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    Penflinger wording doesn't make sense but it is a good nerf suggestion.

    By the way there is a common error in all people's suggestions which is "not trying to kill the cards" But why? there are tons of useless cards out there and there are more that doesn't see play because of  powercreep cards. What makes those powercreep cards special?   

    Yes, it should be about not killing (healthy) archetypes, and not cards.

    Deck of Lunacy isn't about power creep, it wasn't a problem before in any format for well known reasons.

    Deck of Lunacy is one of those cards that people can't deal with. And with Incanter's Flow and a bunch of draw spells? It's pretty much over. They are spamming these big spells that's reduced by 3 mana than their original cost, but that's only if they're playable. Granted, there are some spells that aren't playable in a no minion deck, so there's a pretty big RNG factor as far as what spells you end up getting. 75% of the spells you get randomly, are playable I'd say. For them to be reduced any further is where the problem is, I've seen someone play a 1 mana sprint before, it's extremely tilting. Not only Lunacy, but incanter's flow is a problem as well. I think if they up'd it to 4-mana OR change to text to reduce spells in your "hand" by (1), itd be fair. 

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    My mistake, tickatus wasn't nerfed before. But still, it's too weak against aggro from my experience, it doesn't pose a big threat to them.

    And sure, destroying your opponent's cards can be annoying, but again, it's slow because you have to corrupt it first and then play it the next turn. It doesn't affect most aggro decks whatsoever. They won't care if you mill them. But I understand why the card can be annoying.

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    Mage + Paladin are the biggest threats right now in ladder guys.

    1. I went up against a mage deck a few days ago, I was ahead on board (tickatus and 2 other minions) and had 4 cards in hand, while they had nothing and had to top deck. They topdecked a 1-mana Sprint, used it, played Solarian Prime, got Apexis Blast from one of the random spells, it hit one of my minions and killed it, and then somehow they developed 3 minions on their board, destroyed one of my minions, and ended up with a secret and 8 cards in their hand. I don't remember the exact sequencing, but I just know it's a bunch of random spells casted on me.

    Again, THEY TOP DECKED AND GOT MORE THAN 10 CARDS IN HAND/BOARD COMBINED with a single draw... I haven't played hearthstone since that game because I knew If I ever played against a mage, something like that could happen. 


    2. Paladin has taken over the crown as king of aggro and I have no problem with that, but I feel like their weapon is too strong; Sword of the Fallen should be 4-mana, 1/4 instead of 2-mana 1/3. Giving it that extra durability is actually a buff, but making it cost 2 more mana is going to be nice to slow them down. Think about it, at 4-mana 1/4, it's a combination of 4 secrets and a light's justice put together, that's actually fair. 


    3. Incanter's Flow should be 4 mana. Seriously, I'm surprised that not a lot of people are talking about this card at all...


    4. Deck of Lunacy. I don't know what they'll do to this card, but as long as it is what it is... I don't think I'm going to enjoy this game.


    Cards that shouldn't be nerfed (whatsoever) would be Pen Flinger, Refreshing Spring Water, and Tickatus. 

    I know Pen Fling can be annoying to some people, but it's just 1 damage for 1 mana, like, come on guys...

    Refreshing Spring Water is pretty much a pot of greed for spell mages, 0-mana draw 2, but it's only good if spell mages are good. So, if incanter's flow and deck of lunacy were nerfed..? Iunno how many ppl would even play spell mages anymore.

    Tickatus? I remember this card used to be cost 5-mana, and it was pretty broken, at 6? You gotta play some pretty big stuff to corrupt this and then wait super late to find Y'sharj and mill your opponent again, but that's soooo slow. Requires such an awkward set-up of cards and even if you use it, all you're doing is milling them. It's only good against heavy control, but against Aggro, tickatus is extremely garbage. It's also hard for me to imagine the same card getting nerfed twice within 2 years.

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    I can't wait to make a secrets mage deck, it looks pretty tactical and at the same time interesting because it makes your opponent really think before they play. I would also recommend playing more secrets in this deck, maybe 7 would be a good number. Ethereal conjurer is also pretty cool in here.

    Time-Warp OTK Mage seems a bit gimmicky, I've seen the antonidas combo wombo before and it's pretty strong but it's also pretty convoluted especially since Emperor is no longer going to be in standard after another week or so.

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    If there were incentives to reaching something beyond a golden portrait hero then new players would spend so much time trying to achieve what we veteran players have. It's a greedy thought. I do understand that one will eventually be less motivated to play a hero that's already reached 500 wins but that's just how the game is: you aren't supposed to be playing to achieve golden hero status, you are supposed to play for fun and the thrill of "RNG" if that's even a thing for people.

