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[TOP 100 LEGEND] Stancifkas' Mountain Paladin

  • Last updated May 10, 2018 (Witchwood)
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  • 19 Minions
  • 9 Spells
  • 2 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Even Paladin
  • Crafting Cost: 8320
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 4/28/2018 (Witchwood)
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Hey guys! I am back with another deck guide, this time we will take a closer look on Even Paladin! When I first saw Baku the Mooneater and Genn Greymane I though it will take a few more sets for decks with them to get better (as with bigger card pool the restriction is not that painful), but it turns out they are dominating already with just Witchwood introduced. I always felt like Even Paladin has a lot of cards in my hand, and one day I just realized you can slam Mountain Giant to the deck and it will be great! So let’s take a look at it now! I will be trying out a new format of „small bits“ where I just write down a sentence that comes to my mind and is helpfull with the deck, but I will still try to keep it in 4 categories that you are used to.

I climbed today on stream from rank 600 something to TOP 100 LEGEND with 70 % winrate and score 28-12, so I fully recommend this deck.


Deck doesn’t really have a clear gameplan, you just play a lot of 2 card synergy combos and cards with huge raw power. Call to Arms is one the best (if not the best) card in the whole standard, and 1 mana hero power allows you to sneak in a lot of stats that you otherwise wouldn’t get at all.

This is a midrange deck with high raw lategame power. Don’t panic if you lose the tempo in the early turns, you can easily reclaim It later, although board presence is what you really want to have at all points with this deck.



Call to Arms is the best card in the deck by far, always keep, your win percentage skyrockets when it is in your opening hand.

Plated Beetle is a card you want to see against everything that can be aggressive, but it is not a very good keep against control.

Loot Hoarder you can keep against Warlock and Druid. It is better when you are playing first, and in that case you can keep it against everything that can be playing Fire Fly.

Knife Juggler is hard for me. You mulligan him against aggro so he stays in your deck for Call to Arms. You can keep him against control though.

Consecration is one of the most overmulliganed card of the deck, and people should be keeping it more often than they do. It is great in board based matchups, so I think you want to keep it 70 % of the time, while legendary population is keeping it only 30 % of the time. It is bad against Tempo Mage though.

With Mountain Giant in the deck you have to keep Drygulch Jailor a lot. The Giant itself is getting closer to the keep with these factors:

a) If you have the coin.
b) If you are playing against control.
c) If you already have the Drygulch Jailor.

Truesilver Champion is great against Mage and Rogue, bad elsewhere.

Blessing of Kings is keep only against Druid, because you don’t have a problem of sticking a minion against him.

I keep Sunkeeper Tarim only against Warlock, and not really sure about matchup with Priest.

Always mulligan Spellbreaker and Bloodmage Thalnos, and you won’t screw up if you never keep Lightfused Stegodon as well.



Avenging Wrath surprised me a lot, it gives deck a ton of reach as it often acts like a small cheap Pyroblast, and also clears the board quite well, either on its own or together with Equality.

Bloodmage Thalnos and Loot Hoarder recover your hand and give you extra resources from Call to Arms, which is also great with Mountain Giant.

Knife Juggler can deal a ton of damage in some matchups, and you need to protect him as much as you can. Do not just randomly play him out without getting value from his juggles.

Equality combos well with just cheap hero ability, and does one side Twisting Nethertogether with Consecration. Also provides extra reach in combo with Avenging Wrath, which will clear the board and deal extra damage to face.

I have been playing Amani Berserker for a while but haven’t been all that impressed by him. 2/3 body is good in this metagame though, which is the reason I am playing Plated Beetle now, whose upside is relevant more often even though it is smaller.

Don’t forget that Drygulch Jailor gives you 3 cards to hand, so you want to have a maximum of 6 cards when you have him in play so that your opponent doesn’t kill it and forces you to overdraw a card.



Bloodmage Thalnos is good in the deck but by no means necessary, feel free to cut it.

Sunkeeper Tarim is extremely good in the deck, and while you can play the deck without it, I would heavily recommend crafting it.  

Avenging Wrath is great but not mandatory, and if you guys don’t have this epic or have just one, you can play the deck freely.

Mountain Giant makes the deck work a bit differently, but you can go with Bonemare instead.

Cards to replace these with would be Spikeridged SteedThe Glass Knight or Blessing of Kings. Dark Convictoon could also be a possibility, it works very well when you have 1/1 body on T1 guaranteed.

 I will be adding a video with this decklist (or extremely similar) very soon, but in the meantime you can check my Youtube here for guides and explanations like this! Before I post the current video (which will take a while to edit) here is a very similar Even Paladin Analysis which should help you quite a bit as well.