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    posted a message on [Wild] Giants Warlock

    I understand the Librarians are a slight better option as the effect you want (card draw) triggers immediately. But Oakheart is also a way thinning your deck. Should you not be able to cheat out a Voidlord Oakheart will do that for you, also at a cost of 9 mana. I've played a giant recruit warrior deck and I noticed in slower games Oakheart will protect your board on turn 9 and turn 10 you can fill up with giants. With a voidlord out, I believe your board is even more protected than with the Warrior version. Anyway, this is the deck (by Heeljin):


     The deck doesn't need more value, deck thinning or new tricks.  The deck currently looses to strong early aggression, lack of super-late-game finishing power (if they can survive the giants and gul-dan you peter out), and burn.  Oakheart does not give finishing power, he just puts up walls.  
    The deck needs either early game all-stars like tar creeper, or finishing power like a demon buff to play after gul-dan or a way to help the giants punch through more efficiently like silence.
    Sense demons works really well too.
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    posted a message on Jade Mist Shaman

    Agreed - I do not miss my dusted mistcaller.

    Also, this deck, while interesting, seems much worse than a traditional aggro shaman for ladder - no burn spells, too minion and high-roll dependent.


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    posted a message on What archetype do you wish held a spot in the meta right now?
    Quote from PinkiePieYay >>

    C'thun Rogue

     This is the correct answer.  Control Cthun Rogue was so cool to play.
    Specifically, Control Cthun Nzoth Reno Shadowcaster Rogue.
    Also, Thuzad Control Shaman
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    posted a message on [WILD] Malylock Full Guide

    Loatheb is a must in this meta, great to stabilize, great to buy time, great for some stats.

    I think the weapon removal is questionable - and the ooze choice is even worse - kingbane isn't very prevalent.

    tempo/burn mage is a problem as expected - I also had a problem with pirates, but conventional aggro is nearly dead ATM.

    Warlock with over the top burst is so unexpected and cool right now - no one expects malygos.  the deck plays out a lot like cubelock, except that your minions are not really your win condition which makes it feel much more free to play for the long game.  

    Your opponent will think that they are doing so well by addressing the demon threats and not realize that you are just trying to get in range of the combo that is going right over any taunts that they put up and can happen out of nowhere.

    Twisting nether is a huge swing card too - they can smash through a loidlord and develop a board only to be totally demoralized by a card that no straight cubelock or giant lock would traditionally run.  which then draws out the game and gives time for voidlords or malganis and the DK.

    Great early game deck - I was thinking that just one defile was wrong, but the hellfires and siphon make up for it.  I also added in drain life for additional malygos potential, but the card is just so bad on its own merits - it does free you up to play your flamestrikes earlier though without worrying about running out of gas for malygos.


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    posted a message on So... what did you dust?

    wow - awful strategy - atleast dust creeper which is now garbage tier - if you really want him back you can craft him later - surely you can find one better epic card.


    I dusted everything, I am pretty sure I will want either patches or raza back at some point, but in the mean time I have those decks and am glad to see them go and would rather horde some dust for the next expansion or some new S-Tier deck that is sure to emerge.


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    posted a message on [Wild] Giants Warlock

    Alex is totally unnecessary

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    posted a message on NERFS - Will you De those cards?

    dust all - even the bonemares can recraft later, but i have found it is not necessary usually.  still kicking myself that i didn't dust Yogg and dreadsteed

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    posted a message on The Age Old Question Arises..... Standard or Wild?
    Quote from Kaladin >>

    But that's just it.  The whole, "This card is so strong your deck is immediately weaker for not including it," is somewhat okay when restricted to class cards, when there's only one or two of them...but not when that concept floods into an entire neutral package or there are enough of those class cards that you need to build every deck around it.  Gul'Dan is so strong that you kind of have to include it at this you need to include good you ought to then be running Skull and 5 mana "put a demon in your hand"...and be running Doomguards or Voidlords.   Corridor Creeper is so good that why aren't you running the Pirate package, 2x Scalebane, and Bonemare?   Like I said, I feel like most of my homebrew decks would be better if I removed the entire idea and just made them netdecks with a twist.  Astral Tiger N'Zoth Druid was immediately better once I made it Jade Druid with Astral Tigers.  My Deathrattle Hunter deck was immediately better when I just added a ton of secrets and summoned 4 wolves on turn 5.  


