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    Really nice theme going this week. Here are the first three ideas that popped into my mind. Couldn't find any good art with a quick research so I'll have to work on that later.

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    posted a message on Dean Ayala Asks: What Would Get You Back Into Hearthstone?

    Unless the next expansion is insanely fun, probably nothing. Since Boomsday launched, I've been playing only the bare minimum, just enough to get the card back each month. I figure when I don't care about that anymore, then I'm not coming back.

    Sure, the meta is crappy and stale, an entire year worth of cards is currently unplayable cus they're simply too weak compared to what we already have, but I know for a fact it's gonna get way better when rotation hits. Old Gods and Un'Goro were, after all, the most enjoyable expansions in their time. But I'm not looking forward to it, I just don't really care anymore. I think it's time I moved on from this game.

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    I wanted to try and incorporate Solemn Vigil and Dragon's Breath into a cycle, so I made these three cards. They're all really simple, just like the two I mentioned, and that's really the whole point of it. I couldn't come up with a better name for the Shaman spell, so I just copied the Dark Iron Arena Hero Power as a placeholder.

    Now that I think of it, this probably won't work for the competition cus the cards are just not flashy enough.

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    I thought I'd just do a Wild brawl, but Standard looks more interesting as we might see some truly new decks and combos, though there's a chance you wouldn't be able to play with that card you liked before it got destroyed.

    I don't like the art. If anyone's got any suggestions, just say the word.


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    posted a message on TRIALS AND ERRORS (Class Creation Competition #5) - Phase I [Discussion Topic]

    Thanks everyone for your feedback. Now I'm gonna review the classes in the last 3 pages or so.


    I like the concept of the class and using Armor as resource. Your showcase cards are pretty interesting, and the keyword works really nicely with weapons. Most of the artwork is pretty good and lore-friendly as well. The exceptions are the Legendary and the hero portrait, although I do like the first one a lot and think it fits decently. The latter, not so much.


    Not a fan of the hero portrait. The whole thing with the spells in the enemy's hand is cool and I always like to see effects that give you small strategical advantages over your opponent, though often they're not impactful enough to be worth playing. The real problem I see is how polarizing cards like Interrogation and the Legendary weapon are: the first one is really not that great against aggro, which is exactly the deck you should be targeting with it, while the latter can be so stupidly strong against some control decks and mediocre versus other strategies.


    So, I assume Fury works like Combo, right? You kill a minion that turn and then it enables an effect that triggers upon playing. At least that's what the wording led me to think, and if so, it seems really weak, as do most of the weapons. If you're going for attack buffs for your hero, perhaps you should ditch weapons altogether. Training and Hive Knight, on the other hand, are too strong tools for aggro, even after the rework. And the Armor cards also feel quite weak; the reward is too small for such a high cost.


    I'm not a fan of the Ethereal's Hero Power and the cards that synergyze with it. Without other ways to add Contracts to your hand, you might end up being forced to HP a lot more than you'd like to and fall too far behind your opponent. Deal is a sweet keyword, tho.

    I like the Astromancer better overall. Don't like the name or the hero portrait, but I do most of the cards and especially the keyword. Props for Starscryer Sera as well; I'm not sure how powerful the card itself is, but it's so nice to look at with that artwork and the border. I'd like to point out how weak Silent Night is as well; I was gonna make the exact same effect on a 2-Cost Secret and thought it was already bad.


    Well, crap. The artwork really is the same. I kinda liked it over the other one I was gonna use - which is the same as your Spark of Genius - 'cus it seemed a bit less "crazy", but I'll have to settle for it now or find another. I really don't want to change the name, though; can't we make a compromise on that? xD Anyway, let's talk about your class now:

    - I think Synchronize will be a cool mechanic if you manage to make more cards like Lab Archivist and less cards like Tink-Tailored Soldier.
    - The first Secret is cool; the other one seems somewhat hard to trigger, and I'm not sure it's worth the trouble.
    - Love Clockroach, Exploit Un'Goro and Recyclops.

