in the trading-thread.

    Be careful, always consult the blacklist.

     I can second that. And check the blacklist carefully 😁

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    posted a message on 1500 XP Quest Trading - Play A Friend! (#7)
    Quote from SilverArr0w >>

    Battletag: Arr0w#21873

    Region: EU

    Trade? Yes, you go first.

     He scammed me. Hopefully someone can put him in the blacklist, so he doesn't do that to many other people.

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    posted a message on The HearthPwn Tavern Is Closing Its Doors

    Damn :(

    I am sad, but I can't say I am surprised.

    Still, I am sad. You will be deeply missed :(


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    posted a message on Do you accept friend requests?

    I always accept friend requests. And sometimes I get to talk to nice people. Not everyone is bad/toxic/sore loser/troll, but people nowadays forgot that. They forgot to believe in the Good in people. And that makes me sad :(. 

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    posted a message on Rank 50 - Legend in 16 hours challenge
    Quote from sadon2 >>

    decklist? and how he got all the rare cards without buying one pack. or quests?

     Congrats on the achievement. Really well done, but I was wondering the same thing as the guy above me, since I missed your stream and there is no full 16h long video on your twitch account.

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    posted a message on I reach legend every season but only with control warrior, help me figuring why.
    Quote from Lyconik >>

     It take times to totally master a deck, if you play like 5 games and be like "well, I better play warrior" you will not improve with different decks.

     This as well. It takes time and practice to learn how to play different decks, because they have different playstyles/win conditions/strong and weak points and in order to reach Legend - you need to play really good, keeping the mistakes to a minimum.

    Also, sometimes the meta is against the deck you are playing, so even if you are playing say your Murloc shaman really good, you can't climb just because you are facing so many control warriors for example. That's why I try to switch between decks and try to learn them all - picking the right deck at the right time can boost you up in the ranks in about 1-2 hours. Also, it makes the games easier for me when I face those decks on the ladder, since I know their strong and weak sides and how they can win, so I try to disrupt their plan while execute mine. It keeps the game fresh and interesting for me. Sticking with 1 deck, even if it's a tier 1 deck can become a really boring thing after a while.

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    posted a message on Reckless Experimenter Nerf
    Quote from Enk >>

    Should have nerfed the new boy instead, and not the Reckless Experimenter. But at least they did something


    Again they proove that they are designing cards without considering all the interractions of those cards with the existing ones. And if a degenerate combo/a broken interraction appears - they nerf the existing ones and not the new ones that actually caused the problem (Shudderwock -> nerf the Saronite chain gang; Druid op high cost cards -> nerf mana ramp (a basic/classic cards), Rogue mining pick and tutor card -> nerf Preparation, sure, why not?!).

    I don't know if I am more happy about them, listening to the community and preventing a broken combo to see the light of day, or I am more pissed of another example of them, acting like little kids, not admitting that the new card should be change before release and that they should do a better job of testing their new ideas and not just throw sh*t on the wall and see what sticks.

    And I am also pissed that some people are just being blinded by the 200, 400, x amount of dust they are getting from all those nerfs. Remember people, a new expansion is coming in about 2 months, another 135 or so new cards and guess what - they will fuck up again. But let's see which basic/classic card / which class will get the nerf-hammer this time to atone for their new missprints. 

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    posted a message on Dalaran Wing 3 Unlocked! Priest & Rogue Heroes Now Available


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    posted a message on "Technically" full dust refund should be applied with buffs too

    I think, a long time ago, Blizzard/Team 5 made that, so only nerfs to the cards are getting the full dust refund, not every change (like adding a tribe (mountain giants), changing the appearance of a card (ww grisly), animation effect (Illidan) or even buffs), even tho they didn't bother to change the red text on the nerfed cards it won't make them give away so much free dust.

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    posted a message on How to guarantee Sn1p Sn4p will be fine without any nerf or change to the card...

    That may be a fine idea, however, I don't think it should be used to "fix" a "bad designed" card.

    Note: I am still not sure if it's a bad designed card yet. 

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    posted a message on Arena card pool rotation - leave an unfinished Arena?

    So, when we should get that x-2 arena run ready? Before 3rd of june?

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    posted a message on All Classic Legendaries!!

    Congrats on getting all the classic legendaries man. My suggestion is to just wait. Hoard those packs from brawls, promotions, etc. and just wait. Especially if you are in no need whatsoever of that dust. You can maximize the value of those packs, especially if classic legendary get the nerf-hammer. 

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    posted a message on Which buff hypes you the most?

    I really like both of the warrior buffs, the mage legendary spell buff and the new golden FREE legendary. The other buffs I can understand, but I don't think they will shake the meta that much. 

    But I also like how they are thinking and paying attention to some cards from 3-4 expansions ago, that were never a thing or meme at most, and how they go back to them and try to give them a little push. I think that looks promising for the future (maybe they will do it again).

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    posted a message on How Much Have You Spent So Far? Be Honest!
    Quote from FilthyHearth >>

    Easily over 1000 euros... I feel ashamed about it


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    posted a message on Card Balances Announced

    It's not like Prep is since yesterday in all rogue decks, but they decide to nerf it now? "The long term health of the game" is such a BS, it's not even funny. I feel like they develop 2 expansions in advance, but do their nerfs "on the fly". Prep + quest or Prep + vanish was such a strong play at some point, yet they nerfed quest like 3 times and didn't touch prep even once and now they are "ensuring the long term health of the game"? Oh, c'mon! Prep was not only a miracle rogue tool, but in almost every rogue deck long before you decided to print an rng clown weapon and give it a card to guaranteed draw it for 0 mana (with prep) to make the mana curve "so smooth".

    I don't believe the nerf of the Preparation will make the card unplayable. It will just "ease" some combo potentials of it. And no - I am not a salty main rogue player ;). Just don't like BS explanations of certain actions. And I especially dislike nerfing basic/classic cards. Same with the Nourish/WG nerfs from December. I am not completely against them, but they should just admit that they f**** up on the design of certain cards from the recent expansions and didn't consider the power level of some classic cards, when combined with the new cards.

    Or if they feel like such cards, like Preparation, are limiting their designer space for future expansion, they should revamp the whole core of the game, and don't just nerf a lil' bit here and a lil' bit there. At the end it doesn't look like a "long term stabilization of the health", more like "on the fly nerfs, just by looking at some "mysterious" data".

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