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    Quote from Moop547 >>

    oh wow, my bad, didnt realize this is from 2 years ago lmao. No idea why that guy revived it

     It's a spambot reacting to thread title, lol =)

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    Let me reassure you:

    Let ME reassure you.

    I am the bully here.

    I play Quest Priest.

    I can win vs questlock, vs poison rogue and vs pirate warrior even as they are now.

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    Quote from Andrei2007 >>
    Quote from same_midaisun >>
    uninteractive and oppressive deck

    Well they should alse nerf Quest Priest.

    You can have all the armour in the world and 8 minions on your side but they can't stop 'you lose' button.

    Regardless of the actual Quest Priest winrate.

     You can stop them in one simple step: Kill them.

     If Standard would slow down by just one turn - it will be overwhelmed with Quest Priests.

    It's basically control with unavoidable wincon.

    Yes you could tech Mutanus. Yes you could tech Neophyte. Still you lose next turn Xyrella is played.

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    posted a message on Upcoming Battlegrounds Reveals - Just Like Constructed! - Duels Reveal too!

    but do anyone really buy merc merchandize?

    I did once. The cheapest promo bundle with a legendary.

    "That was a mistake".

    Now I only play mercs to complete those quests introduced to promote merc mode.

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    posted a message on holy damage and frost damage

    Frost and fire quests do suck indeed.

    Yeah, I agree that those quests were created with Merc mode in mind, and Arcane/Holy/Nature can be completed really quickly there, but Fire and especially Frost are almost unavailable (GL triggering Tavish's trap) for an average Joe. So the only realistic way is to grind them in traditional HS.

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    posted a message on better use of gold?

    I think right now you are in a good spot to start/resume your Standard collection because it's the last expansion this year. But it's a lenghty process. And I wouldn't expect much from future 3 months.

    First of all I'd start hoarding gold and packs - Standard and class-specific. Guess "Year of the Phoenix" ones will give the same cards either this or next season so they can be opened safely.

    Next I would definitely buy future mini-set - it's 4 legendaries after all.

    Then I'd start farming Rewards Track like crazy, including achievements with experience rewards. And even if you are not planning to spend real money I would still consider purchasing a Tavern Pass, it has the best value for money.

    I'd have spent all of this gold right at the start of next season (and year), opened seasonal packs first and Standard next to catch up a bit on previous seasons. And then repeat allf of this again.

    My main concerns with Arena approach is that you don't really have time to play Standard after it if you can't afford playing HS all day long.

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    posted a message on What is the odds?

    Well, there is a 70% chance not to get a specific class per run:

    9/10 * 8/9 * 7/8 = 7/10

    So not getting one in 16 runs in a row looks like a 0.7^16 = 0,33%

    Or 1 in 300. Not a very low chance BTW but still a feat.

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    posted a message on Trying to Find a Specific Warlock Deck

    I think it was done with The Dark Portal and 2x Felosophy after that with the Tickatus being the only minion in the deck.

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    posted a message on Known Issues 22.0 Update - Dust Refunds Coming for Vanndar and Drek'thar

    The issue is that currently - for a limited time only - both Vann and Drek are effectively "free" legendaries - obtained via logging and honor grinding.

    On the other hand, these legendaries are not meant to be drop restricted in any way, cuz after the end of event there should be a way to obtain them for those who missed the event.

    So yes, you should be able to get them from packs. And the issue is that currently obtaining one feels like a wasted opportunity to get something else.

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    posted a message on Worst Pack Opening Since 2014...

    Wel it is still not on the front page but there is a new cost-effective bundle in the store - 2 legendaries and 10 Alterac + 10 Standard packs. For $20 I guess.

    This is an offer I mentioned earlier: the biggest buck for money is small preorder (2L + 60 packs) + Tavern Pass + Post-release bundle (2L + 10 packs + 10 other packs) - it costs the same as a large preorder but fills one's Legendary collection a bit more.

    Opening results: me and my partner got 4 legendaries from 40 packs! In fact, she got all 4 of them (from 20 packs) - that's everything you should know about statistics.

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