    What we need I think is MORE formats.  

     I'd be all for flavor of the month - with a random 1 year old set tossed out and a random wild-only set or two tossed in.
    Or better yet a pauper mode for commons and uncommons only - much easier on new players.
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    posted a message on The Age Old Question Arises..... Standard or Wild?
    Quote from Kaladin >>
    Quote from Kaladin >>

    doesn't matter, wild is EXACTLY the same as standard.

    Not really. You stand a much higher chance of winning with home brewed decks in wild than standard because at least in wild you have more options to support your homebrewed win condition with more powerful support cards or neutral staples. In standard you have fewer of both of those so if you try to homebrew your win conditions have to be much more restricted to more or less only include specific synergies to stand a chance to be a threat to meta decks.
     Must be me then.  I'm running into the same decks I'd run into in Standard, just slightly tweaked because there are cards in Wild to support them.  Whatever strong cards exist in Wild....that's completely irrelevant because Corridor Creeper, Patches, 4-mana "Summon 3 minions", Keleseth, Scalebane, etc.  If you play a 5-mana card for 5-mana worth of value, expect to lose most games.  Right now, the entirety of Hearthstone is all about whoever can cheat out the most stuff for the cheapest, not necessarily who can make the best play.  
    I'm playing some homebrew decks in Wild right now and the more I destroy the original idea and synergy and just add the BS neutral package and pieces of existing netdecks, the stronger my deck gets.  Current deck is a Ramp/Astral Tiger Druid deck with N'Zoth + Savage Roar.  I cut a lot of it and made it a Jade Druid hybrid...I think  have to cut even more just to add 2x Corridor Creeper, and probably delete most of the original synergy so I can add tech cards. 
    Previously in Hearthstone, in Wild you COULD make a homebrew deck that would probably keep pace or stand a fighting chance against netdecks.  If netdecks in Standard were at a 9 power level, homebrew decks were probably a 6 or maybe 7.  In Wild, netdecks would be a 9 but homebrew at a 7 or 8 because of the additional support and variety.  Now, it's more Wild netdecks are at a 10 (or higher) and homebrew maybe a 4 at best.  It's so much harder to keep up using original ideas that it almost feels like what's even the point.  Got a creative idea now?  Ditch it, netdecks are just so much stronger that it's not even fun to try.  I barely want to ramp any more as Druid because every other deck's early game is insane.  Even if I have the removal for it...turn 4 or 5 double Corridor Creeper and it's game over. 
     Evidence of scope creep.  As if big priest wasn't OP enough, now we do big priest, but with demons in warlock, with more consistency and less highroll risk.
    And for aggro, we now have an aggro that can effectively over flood token druid and outgun pirate warrior.
    And since priest's set of removal and AOE wasn't enough, now we have removal that also drops early curve minions into the opponent's late game deck.
    Wild plays so many standard-created decks because the best cards will always be in the newest sets.
    My closing argument, our old OP friend 4 mana 7/7 is never played anymore - because there is now a new 4 mana 7/7 TAUNT and that card hardly sees play in wild.
    Also, homebrews can work, but you have to have a theme and play with the meta in mind - the best brews start with a meta deck 'theme' and then tinker with it by adding a alternative win condition or package onto the high-power-level meta core.
    Take secret-call-to-arms paladin for instance.  it is not a meta deck, and it is not what the opponent expects.  When you drop a mysterious challenger onto an unsuspecting warlock, their whole gameplan goes out the window.  They don't expect a big mid-game threat that can close out what call to arms and the aggro started - especially followed by an unpopular-in-the-meta tirion.  there are also different ways you can go with it when you give up on the idea of single-purpose aggro, but that doesn't mean you abandon a call to arms package.
    It would be dumb to pretend call to arms doesn't exist when building a paladin deck, just like it would be dumb to pretend DK gul'dan doesn't exist in warlock.  if you omit those cards, you take a big power level hit in many styles, and if you include them, the cards kindof demand that you build part of a deck in a certain way.
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    posted a message on Help me out. Overpowered cards and how they could be changed, my opinion!

    lets just nerf everything!


