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    posted a message on Most Terribly Designed TGT Cards

    Everything with Joust. 

    What a stupid mechanic. And the designers say they wanted to "encourage people to build decks around the mechanic" even though it would get destroyed by aggro and you have a 50% or less chance of winning a Joust. The entire mechanic is RNG, because RNG = life.

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    posted a message on Astral Druid: A Comprehensive Guide
    Quote from El_Jairo jump

    I think Wrath is another good option to draw and remove board presence.

    I really would like to take this deck for a spin, sadly I'm missing some interesting High Drops like DeathwingSneed's Old Shredder

    I'm thinking of just subbing in 2x North Sea Kraken, still nice high drops.

    To play this deck, you don't really need Sneeds or Deathwing... my version of the deck would contain neither. I'd focus on the very best high mana minions that you own, and everything else must draw cards (Wrath, Azure Drake, Ancient of Lore, Nourish). I'd probably even include a Tree of Life. The goal is to find the right balance of card draw and power minions so that you're not stuck playing minions with no immediate impact to the board and watching the deck lose.

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    posted a message on TGT dragon priest, the real deal?

    The problem that i'm having with this deck is its consistency. It is pretty much dependant on early game board control through your dragon activators, and once in a while you'll get a streak of games where you just won't draw into any of your dragons, until early midgame, and when that happens ... well, . you'll just get rekt, every single time.

    What do you expect in a game so heavily dependent on RNG? No deck lets you continuously outplay your opponent, you build your deck to either be balanced (midrange) or focused on early or late game (aggro/control) and accept the downsides of each. 

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    posted a message on Justicar Trueheart or Sylvanas?

    It comes down to what you want to play. If you NEED 4 epics for a deck, those 4 cards will impact more games than any single legendary. 

    If it's between the legendaries, Sylvanas is the likely safer bet. 

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    posted a message on Randomized packs for Arena: will playing Arena still be worth it?

    I have almost everything from GvG and Classic (with the exception of a few crappy legendaries and epics that I could always craft if needed), so TGT is the only kind of packs I want/need at this point. With Arena being random packs instead of TGT only, I'm spending my gold on packs instead of Arena. This is the opposite of what I did at the GvG release; I played a ton of Arena to increase my collection because I was guaranteed GvG packs.

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    posted a message on Is Neptulon auto-include now in shaman decks?
    Quote from TCG_Guy jump

    Does Mistcaller give his +1/+1 to the Neptulon Murlocs, too? In that case Neptulon would get MUCH stronger...

    Not unless you already have the murlocs in your hand.

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    posted a message on What's in Your TGT Packs? (Pack Sharing Thread)

    60 packs - 5 legendaries.

    Skeleton Knight x2, Anub'Arak, Bolf, Eadric

    ... and 9 Saboteurs. WTF

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    posted a message on Increased deck size, what're your thoughts?

    Increasing deck size could increase game length and hurts mill deck types. Sure, it'll open up decks to play more and different cards than what we always see (if you have a 40 card deck, there will still be a half dozen 41st cards you want in there), but overall a larger deck wouldn't add much to the game.

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    posted a message on Lifecoach shttng on TGT

    All it takes is a handful of the 120+ cards to be really good to cause a change in a decktype or two, which could warp the meta. 

    There are no clear new decktypes designed into this set. There are some cards with synergies (some of the inspire cards), but a lot of them are expensive and don't play well on curve. 

    There are some cards that appear to be strong and could lead to new deck builds when combined with existing cards, but I guess we'll see.

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    posted a message on Guess on TGT release date?

    October 12.

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    posted a message on Is Power Creep Getting Out of Hand?

    Power creep is always part of the game to sell more cards and so the new cards are played. I would suggest adjusting your expectations for the game.

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    posted a message on [Speculation] TGT RELEASE DATE - AUG 18TH!!!

    I'm honestly surprised they didn't announce the release date today. 

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    posted a message on How much gold have you wasted buying packs with your saved gold for TGT?

    4200 gold and 13k dust, so if I want/need any legendaries or epics that I didn't pull right away in packs, I'll just craft it.

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    posted a message on Do you dust all your golden cards?

    I dust them all, which is why I have almost 13k dust ready for this expansion (plus 4k gold). 

    Function > Form.

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    posted a message on TGT looking worse each reveal
    Quote from AllRoguedUp jump
    Quote from ReDDx8888 jump

    before release: omg this cards suck so much no one will play it. I am going to open 1000 topics and cry about it

    after release: omg this cards are so op I am going to open 1000 new topics and cry about this.

    hearthpwn community in a nutshell :)


    This is how every community now handles expansions for TCGs. 

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