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    posted a message on 18.6.1 Patch Notes - Battlegrounds & Duels Changes

    Uh oh! Blizzard accidentally made the abysmally terrible Summoning Ritual 5 mana now, rather than 3.
    What a mistake! /kek

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    posted a message on Darkmoon Rabbit

    " it is a 10-mana "destroy 3 minions" card "

    Sorry, I can't really agree there. Most players are well used to placing Taunt minions at the edge of their board rather than central so usual best-case scenario is it is a destroy 2 minions. 
    And if you're at that stage, using all your possible mana for removing 1-2 minions is hella-bad in terms of value and tempo.

    Compare it to something like Twisting Nether or Flamestrike for example, to get an idea of how it sits in power range. It doesn't come anywhere close.

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    posted a message on Gaming retor and new games
    Quote from DreamsDeferred >>

    Thanks for whatever this information is but I'll pass (:

    This website has dumb rules so I have to say my response as such because we have to be constructive to non-constructive post...

    Considering you've only ever posted around 20 times on this site, that's rather impressive that you've already managed to fall foul of the site's simple rules so quickly. 
    That should probably tell you something.

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    posted a message on Should there be an age rating on Hearthstone due to the gambling themes?

    Please do not resurrect old and dead threads in this way.


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    posted a message on Fall Reveal Stream Teaser #2
    Quote from dimg >>

    Remember this:
    [Massive Block of Text removed - Scorp]

    This is how they hyped for split cards?

    I had to remove the huge chunk of HTML markup code because it was taking up half the page! 
    Check your links / quotes etc before you post. ;-)

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    posted a message on Demon Hunter was a failure.

    I agree. The DH class as a whole feels pretty hollow and single-minded.
    That said though, I do often see people complaining about how Demon Hunter can do basically everything: tempo, heal, control, etc

    So may there's something in that? I don't know. 
    All I do know is that the class has never felt fun to either play or play against for the most part. 

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    posted a message on Admiral Proudmoore is unbalanced
    Quote from TheImmondBeast >>
    Quote from Scorpyon >>
    Quote from TheImmondBeast >>

    what? It only spams the stupid ship that costs 4 mana, you deal 3 damage with your 2 mana hero power... It was a breeze for me, 1st try. Not sure if serious or just trolling.

    This is incorrect. Your hero power at this point is changed to "Deal 4 damage to a random enemy minion". 
    You say it was a breeze for you, but you don't seem to know what the Hero Power was during the encounter?
    I can confirm that this encounter IS pretty damn hard and it took me a good few attempts (and rage quits) to beat it. But it can be done.

    OP: It's basically a tempo match up. What worked for me was to mulligan for the Hyenas that require a secret to summon 2 more 2/2s. Then keep up the tempo and always remove the ships. Use all your Kill Commands to go face as much as possible. If you can whittle him down, he ends up struggling to cope with the pressure.
    Not an easy match up though for sure.

    Hey, no need to be snarky. I know that hero power was to a random minion, but since the guy will always drop a single ship for 4 (!) fooking mana every turn it was not that hard to hit that very minion. Oh, it is 4 damage? Even easier then!

    Btw your suggestion to use the Kill Commands to hit face is so bad I can understand why it took you so long. Every resource available including KCs must be used to remove the ships if you want to win. 

    It wasn't intentionally snarky - my apologies if it came across that way to you - I was merely pointing out the inconsistency in your reply to the OP's problem (which I am sure you'll agree wasn't a very helpful one to him/her as it did not offer any advice on how to actually get past his problem).

    In regards to Kill Command, wasting them on the ships (when you have a much more consistent Hero Power) is exactly why I wasn't able to win previously (as that was what I was doing). Realising that the damage needs to go face whenever possible was the key to succeeding.  
    It was only when I realised the importance of getting damage through wherever possible that I was able to succeed in beating the hero.

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    posted a message on 99% certain
    Quote from PewPewPiew >>

    The type of deck you play determines your opponent when climbing ladder. For example add a swamp ooze or a kobold stickyfinger and or even a wyrmrest purifier to your deck and you won't get warriors anymore for 50 games only 1 warrior and without them for 50 games 12 warriors.

    If that's true, then this is a good thing. It just made the game a whole lot easier to win.
    Having problems with facing Warriors with your deck? Add a Kobold. No more Warriors.
    Seeing a lot of Secret Hunters currently that you can't beat? Add some secret removal.

    Alternatively, it could just be that not many people are playing Warrior in your rank area right now, since they are not a very popular class at the moment. Who knows? :-)

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    posted a message on Zephyr not so smart in the end
    Quote from fabjx >>

    No Hex vs Rattlegore = GG

    So freaking stupid

    Why would he give a Hex against a 9/9 minion that he thinks is just a vanilla minion?
    There's much better options.
    (Bearing in mind that Zephrys doesn't read card text, just stats and keywords.)

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    posted a message on nice

    Pointless thread is pointless.


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