Naxxramas Rogue Class Challenge Guide

Naxxramas Rogue Class Challenge Guide

The Rogue Naxxramas class challenge is unlocked after defeating Maexxna from the Arachnid Quarter on Normal Difficulty. Successfully completing the challenge will give two copies of Anub'ar Ambusher as a reward for your efforts. The challenge must be completed using a deck that is predefined by the game. You can find more information on the Druid Naxxramas class challenge below.

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The Reward

Completing the Naxxramas Rogue class challenge will give you two of the Rogue exclusive minion, Anub'ar Ambusher.


  • Hit her in the face!
  • Your deck is filled with low cost minions, and Maexxna has [card]Sea Giant[/cards]. Expect them early on.
    • Big Game Hunter will make quick work of Sea Giants. Mulligan your cards to ensure you have it.
  • Combo your Big Game Hunter with Youthful Brewmaster or |Shadowstep for additional Sea Giant removal.
    • Youthful Brewmaster and Shadowstep will also work great with Defias RingleaderThis is your town!
  • Defender of Argus can turn your Echoing Ooze into a couple of solid taunt minions.
  • Save your healing cards (Voodoo Doctor, Priestess of Elune) to heal up your damaged taunters to prevent damage from hitting your face.

Your Deck

Class challenges have a specially crafted deck that you must use to complete them. This deck is temporarily given to you by the game so you do not need to own the cards to complete the challenge. Below you can find the contents of your new deck.

Curse of Naxxramas Rogue Challenge Deck
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Minion (29) Ability (1)

Challenge Videos

Having some difficulty with the Rogue class challenge? Perhaps one of these Youtubers can help you out!

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