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    Something is coming.  We can't deal with it. We aren't strong enough. Not by ourselves.

    Sound the bells. Send a message to the others.  Get them to bring whatever they can, their strongest men, their largest dragons, and their most potent spells. 

    And send a warning, for this time, 

    The devils that we know of don't come from the hell beneath us, but as angels descending from the sky.




    Council of the Nine Rings is the first expansion in a trilogy that is set not on Azeroth, but on Kranor, a world not too different from Azeroth herself.  More about the plot of this trilogy will be revealed in five chapters that will be uploaded VERY SOON.  Little clues and easter eggs hinting at this expansion's plot as well as the premise of the future two expansions can be found in the cards released in this expansion. (In fact, there's a clue about when the first chapter will be released in the cards above already!)


    Council of the Nine Rings features:

    • 125 new, fan made cards.
    • 35 Neutral cards and 10 cards for each class.
    • 5 short chapters explaining the plot of this expansion as well as giving more inside into the world of Kranor, as well as setting up the next two expansions.

    Latest Cards (26/3)


    (Will be revealed in due time.)






















    Prologue: Awakening



    Within its influence, good men fall. Bad men rise.


    Wars fought and lives lost.


    All in pursuit of something that does more harm in the hands of those stubborn enough to

    pursue it.


    How many more reckless individuals must become tainted by the golden hand for the world to realise?


    I will watch no longer from the skies, let these fools mindlessly slaughter themselves no more.


    For the gifts that were once given can be taken away.


    The artifacts that empower them must be destroyed, and only then can order be restored.


    Just like it once was.


     Chapter 1: Visions


     Chapter 2: Foes and Allies


    Chapter 3: Decisions


    Chapter 4: Assembly

    Chapter 5: Betrayal



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    Formatting came out weird. Will fix it when I reveal the next set of cards.

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    Tales of Azeroth

    Set Features:

    • 170+ new cards!
    • The return of old mechanics!
    • One Quest and Hero card for every class!


    Erm, there actually isn't any. This expansion was kind of like a "what if blizzard wanted to bring back new mechanics" kind of expansion. Also cuz' I'm really bad at sticking with themes.







    (Grand LIch Alyssia has been nerfed to only freeze the deck, and is a 5/5.)











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    Quote from CypherBenkes >>

    Here's a really long comment, where I look over all of your cards that you've pasted in the opening comment. I have to say, there's a lot of good and a lot of bad, and I'm going to be honest, because we can't improve if people aren't honest with us. Please read absolutely everything. I spent real time with my review, and I want only for you to see and respect my effort here today. Understand that I mean you no harm and only want the best for you. For starters, there are a lot of cards here that make no sense to me, but can be argued enough to make sense.

    Blood-Crazed Beast is a good start. I don't understand why other minions would have increased Attack or Health just because BCB is injured. The name is what throws me off the most, as the name doesn't suggest to me that it's a leader, that it influences other beasts.

    Peaceful Grovetender doesn't make sense either. I see a number of things that just don't seem to make sense of themselves. Once again, these things can be argued to make sense, but you have to really force it.

    Sworn Brothers, if they are Brothers, why are you forcing a situation where your chosen minion is damaging you? I feel like that really goes against the flavor of the card and ignoring its suggested good nature.

    The Forgotten Mountains is way too strong and needs some finetuning. Gaining 15 armor is not hard, and allowing people to just add 0 cost cards to their hand at the start of their turn is absolutely broken. You can have this done around turn 5, and for whatever reason, you're being rewarded more than you should. This is too much, and needs some amount of correction.

    Halting Blow is hard to argue, honestly. I don't feel the name is appropriate, again. When a name is off this much, the presentation messes with my feelings on the card because it feels like it isn't paying its own identity any respect.

    Same thing with Thornhunter Kodo. The name doesn't suggest much concerning what it does, and the image you used isn't of a Kodo whatsoever.

    Meka Dinospewer (strange you didn't use the spelling "Mecha") doesn't really make too much sense to me either. Is it shedding its shell when it becomes damaged? Everything that this card is trying to suggest doesn't feel like it works at all. It feels like it's trying to be a different card.

    Precision Timing and Jungle Weed both have this same problem, where it feels like its trying to be something that it isn't.

    Icy Veil, while good, is another example of a card that is too strong for its own good. 1 mana Sap/Shadowstep that also halts an attack and enables Freeze mechanics too easily.

    Cerulean Drake is also doing WAY too much for its cost and assigned statline.

    Summoner's Tome isn't summoning anything, which feels weird.

    Grand Lich Alyssia is absolutely not acceptable whatsoever. You are giving too many of your cards too much power without thinking much on the consequences of breaking your own work. Even with the "nerf" you gave it, it's still doing way too much. Not being able to draw your cards anymore is not okay. Being out of cards in your deck is one thing, but forcing complete restriction is another, and no, Warlock being able to destroy an entire deck is not justification for your card being stronger than it should be.