    I have a Golden Warrior, Priest, Rogue and Shaman. I don't play any of those classes as much anymore but when I do, it just feels nice to see them gold. 

    A suggestion though, make more NEW HEROES in the game and if we were to use them, maybe start us back at 0 ranked wins. I already had a 500 win priest before Tyrande came out so when I got her, she was already gold which felt easy. Maybe there's something to strive for if we don't get such a shortcut? I wouldn't mind trying to win another 500 games with Priest to get a Golden Tyrande if that's what people had to do to get her.

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    That's kindda true, but secret mage decks are not that great. The curve will work, you can play arcanologist on 2 and play that secret you just got on 3, but again, is that secret necessarily worth playing that turn. If you're a Freeze mage, it's just quicker access to Ice Block but outside of that, it's still pretty slow but consistent. This card will force secret mages to show up in Ranked Play.

    As for King's Elekk, you have a chance of getting a Savannah Highmane, which might be the game right there. 


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    I crafted a Yogg not too long ago because he looked fun, but I forgot he had a nerf: when he dies, he stops casting random spells. I do not recommend disenchanting him right now, it's still early. 

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    Jade Idol isn't a broken card, it just becomes valuable overtime if you keep summoning jade golem . The card itself is not broken and doesn't need nerf and the jade golem mechanic doesn't either. It's just that sometimes druid decks can have braggy tempo swings like, fandral into this and that or auctioneer and then innervate, etc. That's hearthstone in general, cards that have huge value and can generate tempo like that is what we could consider broken.

    Jade Idol in any case kind of falls into that category, this card for 1-mana can bring forth a huge minion if you take the time to set it up but that's the thing, it takes time. Kind of like freeze mage and miracle rogue. Only other difference is that jade druids can dominate late game but freeze mage and miracle only has burst to finish the opponent off.

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    posted a message on Is it worth disenchanting ALL MY WILD CARDS to make new legendaries?

    I wouldn't, unless you are trying to make a full-golden card deck. Crafting regular cards doesn't cost alot of dust unless you want to make like 5 new decks. Like most the ppl said, the old cards still have value, even if you play standard format, those old cards can still be played from time to time in tavern brawls and new small expansions.

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    Well, right now Pirate warriors are way too fast and requires a specific hand to stop them but even then, it might not be fully stopped. It reminds me of miracle rogue from back in the days except it's dominance comes in the first 4 turns and even when it goes to mid-late game, they can still seal the deal with cards like Leeroy and Arcanite reaper. It's just not possible to fully stop them which makes it really hard to enjoy the game.

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    This expansion is fun and all but I don't think pirate warriors are beatable unless you have a very specific hand to counter it. I originally thought it was just not a good time to play hearthstone with the meta the way it is right now, but I'm actually having quite a bit of fun, it's just very tiresome to try to find ways to counter pirate warriors but also try to make my own innovative deck with all the new cards. How do they even do this consistently?

    Turn 1 N'zoth firstmate (almost always) into Patches (will always be in the deck)

    Turn 2 Upgrade + southsea deckhand or some more pirates

    Turn 3 Frothing or bloodsail cultist,

    the game is usually over by turn 6, I can almost guarantee it. If I try to make an anti-pirate or anti-aggro deck it lowers my odds or beating Jade Druid and Reno which are also pretty popular. What's interesting is that there was no real meta before the expansion which was pretty fun but now the whole landscape has changed.

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    Savage Roar - Change part of text to "Give all friendly Beast minions +2/+2 this turn" because this could make beast druids a thing.

    Savagery - (1) Mana, Deal Damage to all enemies equal to the attack of your hero, because it could make this card an innovative blade flurry.


    Mad Scientist - (3) Mana for 2/3 body, same effect...? Please, I don't want to see freeze mages so OP. This won't affect hunters as much because they could use some more 3-mana minions to fill up their curve surprisingly.


    Knife Juggler - Change a part of the text to "Up to twice per turn, deal 1 damage to a random enemy when you summon a minion." This isn't a huge nerf but hey man, limiting how many times he can juggle per turn is crucial to board control.

    Sylvannas Windrunner - (6) mana for 5/4 body, same effect but explain how the sequencing of this effect/deathrattles works to new players? I know this might sound weird because why not explain how deathrattle works in general, why put it in this card's text? Well, I think that most minions have a deathrattle that doesn't sequentially matter alot and doesn't require too much thinkng; whether it activates first or second isn't going to change much. Sylvannas in my opnion has a deathrattle that actually matters whether it steals now or later. This could be the difference between taking the minion that sneed's gets out and not taking it which could be the game decider.



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