About Me

My name is Christian Petros Oddera, I'm 28, and I've been playing card games since about 2001, starting with Yu-Gi-Oh. The first card I ever owned was called Ansatsu. He's a cool looking ninja, and while not very strong, I will never forget him. My Brother and I watched the show a good bit and thought it was kinda cool. We chuckle now about how wrong a lot of the show's details are, but the show is where we first learned how Life Points actually work. I have a lot of memories with the game. Concerning my preferences and my approximate level of skill, I am an understudy of tournament winners, and I value unique and fun interactions over competition. Winning means nothing to me most of the time. I started playing Hearthstone before Blackrock Mountain was released, and love this game to death, going so far as to even start a second account that I'm building a collection up with, in case a friend wants to start playing. My Brother and I collected cards from many different games, but only ever getting into YGO, MTG, and Hearthstone. My first real MTG deck that I built and treasure to this day is a Mono-Black deck that uses a lot of Lifelink cards, Sanguine Bond and Exquisite Blood, with the first YGO decks my Brother and I ever played with being the Kaiba starter deck and the Yugi starter deck. My Brother got the Kaiba deck, which felt unfair. Didn't matter to me much because we had our own cards finally.

One thing I've always enjoyed is playful language. It's what makes a great story, can win over a rough situation, and can help seduce the goods from a mark. Since I discovered that I enjoy playful language, I've become more invested in Creative Writing. I always enjoyed writing up my communications in quite glorious magnificence online, and always felt I had a taste for writing, at least not until I went to college. Having attended college for a semester in Chicago, I took a Creative Writing class (Writing Rhetoric 1), as it was a required course, considering I was going to college to learn to make video games. Being able to write story was important, and even though I had no taste for writing at the time, it became a fully realized part of my talents. With every assignment, I grew to love writing more, and got near perfect marks on everything I turned in. If not for my teacher's poor handling of posting assignments appropriately, I would have passed that class.

After having gone to college, it would be a few years before I would start to engage in writing on a serious level. I was dabbling in creating custom cards for Hearthstone for a bit and knew I liked it a lot. I wasn't very good at the time, but wanted to get better. Putting my current set of Hearthstone customs to the side (the custom set I was working on was implementing League of Legends systems and the entire roster of champions in a feasible Hearthstone environment), I started work on creating a Skyrim mod. The mod in question focuses on overhauling many of the perk trees and allowing the player to run through the game as a Monk. Feel free to ask me about this sometime. There's a lot to go over.

Around this time, I made plans to move to Colorado to help a friend start a shirt business. Before getting there, I stopped off at my Sister's place, who was getting married soon. While staying at my Sister's place, I wanted to make more cards. I got curious about making this a serious hobby, and looked through Blizzard's career page online. They were hiring for a card design position. Deciding to go overboard, I began work on a 200 card set, making plans to write a story. The idea was to have something to show for my talents if I were to interview with Blizzard. Having finished the set, I felt I didn't do enough, and wanted to create much more, so I increased the total number to 360 cards. With this 360, I had written about 28 paragraphs of story and a number of details to help make sense of the set. Since then, I have yet to speak with them again after having sent out inquiries and receiving an unfortunate answer from Ben Brode himself.

While in Colorado, I worked hard on more cards. I wanted to bolster my portfolio, and meant to involve myself more in the Hearthstone custom card community. While working on small card sets and hoping something would actually take off in Colorado like I had hoped, a friend of mine had a writing assignment for me. As I had been helping him with a television show he's creating, he had me in mind to work with him as a writer. He wanted to test me, to see what I am capable of. After a few days, I returned to him a finished document. I waited in heavy anticipation of his response. I wasn't in the best of moods during that time, and had recently binge watched a show called Black Mirror, which had influenced the document in part. I was also listening to Igorrr's Nostril album a lot, which had impacted me in an interesting manner as well. My friend took the document to a few people, and not only was he and his company impressed, they now have it planned to turn what I sent into a short film.

Unfortunately, things in Colorado didn't pan out, and I had to move. My writer friend in Nevada offered to help me out, so I headed in his direction. While in Nevada, I got to work over two weekends on a movie set, with filming taking place in the desert at the time. The scenes we were filming were your typical hostage scene, with a single black car with the trunk open and three hostages kneeling in front of two hired thugs. Everyone I worked with was very nice, and I'll never forget those people. Incredible individuals, each and every one of them. Many of them know what I'm capable of, and we might all see each other again, considering the level of connection we have and the number of projects we have currently in development.

At this moment, I'm working on a series of 26 stories, my very own ABC's of Death. Upon completion of each story, I will be giving the rights to film to my writer friend to help his own entertainment brand build itself from the ground up much easier. From that point, if I have done enough and become successful enough, I will be returning to an idea I have for a quite cool video game, and if I'm lucky enough, I will be able to ship this game and have the requirements I need to finally work with Blizzard on creating cards for Hearthstone.

To the future.

If you'd like to see some of my work, below are a few links. Take a visit if you have the time. Worth the trip.

The Card Emporium, where all of my custom cards are on display.

The Skyrim Mod, where most of the specifics have been posted.

The Magic: The Gathering sub-game I created, a work in progress.

Dropbox link coming (at some point, maybe).

If you have any questions about me, ask away. The only questions I don't answer honestly are about my address, any passwords to any accounts I have and my social security number. Leave a comment on my profile or send me a message. I'm happy to talk to anyone, and am even willing to help work on any projects you might have or give suggestion/advice on anything if you would like it.