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    posted a message on libram and soul fragment packages are op
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    libram and soul fragment packages are not op but overplayed.


    3 mana 3/2 deal 3 damage to the entire board is not overpowered?
    5 mana 5/5 deal 5 damage not over powered?
    0 mana reduce the enemy board to 1 health + give a 1/4 weapon not overpowered?
    3 mana 8/8 divine shield heal 8 not overpowered?

    That's like complaining the Galakronds are "overpowered" because they give all that stuff at full upgrade.
    Almost all your examples above require you to play at least 4-5+ cards before you get that kind of effect for those costs.

    And yet, you didn't complain about a 10-mana: Deal 30 damage to the opponent's face....?
    Why's that not OP? :-P

     because playing the libram / soul fragment activators is very simple and reliable and playing c'thun is very very slow
    do you play the game? 

     Clearly, I do, yes.

    I mean, one of your examples is no more likely than getting C'thun to work. To get a 3-mana Libram of Hope, you will need to have discounted it by at least 6 mana. That's a requirement of at least 4 cards to be God-drawn AND played (same as C'thun in fact).  
    And then you get an effect that can easily be beaten by pretty much any targeted removal which isnt that strong in comparison. 
    Whereas C'thun deals his damage regardless. My point still stands. In fact, on further reflection thanks to your response, it now makes an even more logical impact to the argument.

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    posted a message on So, about ETC warrior..
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    How do you beat this deck? I have tried Pure Paladin, Highlander Hunter and Miracle Rogue and just get stomped. Any insight or help in this match up would be appreciated. Am I suppose to play Priest in order to enjoy HS again?

    It's tough, but most fast early aggro decks will stomp on it (barring him God-drawing).
    If you want a control option, any mill/discard Warlock deck wrecks it. 
    Any life-steal minions wreck it (If you want Paladin options).

    When they charge minions into lifesteal, it completely counters the combo. 

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    posted a message on the game crashes when i try to add last opponent

     Let me guess - did you think you were banned from inviting people for too much flaming? :-P

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    posted a message on Scorpyon's Elemental Mage

    If going (17-2) with a deck is a "very bad deck" in your opinion, then I imagine it's not the deck that's the problem, lol!

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    posted a message on Im near level 30 and...

    Folks, quit the sniping please or I will have to start handing out warnings / locking threads.
    If you can't be respectful or at least civil, go and take a break for 5 minutes.

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    posted a message on How to get a refund?
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    Cry me a river

     Cry meeee cry meee. Will drown you in it after mommas boi! 

     And this thread is obviously going nowhere and we have devolved into death threats now. That's a big no-no.

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    posted a message on please tell me Tickatus is a bad and late april fools joke

    I have had some huuuge success with Tickatus in my Big Quest Warlock deck. 
    It's really easy to make him work with cards like Twisting Nether and Primordial Drake etc.
    Not only that, but getting him back with N'zoth and playing him for a free 0-mana 8/8 with an upside is suuuuuper OP. :-) 

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    posted a message on please tell me Tickatus is a bad and late april fools joke

    I have a fairly strong feeling that Tickatus is probably going to end up being too difficult to really make work well, but I'm quite looking forward to trying a few decks to abuse him somehow. 
    Maybe even in Wild with Brann...

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    posted a message on no more 80g quest...

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    posted a message on is bli$$ doing this on purpose?

    So much tinfoil in one thread! o.O

    OP - it has (for a long while now) been the standard that rerolling a quest gives you a 50g (easier) one instead.
    That you got mostly 50g quests as your dailies recently sounds purely like a spot of bad luck for a bit. 

    As a developer myself, I can tell you that the effort it would require to code a system designed purely to  make sure you specifically only got 50g per quest is not worth the time, and more importantly the huge financial cost of paying a developer to waste their time putting this in. 

    And that's not "supporting Blizzard", it's simply common sense. :-)

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