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N'zoth Infinite Druid

  • Last updated Dec 10, 2017 (Kobolds Patch)
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  • 14 Minions
  • 15 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: N'Zoth Druid
  • Crafting Cost: 10700
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 12/8/2017 (Kobolds Patch)
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  • Naroo
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Well met!

I am Naroo, 19 years old Hearthstone player, I am grinding for legend every month with success, in spare time I'm deckbuilding. 

When I saw cards Druid got I already had an idea for this deck. It's called Infinite Druid.

The deck is based on ramping and crushing enemies with board full of minions every turn without running out of fuel thanks to Astral Tiger. It has around 75% winrate in ranks 10-5 and it preforms really well.


kiwiinbacon: https://youtu.be/wnZtaPuPyxE

KadakHS: https://youtu.be/vvvztW5DHY8

- 2xGreedy Sprite +2x Tar Creeper

Mire KeeperGiant Wasp

Medivh the Guardian -Kun the Forgotten KingCairne BloodhoofMaster Oakheart




  1. Wild Growth,Greedy Sprite, Lesser Jasper Spellstone, Mire Keeper

After 100 upvotes there comes FULL GUIDE

Have fun with the deck!

EDIT: Welcome back and thank you for breaking the upvote line! I've spent my weekend experimenting with the deck and made some changes. Here comes full guide!



Mage's aren't big threat for this deck, most of the mages now are secret mages. Board presence is the most important thing in this matchup. Try to bait out counterspell and explosive runes. Mulligan: Lesser Jasper Spellstone, Mana Growth, Tar CreeperOaken Summons.


After playing whole weekend with the deck, I have only encountered Dragon Priest's and Big Priest's. Big Priest is really hard matchup for Druid in general. For mulligan keep: Lesser Jasper SpellstoneMana GrowthTar CreeperGiant Wasp.


I haven't encountered any warriors so far. The mulligan stays the same as for Priest.


The only Shaman encounter I had was upgraded evolve shaman and it turned out to be a pretty good matchup for this deck. Mulligan stays the same as for mage.


Miracle Rouge is the most popular Rouge deck right now, our deck preforms really well against it since of many minions on board all the time and Rouge being unable to clear them out, so you can play a bit more aggressive. Mulligan: Lesser Jasper Spellstone, Mana Growth, Tar CreeperOaken Summons.


This deck preforms incredibly good against most popular hunter decks right now. Against spell hunter try to develop board before turn 5. Against midrange hunter board presence and tempo plays are the key to win. Mulligan: Lesser Jasper Spellstone, Mana Growth, Tar CreeperOaken Summons.


Warlock is the hardest matchup to beat and It's really challenging since of so many board clears. Avoid being Defile'd in the ass and play your minions on curve. Mulligan: Lesser Jasper Spellstone, Mana Growth, Astral TigerOaken Summons.


After your feedback and changes, second version of the deck preforms great against Handbuff Paladin. Valueable trades and tempo plays are the key. Mulligan:Lesser Jasper Spellstone, Mana Growth, Tar CreeperOaken Summons


I haven't met any kind of druids during the weekend so the matchup would be a mirror match. Mulligan: Lesser Jasper Spellstone, Mana Growth, Tar CreeperOaken Summons.

Thanks for all the feedback I've got from you and special thanks to kiwiinbacon and KadakHS for showcase's of the deck!

Have a nice day!