Lethal Boomsday Puzzle Lab - Dr. Boom [FINALE!]

Lethal Boomsday Puzzle Lab - Dr. Boom [FINALE!]

The final set of puzzles in the Lethal Puzzle Lab. Destroy Dr. Boom’s big red mech suit… If you can!

Puzzle #1 - Of Pirates and Patrons

  1. Play Super Soldier.
  2. Play Frothing Berserker.
  3. Play Fiery War Axe.
  4. Play both Dread Corsair.
  5. Attack Sludge Belcher with both Dread Corsairs.
  6. Attack Putrid Slime with Grim Patron.
  7. Play Whirlwind.
  8. Play Slam, targeting your full health Grim Patron.
  9. GO FACE!

Puzzle  #2 - Erratic Explosive

  1. Play Wild Pyromancer.
  2. Play Power Word: Tentacles, targeting Wild Pyromancer.
  3. Play Circle of Healing.
  4. Play Recharge.
  5. Play Holy Smite, targeting Spud M.E..
  6. Play Violet Teacher.
  7. Play both Defile.

Puzzle #3 - Never Go Full Northshire

Always go Full Northshire.

  1. Play Power Word: Shield, targeting the enemy Northshire Cleric.
  2. Play Lab Recruiter, targeting your Northshire Cleric.
  3. Play Wild Pyromancer.
  4. Play Elven Archer, targeting Lab Recruiter.
  5. Play Battery Pack.
  6. Play Fungal Enchanter.
  7. Play all Northshire Clerics.
  8. Play Binding Heal, targeting any friendly minion.
  9. Play The Swap. Ohhhhh damn.
  10. Play Treachery on your Northshire Cleric. Bye!
  11. Play Circle of Healing.

Puzzle #4 - Full Northshire

See, what did I tell you?

  1. Play Undercover Reporter, targeting Northshire Cleric.
  2. Play Elven Archer, targeting any minion.
  3. Play Power Word: Shield on Elven Archer.
  4. Play Northshire Cleric.
  5. Use your Hero Power, Lesser Heal, on the minion you damaged previously.
  6. Play Northshire Cleric.
  7. Play Battery Pack.
  8. Play The Swap.
  9. Play Wild Pyromancer.
  10. Play Treachery, targeting your Northshire Cleric.
  11. Play Fungal Enchanter.
  12. Play Binding Heal, targeting Undercover Reporter.
  13. Play Circle of Healing.

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