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    He meant that it can be killed instantly with 4 classes (Druid, Mage, Rogue, Demon Hunter) with their hero power.

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    Hi! I have been playing with even warrior in wild. The deck is super fun but misses good 4 drop. I used Heavy Metal! in the past but the card is way too expensive to get mediocre stats or very situational card. (bunny, 7/9 mech, 5/5 pharaoh) If the card would be 4 mana it would be playable. At turn 4 I'm able to get 7 armor generally and aggro means you won't get 7 drop. But the thought gave birth to new idea: Bargain Orc!

    4/5/5 Bargain Orc - Savage warrior roaming the Barrens seeking new victim. He either makes deal with you for 5 armor and stays loyal and gains stats or he smacks your face for 5 and runs away ravaging another soul around. For Rare I think it is okay stated as it deals 5 damage to you and if it steals 5 armor you get good body. See image below.

    Should it be Epic? Or is it OP? I will thank you for your opinions!.

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    I guess yes, the part are summoned even without battlecry, so the colossal works as summon probably. But not sure.

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    I swear every second card has rush and if it doesn't, it says "reduce cost by (X)".

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    OMG my even Warrior got some cards, thanks, it got shit but I will never leave the idea

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    they have no sense of what balanced and mana means

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    More cards for already strong hand buff pala... ahhh

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    Yes even spells would be forced to be targeted to only that minion

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    Just be regular control/draw Warlock, empty your deck play King Togwaggle and two Agonies. You just need 2 more dmgs to finish. Could be just meme casual deck.

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    Mad Summoner

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