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    Oh, finally a counter for Grim Patron!

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    I know I'm really not an important person in this community. At least not anymore.

    I remember a time where I was in love with Hearthstone, and that's when I started visiting this website so much. 

    I became an active member of this community, posting comments on every single news post, forums, picking fights with people in the comments section, and my favorite: Talking about the new cards coming from the expansions. Making jokes about crappy cards that could become relevant, about cards getting powercreeped, decks getting countered...

    I tried to become an important member of the website so much that I even stopped playing Hearthstone, and focused on being active here. I was always making jokes trying to convince FluxFlashor to transform me into a moderator, and we actually became quite friends. I even installed Skype just to talk with Flux (thank God he found out about Discord, seriously), and I was thrilled when he made me a moderator on his Twitch channel.

    A lot happened since then, and I had to stop being active on this community, or rather, had to stop being active anywhere on the web. When I came back, Hearthsotne had changed too much, and the game simply didn't appeal to me anymore. However, Hearthpwn still felt like home. Flux still talked like he used to, the memes kept the same (Except the reverse "DEATHWING FTW", I miss that), and I didn't feel misplaced at all.

    Finally, this website became the only thing that kept me close to Hearthstone. And now, this is an official goodbye to Hearthpwn, therefore, it is my goodbye to the game aswell. I will always remember those momments, and hope I can find the people I met here somewhere else around the web someday.

    Well played, Hearthpwn. I will miss you.

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    This was their perfect opportunity to bring back Inspire...

    Too bad they missed the chance. Still, some of these cards are looking interesting!

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    Silverback Patriarch:


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    Maybe. Most of the time. Yet, Faceless sucks with some cards, like eggs, for example. This card is insane with eggs, while faceless sucks with them. Also, think about Priest cards with "summon a 1/1 copy of" effects.

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    Good thing this ain't one of them, huh?

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    Quote from tomastefan >>

    For arena: You only need another 4/4 on the board to make this worth playing ( 8 mana - 8/8, you know? ), anything more is extra value. So, insane value for arena too.



    Quote from Asamu_ >>

    This card is mediocre at best, even in arena. At 8 mana, it's just too difficult to activate unless your opponent isn't able to remove the board, and if that's the case, you're most likely going to win anyway. You can't use it for combos (except with Avianna), because you can't do anything significant on the turn you play it due to the high cost. You'd almost always be better with other plays in a combo.

     Two more

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    First random targets, then random effects, now, RANDOM DECKS!

    Randomness by the millions!

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    Using some Discard and Demon synergy.

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    The Year of the Owl

    The year of the Owl goes for a more calm approach, where you'll find yourself making plans during the game, waiting for the perfect moment to drop your powerful plays, giving patience a powerful role if you wish to win. Shall you drop your cards in the wrong moment, you won't be able to get back into the game, so reading your opponent's moves and understanding the situation is going to be essential.

    We will see the return of some known characters to give them opportunity to shine once more, specially to some characters who have important roles in Warcraft lore and don't get enough credit in-game.

    First Expansion: Back at the Roots

    This expansion will bring known heroes and picture them in a way they are known for what they did in the original Warcraft games, bringing the classic feeling that those titles bring to the fans of the series once they replay them. The drama, the betrayals, the deaths, they will all be seen in-game with the effect and the art of the cards.

    New Keyword: Betrayal .

    Betrayal cards work in a way that they will bring you advantages and disadvantages. These minions will be played at your opponent's side of the field, giving them, most of the time, a strong board control. This mechanic ads up a lot to the theme of the year, shall you give a powerful edge to your opponent in the wrong time, they might be able to take you down before you can catch up. However, they also have powerful effects, sometimes corrupting the enemy board, sometimes bringing you advantages, and sometimes both!

    Example Cards

    These are important examples to help understand how Betrayal works, those effects on the Battlecry will affect YOU, while the effects that come from the minion itself will affect the enemy board. For example, Dearlord 's demons would come in play at your side of the field, while Dearlord itself would be at your opponent's side of the field. Arthas, the Traitor would destroy two minions on the opponent side of the field, since the effect is based on the minion's position. The Knight , however, would come to your side of the field, since it doesn't have any link to the minion itself. The same would go for deathrattle or inspire effects, for example.

    Second Expansion: The Hunt for Illidan

    This brings the air from the beginning of The Frozen Throne expansion for W3, bringing all those Naga, night elves, the Undead, the thrill of the hunt for your objective. It will bring the idea to hunt for specific cards from your deck, and you'll need to build your deck in a way that you can take advantage of the cards from this set, while other cards will help you build your deck and assist you to take the most value of your powerful cards, like we had decks with lots of "Mini- C'Thun s".

    New Tribe: Naga

    With many new Naga minions, we will see a new tribe that represents these minions. Just like when Mech came up, we will have changes in our current cards, like Naga Sea Witch , which would get the Naga tribe added to it.

    Example Cards

    These show our new tribe, and also how the set will play out. Naga Knight won't be able to do much without a bunch of friendly Nagas, just like the murlocs. Tyrande, the Hunter will be a really strong card, if played at the right moment and your deck was made in a way that you'll be able to play a lot of spells, she can be a huge board clear.

    Third Expansion: Mages of Azeroth

    This expansion will bring the idea of spells having more effect than the minions themselves, making the spells take the spotlight, the minions will serve the spells and assist them in a way that they can be the most powerful as possible. While the minions fighting each other will be less of an event, there will be many colors and fireworks flying through the board! This might bring back some of the agression that the past expansions took away, but will still require you to plan your moves and wait for the best opportunities to strike your opponent.

    New Keyword: Manaload

    This keyword applies to minions that will do something while you throw your spells on the board. much like old cards like Archmage Antonidas , but can require you to play more than one spell in order to do something. Once the effect has been cast, the count will restart. In that way, some effects might be stronger and have higher requirements, while you'll also need to make sure that those minions stay alive.

    Example Cards

    You can now understand how this keyword can work in many different ways, the effects can help you control the board, be aggressive, defensive... And they will require good timing, Orc Mage can push for lethal if you play it with 4 spells, and it would have 7 attack for that turn, given that the countdown would reset after 2 spells. Pyromaniac goes for a more board-control effect, after you play 3 spells, the minion will deal 1 damage to the enemies, so you would be able to possibly use it with more board control spells in order to take down weak and strong enemies, maybe using strong removals against the strong enemies and letting him take care of the weak ones.

    Hall of Fame Joiners

    Eviscerate - This card has made possible for Rogues to go for aggressive plays and easily finishing their opponent using low cost spells like this one to deal huge amounts of damage. That made the game look unfair to the opponent of the opponent of the rogue, looking like the player had no effect on the outcome of the game.

    Divine Favor - This card alone made it so that Paladins could play too aggressively with no downside, given that they would be able to cycle though their deck easier, something that should backfire actually helped them win most of the times. That made control decks suffer a lot, since they felt forced to play cards, going against the deck playstyle, otherwise, they would get punished.

    Sorcerer's Apprentice - This card made possible for mages to play spells in an aggressive manner, besides making possible plays that would destroy their opponent in a single turn, making the match unfair and one-sided. Afraid to print cards that synergyze with "multiplication" effects, the card gave many limits to the design space, therefore, moving it out of standard will be the best for the future of the game.

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