    I don't understand why Righteous Crusader is giving a Coin at the end of the turn. That's my problem, so don't worry about it. Only mentioned this because I'm still just trying to communicate when something feels strange so that you might give a bit more attention to your cards and the details why the cards turn out the way they do.

    Mamzanroulv Youngbrow, how do you pronounce that? Just curious because I don't often see names like this one.

    Vindicator Maraad is worrisome, but if Rogue can make their minions 4/4, this should be fine, I think.

    Necrosummoner has too much Health. A minion that keeps summoning minions and has a high Health total isn't balanced. It should have 5 Health at most.

    Shadow Word: Trauma needs better wording and clarification as to what "Destroy an enemy card" means. It's technically non-functioning because there isn't enough information provided.

    Treasure Trove, while not as offensive as Forgotten Mountains, is providing a bit more than it probably should. Could be me just nitpicking, but the Quest is not that hard to satisfy. I'd bring the mana cost reduction down from 5 to 3.

    Lucifer Grimgrave is missing the detail about whether or not the cards are being added to your hand or not.

    Death Incarnate, Tyrande should read "Summon copies of your opponent's minions" because in its current state, it is also able to summon Secrets, and that doesn't really make sense.

    Samantha Sorrowsoul has five lines of text. The unwritten rule of Hearthstone Cards is that the maximum lines of text should never go past 4. Try writing "Start of Game: If your deck has at least 10 Deathrattle minions, your Deathrattles trigger twice this game." Should work perfect, and it will look, sound and feel better to read.

    Can you only target a minion with Rush with Mirror of Demise? It says "Summon a copy of a friendly minion with Rush". I wish you could summon a copy of a friendly minion and give it Rush, but we know that that's probably bad. I'd still do it anyway.

    Drain Charisma doesn't make sense and feels like it's doing too much. Drain Vitality is the correct name. Charisma has nothing to do with life energy, but Vitality does. Charisma has more to do with charm and the perception people have of the charismatic person in question.

    Blood Ritual should require more from you or have Kil'jaeden's effect diminished. Discarding two cards from your hand every turn is much too strong, considering it's every turn and not just one turn.

    Worgen Pack feels like a super dumb board clear, so the cost feels off. I'm tempted to say this should cost 7, but I wouldn't change it.

    I would give Elistior Bloodsword 9 Health instead of 7. His effect only works against damaged minions, and because of this, he could even cost 5 mana as a 3/7 minion. As a 3/9, he could cost 6 mana.

    There's a lot you did right with this set, though. I'd like to list my favorite from each class, just so this doesn't feel like you're being only criticized.

    Spectral Prankster and Spectral Spirit are evenly tied. I feel like they're both incredible cards that aren't overstepping their boundaries.

    Robed Archer is such a cool card, easily my favorite of the Hunter cards.

    Lost Archives is spot on in so many ways, nicely done!

    Liadrin the Fallen feels like a sweet tech card, which is super cool.

    Retian's Prophet is something I only wish we had in the game. I like that it doesn't just affect your opponent.

    Shao'Ren Instructor is such a flexible card, it is essential that I make it my favorite of your Rogue cards. Ambush is a close second. Impressive pair.

    Beyond the Grave is cool, though I was almost tempted to name it as being too strong. Another card that isn't overstepping its boundaries, which is important.

    Vampiric Touch is easily my favorite of the Warlock cards. Appropriate card for the Warlock class.

    I like Rat Infestation the most of your Warrior cards. If it cost 1 or 2 more mana, you'd be able to make my dreams for this card come true and make it so the rats are summoned, which suits the flavor of the card best.

    The near limitless errors and problems aside, you've got some really impressive work here, and I feel you've got a good head on your shoulders. My suggestion? If you're going to make a card serious, spend up to 3 minutes looking over your card when you're about to publish it. Don't publish it right away. Instead, ask yourself "Is this okay? Does my card make enough sense? Is the wording clear enough?" Take some real time with your set and be patient. Your set is good, but there are enough problems existent that I feel like you rushed the production, and that's never good.

    Keep up the good work.

     Thanks for your feedback. This was a really old project that I worked on back when I first started designing cards and as such some of the cards may not have been as well designed. I'm glad to see this old thread bumped again though, and for someone to finally critique my work. If the names don't make much sense, it's probably because I translated them from my native language (where if I said it in my native language it might make more sense. And yes, some of the cards were a little rushed, and they might have been overpowered because I was trying to push the boundaries and see what I could get away with.




    Grand Lich Alyssia is fucking overpowered though, no idea how I missed that one.

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    Come crack a cold one with the boys.

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    Quote from guiltyassin >>

    they even made a magma rager in new clothes lol

     In case you didn't know, that's been a running gag for a while already. See Ice RagerShadow RagerAm'gam Rager.

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    Weapons Project can mess with maly druid if it destroys the twig.

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    This card will be fun.

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