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    Quote from jameslon >>

    affects overload

     It SUMMONS a COPY. Summoning minions does not affect overload.

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    Quote from Denegaar >>

    Seems good and fun in this new "explosion" hunter, with the legendary, the magnetized bomb... 

    That being said, the theme of the hunter this expansion looks boring and uninspired, fireworks seems odd as a branch of a science lab.

     but..but..now you can smorc with BOMBS!

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    Welcome to the year of the Naga! The year of the Naga is named so after the first expansion and explores various timelines of different races and notable figures in World of Warcraft. This standard year brings us through Three exciting expansions: Waves of Eternity, which will showcase the slippery deeds of the Naga, Citadel of Stormrage, where we face Illidian himself alongside his many servants, and lastly, we witness the revolution that would eventually give birth to the wonderous empire of Pandaria.

    Anyways, onto the first expansion!

    Waves of Eternity

    This first expansion explores the timelines of the Naga folk, from when they were first Highbourne to their present state in warcraft. This expansion also explores some "What ifs". What if Naga folk never joined Illdian Stormrage and the burning crusade? What if the Naga folk decided to join the Aliance instead? Anyways, here are the cards.

    Even before they mutated into Naga, Naga dabbled heavily in magic, and now on the battlefield, they are able to conjure spells at will for their commandant.


    Citadel of Stormrage

    This expansion explores the black temple of Illidan Stormrage himself, one of the most badass Villans in WoW. Many of his henchmen will be making an appearance in this set, of course!

    A simple concept, yes, but fits thematically. Pay a higher price for more power? Or just stay true and pure?

    Dawn of the Jade Fist

    No, Jade golems will not be returning here, thankfully. We are going to be visiting the timeline of the empire of pandaria, from when Lei Shen took over, to the revolution of the pandaria, and the birth of the empire we know of today.



    Not sure if this should trigger on the first turn this is play, probably not due to balance reasons.


    Note: Leishen ignores Overload when he casts Lightning Storm.


    The three cards that will be moved to the Hall of Fame are as follows:

    1. Inner Fire : Too flexible as both a combo enabler that's unfun to play against and as a "removal" option. Removing Inner fire from play will allow divine spirit to function less as a combo piece and more as a card to help minions stick on the board. This card will instead be replaced with Spirit Lash . Having Spirit Lash remain in standard will allow priest to have a decent and cheap AoE spell.
    2. Leeroy Jenkins : While a fun card for some, it is most certainly unfun for others, and the sudden burst potential of this card limits design space for future cards. This card will be replaced with the The Lich King , an equally powerful card that is more fun to play against.
    3. Divine Favor While an excellent source of refill for more aggressive decks, this card can be unfair and punishing for players who chose to conserve their cards for the right time. This card is being replaced with Spikeridged Steed , a card that, while considerably more expensive, rewards the friendly player for playing less aggressive decks and at the same time allows for most variants of decks to deal with it easily.



    Anyways, that's all for now, thanks for reading!





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    would you rather a regular mogushan warden

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    Greetings: Ragnaros sends his regards.

    Well Played: A remarkable move.

    Thanks: Thanks.

    Wow: By the flames of the motherland!

    Oops: That did not mean to happen.

    Threaten: My flames will consume you whole!

     Hero Power:

    Class Identity:

    Firelanders are volatile and unstable beings that often carry powerful deathrattles with them. They specialize in AoE and controlling the board but have little means of burst damage or card draw.





    Basic Set





    Coming Soon!


    Goblins Vs Gnomes

    Coming Soon!


    Blackrock Mountain

    Coming Soon!


    The Grand Tournament

    Coming Soon!


    League of Explorers

    Coming Soon!


    Whispers of the Old Gods

    Coming Soon!


    One Night in Karazhan

    Coming Soon!


    Mean Streets of Gadgetzan

    Coming Soon!


    Journey to Un'goro

    Coming Soon!


    Knights of the Frozen Throne

    Coming Soon!


    Kobolds and Catacombs

    Coming Soon!


    The Witchwood

    Coming Soon!


    War of a thousand Worlds(An upcoming custom expansion)

    Coming Soon!


    Cards will be revealed one set at a time, along with more lore on Ifrit Sheikh and other HS exclusive Firelanders!


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    Quote from EvansXFalls >>

    Since that`s the topic of the week, let me add to it:

    OTKs deck shouldnt be here - is that not what Blizz said, after nerfing Raza, and banishing Ice Block, thus shutting down Exodia-Freeze mage decks?

    I dont agree. I just want tools added against them. Playing aggro to counter them is not an answer, or, at least, shouldn`t be the ONLY answer.
    Also, I want the OTK setup and the deck built around it, to be skill based - not simply play draw, play AoE, play heal, drop the combo, win.
    Imagine it like this...
    Quest: If it`s turn 10 or later, win the game. Is it broken?
                 If it`s turn 15 or later, win the game. Now?
                 If you are in fatigue, win the game. Now?
    The answer is Yes, yes, and yes. Why? Because all you have to do is survive. You don`t care for an elaborate win condition, for value, and you WON`T get countered.

    Finally, let me say one last thing...

    Yo, HS players. Are you all such pathetic little humanoids, that the first thing you do when a new expansion launches, is net deck an aggro or otherwise cancerous piece of shit list? FIRST CUCKING THING?

    My love to all. :)

     "hurr durr its not my fault I'm rank 20, it's all these netdeckers with no skill hurr durr I should be legend"
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    You can use www.hearthcards.net to create those cards.

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    Day 4 Reveals: Charming Cleaver, Spectral Spirit and Icy Veil.

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