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    posted a message on Nerf Speculation: Animal Companion (Have a Poll)

    Every time I read: "this is not a salt thread" I find a salt thread.

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    posted a message on Opening packs change on mobile
    Quote from Primus7112765 >>

    I just liked opening them in order of rarity. it made the suspense of seeing that orange glow feel so good 

     same here

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    posted a message on Fun and Exciting Decks for The Six-Shooter Tavern Brawl

    Zero fun, not exciting. the dislock deck on this page is 9000 times better.

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    posted a message on APM Druid

    dis iz fookin awsom

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    posted a message on Most Badass Card Art for Each Class in The Boomsday Project

    Thanks! More of this please

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    posted a message on Gunnolf's Wild Boommaster Flark Mech Hunter

    awesome deck, I was running something similar in standard and wanted something like this for wild, got me to rank 5 almost undefeated.

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    posted a message on All of The Boomsday Project Puzzles Cleared - Earn Your Card Back Easy!
    Quote from Paradox949 >>

    how is this cheating .. cheating means you get an advantage .. a cardback does not give you an advantage in HS .. so if you just want the cardback then you can use it... 


    When a puzzle is very difficult you can use the guide  for help.. no one says that you have to use the guide



     I've been asking for a strategic (puzzle) mode since the beggining of hearthstone and the answer I always got was that people would just post the answers on a webpage and people would look for them and just copy them. This game mode (solo adventure) is one of the funnest and challenging modes we've ever had and this guide just ignores all of that. You may not gain and advantage and by that maybe the word cheating wouldn't apply here, but it still makes it wrong. If you don't like the challenges or can't do them, you don't deserve the cardback.

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    posted a message on All of The Boomsday Project Puzzles Cleared - Earn Your Card Back Easy!

    this is bad... one thing is to net deck and then try to win with what you have, but this is cheating... for a cardback, shame on you OP, on hearthwpn and on people who use this "guide".

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    posted a message on Savjz's Mecha'thun OTK

    I just got pwned with this deck in Brawlesieum I had 11 wins 1 loss and thought I was gonna had an easy win against a priest for my 12 win run. this guy annihilated me with this deck. As soon as I saw Hemet I knew I was fk***d. GG, nice consistent deck.

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    posted a message on This is the worst meta ever !
    Quote from robert_fanr >>

    I think the problem is meta is too balanced !

    I know, people will call me crazy, but I really hate it when I play 2 days at rank 3 without making any progress because all the decks I tried have around 50 50.

    I tried in order : cubelock, odd paly, odd rogue, deathrattle hunter, zoolock, miracle rogue. All win a game or 2 and then lose a game or 2. I just can't get any streak going because everytime I face something different: 1 game is control, the next might be aggro or combo, or even some meme decks (that can actually work amazing with a little bit of luck) It's way to hard to win consistently.

    I literally can not climb. I just ant to play a deck that wins more than it looses. Is that too much to ask ?

     Learn to play, and then learn to use the search function. There's a salty thread, this goes there

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