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    posted a message on Card you are most happy to see rotate out in April

    Barnes is the one that needs a wild nerf (and patches I suppose but patches is tolerable for me).

    resurrect priest is extremely oppressive and barnes enables it.  they should think about nerfing cards by assigning them to a clan like the goons or jade just so that they can limit what classes they show up in.

    patches should go to jade cause token druid needs him and rogue and aggro shaman deserve him.  he would be fine with the goons too to keep pirate warrior a thing, but that would keep him with paladin too which is currently the aggro du-jour.  just seeing less of patches would help people's impression of him.

    Barnes should goto any clan but priest/mage/lock.

    why resurrect priest is allowed to persist is beyond me - I am wild anyway, but I can't imagine why Blizz would push for resurrect priest with the new cards after it was already such a headache.

    The new healing for warlock seems like a problem too.  The minion synergies feel oppressive - but I suspect that the healing is what is really making cubelock such a big thing.



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    posted a message on WhoAmICallingToArms? NoneOfYourBusinessCreeper!

    he's definitely a flex choice  maybe take the place of consecration.

    Just a general update on the state of Call to Arms Palladin decks, Ben Brode on Twitter introduced the idea of Nerubar Weblord and Mana Wraith for call to arms synergy to really mess up the opponents curve (when opponent is minion based.  

    I would check that out, seems synergistic with this deck in theory because we often draw unwanted secrets - in which case we can play those secrets after dropping call to arms and effing with everyones mana curve.

    Really instead of tirion this deck would probably be better suited to add spellbreaker who is currently OP OP.

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    posted a message on [#21 Legend]Burn Mage
    Quote from GamaMak >>

    Hey SMTI how you dealt with agropaladins?

     this deck is great against aggro palladin and holds up pretty well against cubelock in my experience - cubelock sometimes wins with healing.
    To beat palladin the trick is just to hold onto your freeze until you really need it to stall for an extra turn or two.  make sure you get an ice block up ofc. palladin doesn't have healing and is very vulnerable to pings and frost nova.
    another cool trick with frost nova is letting them fill their board before a freeze so that they can't play a big minion next turn - you can sometimes squeeze an apprentice on the board and have her not die to really push spells through by giving them a stuck board.
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    posted a message on Wild Doomguard Combo Excelent win ratio

    those crystal weavers would look a lot better as leeroy jenkins and faceless manipulator for extra combo potential!

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    posted a message on If only Rogue had an effective boardclear
    Quote from Ch1cha >>

    I really enjoy playing with the new Rogue fatigue deck. Rogue is my favorite class and my only golden aswell, but in an aggro heavy meta it really lacks an effective board clear to really make it a deck worth laddering with. Sure, if you hit a patch of Priests/Warlocks you are golden, but around rank 5 decks like Mage/Paladin are more popular.

    Is there to make it work against aggro? I have tried doomsayers but I am not a fan as they are only good in the first 2 turns. They also decrease the odds of pulling the cards you actually need through the 3/2 card (forgot its name). Betrayal is decent but still meh, is there a way to increase the odds against aggro? Any ideas?

    This has always been the downside of Rogue. If only Blizzard would print a decent board clear )=

    It has been said but; Prep+Vanish - 3 mana board clear that doesn't trigger deathrattles.
    You're welcome!
    You also have effective small minion removal AOE with Thalnos + fan which also draws a card, and you can usually backstab first for larger minions.
    For all the cycle and single target removal that rogue has, it would hardly be fair to give them more clears, although more AOE would be nice, and if you really need AOE as a replacement for lack of clears, then you can always fish for some neutral AOE minions.
    If the meta demands board clears or more AOE, maybe rogue isn't the class to play.
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