    So far I think we're heading in very different directions and our classes probably won't turn out very similar, which is really good.


    Well, I remember someone else using minion positioning as a main theme in the past class creation competition. The game's been out for five years now, there's really not much that wasn't already touched upon by other fan creators.

    - Your HP is alright; I like that it damages the right-most minion, which makes it more efficient at killing tokens.
    - Showcase cards are fine as well. I wonder if Split the Ground is overcosted.
    - I think Shatterstar also made a card identical to your Meteor Shower. This is part of the reason I added the restriction to my card; it is all but an original idea.
    - Purge of Flames does seem like a Basic card. I agree it should be moved.
    - Your Legendary seems like a Mage card. I assume it is intentional.
    - The artwork of your cards is really nice. I especially like Tar Fiend.



    Oh boy, that Hero Power looks so cheesy. Freeze is so infuriating sometimes. I just don't like it, but I can't say it's broken or anything.

    The first version of Rise Again seems better if you want more control over it. I really don't know what to say about the other cards; they look mostly fine, and the Legendaries all have great potential.

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    I came up with an idea for a DEMOLITIONIST class. It's in the middle-ground between a tinker and a sapper; basically, he's an inventor with a knack for making explosive devices and, while he takes a more careful approach to it than a sapper would, some of his inventions are still prone to fail in particularly dangerous ways.

    Mechanically, this translates to one of the most prominent themes of the class, which is effects that have an inherent randomness to them, but you can control to a certain degree (mostly positional effects, but also other forms of limited RNG). Other frequent themes will be self-damage and disruption. Of course you'll see Mechs as well, but do not expect such an emphasis on that as you should from a Tinker class. Maybe in the future, if I feel I can't milk any more flavor out of bombs.

    The idea is still in its early stages of development but it's coming to me quite easily. The class is turning out to be very control-y, with lots of damage-based removal. I thought Secrets might fit in as well.

    This Hero Power has three possible outcomes: it can hit one minion if your opponent has an odd number of minions on board, two if it's even or the enemy face if he has no minions. I'm just gonna leave the cards I thought of so far so you can get a better grasp of the concept.

    * Some insight into Jani, the Saurid: she (I think it's a she) is the Patron of Scavengers, the God of Garbage, so I thought an effect that would allow you to utilize your opponent's discarded resources would fit in really nice with her flavor, though maybe not with the overall flavor of the class.

    The biggest issue I'm facing so far is coming up with good art for the cards. As you can see, some of them don't even have one yet. I'm probably gonna have to draw from sources other than WoW TCG artwork and fanart.

    I will return later to review other people's works as well.

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    posted a message on Weekly Card Design Competition 9.01 - Discussion Topic

    This is a bit on the weaker side - on purpose 'cus I made it before the nerfs - and not very flashy, but I like the flavour. Any thoughts?

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    This works just like Toki's Hero Power from the Monster Hunt, but if you've done damage to your opponent, they are not healed. So in a sense, this spell could be used to duplicate damage spells and give your minions pseudo-Windfury.

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    Quote from Wailor >>

    I've had three ideas so far. I think It's Alive! is miles better than the other two, but let me know what you think.

    It's Alive! lets you skip the Zombeast crafting restriction. You can combine two Beasts that cost more than 5 Mana, two Beasts with text... Or heck, even two regular Zombeasts! Therefore, I think 10 Mana is more than justified, even though it literally costs 3 cards to play.

    Nuclear Fission is the process to transform matter into energy. It might allow you to draw enough spells to finish your opponent, but that's it.

    Drakkari Harmonizer fuses several 1-Cost minions into a bigger one. It's flavour is supposed to be the "One With The Universe" thing from eastern religions, that's why I made it a Shaman card.

    I will give some feedback later, as I don't have time now. I'll priorize people who also feedback my cards, of course.

    Just dropping by to point out, before I forget to do só, the amazing - if not opressive - combo potential of It's Alive with Young Dragonhawk and King Krush. It's fucking degenerate and I love it.

