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    posted a message on Turn 6 OtK (can be done on 5)

    Deck doesn't work against warriors, and warriors is all I'm seeing.

    Fun concept, but doesn't seem ladder worthy.

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    posted a message on 12 WINS Brawliseum

    1-3. Managed to beat one Cubelock by removing his healing before he could ever play it.

    And promptly lost to mill warrior, cubelock, and dragon priest afterwards.

    This deck is bad, expensive, and you're running into nothing but other control decks this brawl. Just play what everyone else is playing, and not this deck, and you'll probably be fine.

    At least I didn't pay money for this wasted time...

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    posted a message on Big Shaman

    This is the second deck I've built since the new set came out that I actually have fun playing. Had to replace a far sight for a second mana tide and a snowfury for an arcane giant, but it still works pretty well.

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    posted a message on N'zoth Infinite Druid

    - Can't beat ress priest.

    - Struggles versus aggro (too slow)

    - Jade goes infinite and has better results.

    Maybe when cards rotate out this'll be playable.

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    posted a message on Kobolds Reveal Season Kicks Off! Newly Revealed Cards Within

    What's the cute card? Cuz none of those are cute. At all.

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    posted a message on Druid is virtually unbeatable and this needs to be changed fast

    Things that I think would fix druids.

    1. Jade Idol. Increase to 2 mana (from 1), and change effect to "Choose one - Create a Jade Statue, or shuffle TWO copies of this card into your deck".

    This still allows the flavor of the card without making it impossible to deal with when someone Nourishes into half a handful of them. Or it slows the card way down, forcing players to make it a late game play in conjunction with Fandral.

    2. Ultimate Infestation. Give this card an RNG factor and make the numbers it generates for each effect random from 1-5. Then, it's not a wholly reliable win the game card. It falls under the category of Yogg pre-nerf, which was still a double-edged sword potentially.

    3. Innervate. Make it give one mana for this turn only and give one empty mana crystal. That way, they can't take major advantage and jump two turns up temporarily, but still keep the ramping flavor of the card.

    4. Savage Roar. This is the other card that needs reevaluation due to aggro druid decks. Reduce the attack bonus to +1, but it gives +1 armor for each creature it buffs. It no longer becomes an instawin card, but more of a survival card. It would see more play in ramp taunt decks, and it lowers the burst of aggro drastically.

    Those would be my suggestions to bring druid more in line with what other classes have to offer in their class card pools in Standard.

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    posted a message on Unlicensed Apothecary is an insult to Bloodreaver Gul'dan

    So, they should change the card because you had bad luck with one match? Seems legit.

    It's a 5/5 for 3. It's going to have a major drawback. Your suggestion then is...?

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    posted a message on Which legendary cards will you craft (if you don't get them in a pack)?

    Only seven legendaries interest me.

    - Both hunter legendaries

    - Archbisop Benedictus (not a good card but fits into my favorite deck design)

    - Valeera (#2 option)

    Thrall (#1 option)

    - Lich King & Keleseth

    The rest are trash tier not worth spending dust on. I also wouldn't dust Arfus if I pulled one, but I doubt I'd craft him. Too high cost for his stats.

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    posted a message on Warrior DK "Leaked" - Dual wield weapons.
    Quote from Tn1_Seven >>
    Quote from PassionFruit0923 >>
    Quote from Tn1_Seven >>

    I don't think that's going to be the warrior DK... if that's the warrior DK - EVERY. SINGLE. DECK. will run multiple oozes making the warrior DK redundant unless it gives the weapons immunity from removal effects like ooze.

     so far all the ooze said "weapon" so maybe it will only destroy the first one
     Which is why people would run multiples. It would be worth the deck slots because the lead warriors would gain using 2 weapons would crush almost every deck without removal.
     And be worthless against just about every other class.
    Nobody actually playing competitively is going to meta four cards in just for the off chance of facing warriors with the death knight in it. Thinking otherwise is absurd.
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    posted a message on The DK Paladin Hero Power Is Frightening

    The thing that people are forgetting is that there's a very key term used in the description, and that term is "ALL four". This denotes that you have to have one of each of the Four Horsemen. And since nobody knows yet how the hero power actually works (it will most likely work like shaman's), the chances of pulling this off are so miniscule that it's not even worth wasting a card slot in a controladin deck to attempt it. Bounces, reusable hero powers, nothing makes this so foolproof that it's a reliable win condition. This is Hearthstone we're talking about.

    The only frightening thing about it is that people seem to think this is actually frightening.

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    posted a message on New Card Revealed: Forge of Souls
    Quote from Matro_Tyramat >>

    After hearing people say this makes pirate warrior stronger im starting to feel pirate warrior is a skill testing deck for this stupid player base.

     How do you figure? One of pirate's biggest failings is draw engine. This is a great card to help them not run out of steam mid to late game if they're in a situation where they need a little extra push but can't topdeck it. It's a one off card that lets them close the gap or draw missing combo pieces for other pirates. Any card that can do that certainly makes any deck stronger, pirates or otherwise.
    Card advantage generally wins games. Anyone who's even played ten games of Magic (or hell, even Hearthstone) knows this. This is a 2 mana draw 2, which puts it ahead of cards like AI. This is on par with shaman's old draw engine, and guess what, that deck made face shaman even more lethal because it removed a major limitation and synergized well with it's other cards (like Trogg). Guess what this card does.. It removes a major limitation and synergizes well with it's other cards. Hmm...guess people that know how to analyze a card properly are not named Matro Tyramat.
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    posted a message on 11 New Frozen Throne Card Reveals - Frost Lich Jaina + More

    And with that one reveal, pirate warrior will still just never die. Thanks...

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    posted a message on How much wins did you get with the free Arena Run?

    7-3 with a paladin deck. And of course the rewards were garbage. I remember now why I stopped playing arena.

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    posted a message on Enjoying the Special Hearthstone Events? They Won't Stop Here!

    Or just give double gold permanently, to be on par with earnings in other FTP CCG's. I play two other card games and can easily earn enough for a pack a day with just one daily quest. This game takes double that.

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    posted a message on What is your most disliked current card to play against?

    Patches the NoSkill Pirate

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