Naxxramas Priest Class Challenge Guide

Naxxramas Priest Class Challenge Guide

In the Priest Naxxramas class challenge, you will be fighting Thaddius with a pre-constructed deck of cards. This fight becomes available after defeating Thaddius from the Construct Quarter on Normal Difficulty. Successfully completing the challenge will give two copies of Dark Cultist as a reward for your efforts. You can find more information on the Priest Naxxramas class challenge below.

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  • Polarity Shift is on Auto-cast. You can use this to your advantage.
  • Don't play your Deathlord until you can cast Inner Fire on it. This helps it survive longer and allows you to deal massive damage to his face.
  • Nerubian Eggs should be played as soon as possible. They will die on his turn and can be used to attack him on your next turn.
  • Use the enemy Zombie Chow to heal yourself up when needed.
  • When in doubt, keep your life high, build your board up, hit Thaddius in the face!

Your Deck

Class challenges have a specially crafted deck that you must use to complete them. This deck is temporarily given to you by the game so you do not need to own the cards to complete the challenge. Below you can find the contents of your new deck.

Curse of Naxxramas Priest Challenge Deck
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Minion (21) Ability (9)

The Reward

Completing the Naxxramas Priest class challenge will give you two of the Priest exclusive minion, Dark Cultist.

Challenge Videos

Having some difficulty with the Priest class challenge? Perhaps one of these Youtubers can help you out!

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