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    First of all, thanks guys for your feedback. I realize some of you are having trouble figuring out how the card's supposed so work, so I'll try to explain while using this as an excuse to bump the card.

    When you start your turn over, it's just like Toki's Hero Power: it undoes everything you've done that turn. Any minions you played are bounced back to your hand, any weapons that might have broken are restored to their previous durability, and so on. So you can't set up for an Antonidas combo, nor does it work like Quest reward, 'cus you must already have an established board before playing it - and then you'll get to attack twice with each minion - otherwise it'll just return your minions to the hand.

    Now to another round of feedback.

    @MattyHooba Spurious Hero reminds me of that Tavern Brawl we had recently. And we all know how it turned out. The other cards, well... Being able to choose what your opponent's gonna discard is a HUGE deal but I think out of all classes, Hunter is the one who would benefit the least from it, due to the aggressive nature of most of its strategies, so you might get away with Arcane Sniper. Definitely not Lobotomize though, fuck that shit.

    @Noah_McGrath Card seems weak, honestly. If it could destroy minions on board as well, like that Arena-only Warrior weapon, then I think it would be playable.

    @ChildOfTheAtom12 Like linkblade91 said, it's probably fine at 6. Maybe even at 5, after all, it's worse than Spreading Plague.

    @ColinthePyro Mage card feels somewhat generic. I'm pretty sure I've seen that Druid card done many times already. So we're left with the Warrior minion, which is actually pretty decent, if not a little overcosted. Good thing is you can Magnetize it to anything and get value out of this effect straight away.

    @Echo_ Definitely don't like this kind of design. It costs a lot and sometimes you can't play it, even if you have the mana to do so, 'cus it just won't do anything.

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    posted a message on Weekly Card Design Competition 8.19 - Discussion Topic

    Whenever I tried to make this mechanic work as a tactical advantage, it ended up underpowered or unimpactful. I thought maybe enabling it to multiply burn could make it viable, but perhaps it ended up a little too powerful. Depends whether Freeze Mage could ever become a thing again in Standard.

    Some quick reviews of what I've seen so far.

    @CheeseEtc I prefer the Hunter card just because the other is too similar to Astral Communion.

    @Demonxz95 I like Witch Hunter better. The game could benefit from effects like this and, while the Rogue card is good on its own, I think Coin/Miracle synergy is quite boring. Tbh so is discard synergy, just nothing can be done about it this time around.

    @linkblade91 Warrior version has the best wording, best framing for the art and is probably the best class out of the two, but it could be neutral as well.

    @BOOOOOOO... Too disruptive. Could change it to only discard and redraw 1 card - and alter stats accordingly - but then it would be just another Gnomeferatu.

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    After a Secret is revealed, when your opponent hovers over it with their mouse, it shows which Secret it is, much like it would to you.

    Probably should make it a 3/2. It feels quite weak as is right now.

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    posted a message on Weekly Card Design Competition 8.17 - Final Poll

    I feel Goldfinger is kind of a poor design. With Auctioneer, you can draw your entire deck while turning some useless, more expensive cards into more mana to cast whatever you'd rather not turn into a coin and win the game.

    Voted for Lathy, Turkeybag and Cogito.

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    posted a message on The 200th Competition - a Fan Creations Special - Discussion Topic

    I have a question: would an effect that works somewhat like MtG's Storm count for the second challenge? It can cast a card for a second time, but also a third, and a fourth...

    For anyone who doesn't know, Storm reads: "When you cast this spell, copy it for each spell cast before it this turn."

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    posted a message on Weekly Card Design Competition 8.14 - Discussion Thread

    It's very late already so I won't review any cards for now, though I gotta say - and you could probably tell it even if I didn't - the idea for Aboom came to me after I saw linkblade91's card, so I guess you could think of this as positive feedback. They are not very similar apart from drawing inspiration from the same source, but if that bothers you just say it and I won't submit the card.

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