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    I wouldn't recommend clicking a Reno deck, especially a Wild one, and expecting it to be less than like 13k dust.

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    Almost lost to this last night, seems decent. I dislike the amount of one-ofs myself.

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    A different deck. Those are 3 critical swings/game ending legendaries that kind of make Rogue what it is. If you enjoy Rogue, Vancleef and Leeroy (any aggro deck in general) are 100% safe crafts as they see play in virtually every Rogue deck. Togwaggle is strong, but it is set-based so it'll rotate eventually. If you were missing one then it would be more manageable, but missing all 3 means you need to cave in and craft a few or just play something else. 

    Try something like Token Druid or Murloc Shaman (overload variation) if you want to stay on the aggressive side but it doesn't require any legendaries. 

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    Fun deck but with these nerfs here, it's just Magestone past rank 4 and this has very little chance dealing with Giants, let alone any cloning. I tried double MCT and double BGH...still doesn't stop a thing. Could be great in a pocket meta but until the buffs go live to change some things up, I'm not sure this will be ideal for laddering. 

    Just my experience. 

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    Hagatha Hero card is solid in just about most Shaman decks, especially how limited Hero cards are in other classes atm, she's probably a safe craft if you enjoy Shaman overall.  The minion herself is probably not needed as much but she too is pretty nice to have.

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    He's instant heal and removal against aggro. He generally doesn't live longer than a turn, be he's at LEAST 3 heal as well as take out a minion (at least for Aggro) and sticks because Divine Shield. He's not there to counter other control/stall decks, so the player doesn't give a crap if you Frostbolt him. Even if you do, you used 3 damage on a minion and not face; that's a win. He forces removal in the end.

    With the lack of any real decent taunt since Tar Creeper, it's very, very silly not to run Zilliax in any deck that isn't sheer aggro.

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    Sounds like the Warriors just had a pretty nut removal. My experience has been dropping too many threats and they generally never have an answer EVERY time if you place things on curve. If they get Dr Boom Hero in time, yeah the rushing can be frustrating. It's not a hard counter, but I don't think Warrior is that favored.

    If you want a solid counter, try Deathrattle Mech Hunter. It makes removal awkward for Warrior, and Tracking can remove Bombs from your own deck.

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    I know it sounds painful, but just craft him. He is just a solid card. Nothing dynamic, but he is used in so many different decks in literally any meta that he's always good to have. 

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    posted a message on RANK 3 TO LEGEND - Alexstrasza Burn Shaman

    I definitely enjoy the flexibility this deck has, and people simply have no idea what to do against non-Even Shaman since Shudderwock was all it had going for it. The amount of Battlecries throws people off thinking it is just another Shudder-like deck until Alex drops down or simply bursting down from sheer tempo alone against slower decks. +1 ez


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    I like the Infusions as they either buff something that's already probably overstated because Discard mechanic, or it provides a cheap card to discard for Diretroll. Defile is great against Odd Pally but I mean, it's Wild; you aren't going to be favored in every single match-up. I personally don't think it's worth making one match-up decent while potentially ruining all of the other ones.

    Deck is too aggressive to bother with control cards.


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