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    posted a message on Kibbler going off with thief priest.
    Quote from Zizka >>

    He’s really good with guessing Murdock Holmes correctly which definitely gives him an edge.

     How does Murloc Holmes work exactly?

    Is it 1st clue - Something from their opening hand?

    2nd clue - Something in their current hand?

    3rd clue - Something in their deck?


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    posted a message on Which card was this? Sets cost, health and attack of all minions in hand to 3?

    Thank you so much. It must have been a paladin after all! I’d never seen the deck played before, so it intrigued me!

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    posted a message on My humble opinion in hs mercenaries: RIP OFF

    Can I ask you about your forum signature?


    What’s that about? What are you trying to tell us, and why?



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    posted a message on Mercenaries - your first impressions ?
    Quote from Addfwyn >>

    “I absolutely love it, it’ll probably be my main mode as long as it keeps getting new content.  I know devs mentioned they plan to add new stuff every patch, like BGs, so that’s promising.

    Grinded through a bunch of pve and really enjoyed the minute to minute gameplay.  Board not super visually interesting but strategically there’s a lot going on.  Pvp I haven’t gone too much into except for the daily chest, but I doubt that will be my focus.

    As far as P2W fears, it’s incredibly generous.  Just 900 gold for a fully upgraded village, so cheaper than BGs even.   With one preorder bundle and the packs you get for free, I have 44/51 mercs.  I imagine it will be pretty easy for everyone to get a full merc collection fast, after that you are just grinding for the upgrades.  Seems to be a matter of finding a mission that gives the coins you want and then just going in on it.

    Plenty of content here if people really like progression, leveling up and putting together different comps.  Made a dragon/fire comp that was okay, and a pure demon comp that is very strong.”




     Alright Activision Bot, with your one post here.

     So glad you’re enjoying it! The rest of us are just bored, confused and pissed off.

    This is what standard was all about this year? Getting us ‘prepped’ for this?

    It’s like a tavern brawl that I’d pass on for a free pack. The team that came up with this need sacking,

    I have more exciting games on my steam account that I’ve yet to play.




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    posted a message on When Clones Attack is This Week's Tavern Brawl

    Look at all those colourful pixels on a screen. Just pixels. And your dick got hard when you saw them? You’re even still proud of it now.

    Mate, we all love the game, but you need to open your front door and step outside.

    What you just did suggests you need help.

    Address what’s really wrong with your life. Winning a Tavern Brawl 100,000 times won’t fix it.

    I mean this from a place of kindness!




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    posted a message on Galakrond's Awakening - Adventure Bundle Giveaway!

    Can someone tell me how the Discord app works vs visiting this site? Whenever there’s a competition like this, there are literally thousands of entrants on the discord vs just a few comments here on the actual site.

    Does that mean anyone and everyone on discord is entering? I thought it was a competition for the users of this site to win a prize?

    The discord topics don’t seem overly active, so where are all these thousands of entries coming from? I don’t get Discord at all. I must be getting too old!

    Good luck everyone! :) 

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    posted a message on New Priest Legendary Card Revealed - Murozond the Infinite

    Unfortunately not. Murozond only puts the card out onto the table. It doesn’t trigger any battlecries.

    So if your opponent played Zephyrys for example, they’d get a perfect card to choose from, whereas you’d simply get an extra minion on the board.

    Such a waste of what could have been some great gameplay moments. :(

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    posted a message on New Neutral Epic Card Revealed - Chromatic Egg


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    posted a message on Beating N'zoth
    Quote from hillandder >>

    HearthStone should have techs can deal with this kind of deck more directly, not random disrupt BS.

    Just release a card like 5 manas 2/2, battlecry "Search for a card in the hand and/or the deck of the opponent and remove from the game".

    This will be enough to put all decks build around a single card in check.

     Ooohhh...fabulous. I can remove Dr Boom! :) 

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    posted a message on Send In The Murlocs is This Week's Tavern Brawl

    I can’t even play it. Everytime I click Tavern Brawl the game just closes. Running on Ipad. :(

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