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    Kinda curios how many viewers this can get. Standard tournaments get around 6k viewers with both channels combined.

    Maybe this one could get 10k, who knows.

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    We were very disappointed when our mobile HS clients skipped the part with end-of-season rewards so we don't really know which epics we got :(

    Edit: didn't notice it was mentioned already. It actually interplays with another bug which makes all recently obtained cards as 'not yet viewed', so there is quite a mess of 'unviewed' cards in a collection making newly gained epic a very stealthy ninja.

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    Aaaand... you got me.

    Should have done this math myself :(

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    Somehow people have perfect answers - wow really? Can't believe people actually put cards that answer threats in their decks. Crazy, right?

     That's OK with me if they have it - it bothers me a bit when they topdeck it. Well, that time he or she had to topdeck it cuz there is no simple mulligan vs Druid - you don't know if it's aggro or Kazakusan.

    For Yogg throwing pyroblasts, the fact that you have more minions than your opponent does not matter, because the race only involves 2 heroes.

    It seems you've never been on the receiving end. Pyroblasts don't ignore minons so they can work as a meatshield. So your opponent would neet to evade bit more blasts than you. Evading 3+ pyroblasts when a minion is also present - well, I'd call it a small wonder.

    have no benefit to Blizzard

    It has DIRECT benefit to Blizzard. If someone pays more - or for a longer time - he or she then considered a "good asset" and therefore should be encouraged to stay and pay. Like, via winrate boosting.

    I have two accounts to compare. One with a longer history, the other is relatively new. On the old acc I usualy get quite average opponents who do misplays and don't always have a good starting hand. The other account... well, there are either luckers or monsters of HS (my respect to them) who won't forgive a slightest misplay. Same deck, same hands - different results.

    Also, Kazakusan is meant to be a finisher.

    In a Druid deck it's not a finisher, it's a valid midrange strategy.

    a sound argument for it

    They have all the means and tools for it.

    1. It's a card game. So it is important to ensure that card order is not manipulated. SOLUTION: send each player an encrypted deck order list. Resend whenever a deck is shuffled. Send a decryption key after game is over.

    2. There are many random elements: random targets, spell outcomes, discovery mechanic etc. This can easily be manipulated and abused. SOLUTION: tie all rolls to a fixed seed/generator set at game start and send it encrypted. Disclose RNG mechanics so it can be reproduced and verified.

    3. Matchmaking. The game is quite honest when it comes to opponent rank. What really bothers me is a 'sudden meta shift' when I switch from one class/deck to another. But this can be tolerated if 1 and 2 is fixed.

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    Quote from Panteradw >>

    I'm on a very bad streak, i've reached rank 5 on 1st of february in 2 hours, after that i'm at 39% in 150 matches. Wtf is happening?

    As soon as i make any deck or play anything i get hard countered by the game or by my opponents deck.

    Doesn't matter what i do, i win 1 game i lose 5,7,10 etc. As soon as i pick something i get perfect counter decks i've never seen in 2 weeks play. Doesn't matter on what hour of the day i play it's the same every time.

    I've been playing since beta but this shit hasn't happened to me before.

    Any1 else going through this?


    Playing only wild



     Currently there is some shit going on with the game. I'd call it "forced game balance".

    Somehow ppl have perfect answers more often than not - be it either me or my opponents. So if the balancer chooses you as a loser - most likely you will lose. I once lost to Yogg throwing Pyroblasts - a very rare outcome by itself - while having more health and minions than my opponent.

    And of course there is Kazakusan. Which you either kill very fast, or die to it miserably.

    So it seems many ppl have noticed this. Currently there are not so many Legend players in Standard as it used to be. Like, 11k Legend often matchmaked to Diamond 7. Last month one would have to be deep into 20k for this to happen.

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    Lady Prestor can be very clumsy if you already got Kazakusan but not her. She is not a dragon by herself after all.

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    Quote from SirJohn13 >>

    I think banned means you cannot add it to a wild deck, but if you build a standard deck (meaning all 30 cards are part of standard) then the system will not prevent you from queueing it in wild...

     I've accidentally did that and been simply kicked out of queue without any explanations.

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    This time I'll play only 4fun decks and try to finish by silver.

    Somehow I think you didn't really get into legend...

    Anyway, if you did indeed then you'll get bonus stars up to Diamond 5. It means that even a shitty fun deck will get you there in almost no time.

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    Quote from Moop547 >>

    oh wow, my bad, didnt realize this is from 2 years ago lmao. No idea why that guy revived it

     It's a spambot reacting to thread title, lol =)

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    Let me reassure you:

    Let ME reassure you.

    I am the bully here.

    I play Quest Priest.

    I can win vs questlock, vs poison rogue and vs pirate warrior even as they are now.

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