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    posted a message on 80g Quest Trading - Play A Friend! (#7)
    Quote from BeastEU777 >>

    Blacklist this  user-27568666

    Battletag: DettaniS#2110 ,EU !!! He cheated me out of my 80 gold quest !

     Hi Beast,

    This user has been dealt with. Thanks for the reports. 

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    posted a message on New Neutral Common Card Revealed - Platebreaker

    Thanks for getting this post up while we were all asleep! Oops!
    Appreciated. :-)
    I've made a slight edit.

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    posted a message on how do I change server in mobile?

    I assume you are referring to switching between US, Europe and Asia servers?
    If so, these are tied to your account.
    You need to log out of your account and log into a different account that is registered for the server you want.

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    posted a message on Battlegrounds = RNG Lottery -_-
    Quote from ThePlan43 >>

    you can roll 10 times for a triple minion but it never appears..... as soon as you sell your minion it appears............. some people have crazy luck -_-

    it's horrible mode, hero tier lists does not matter, its who wins the lottery on getting the best minions.


     Whenever you sell a minion, it goes into the "stack" of available ones. So you are probably seeing the one you just sold.
    And some other guy who is also collecting that minion will be a happy man. 

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    posted a message on Battlegrounds Needs a Turn Concede Feature

    I gave up playing it on my phone because it was frankly dire at best.
    On PC it's great, but on Mobile I lost far too many games due to minor lag spikes and mis-swiping thumbs accidentally selling my best minions etc. 

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    posted a message on Update on Patch 15.6 Issues - Hero Skins on Sale - Free Tyrande Hero skin
    Quote from Shagwagon >>

    I kick myself every day for not getting Sir Annoy-O :D

     One might even go so far as to say... you're annoyed...? XD

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    posted a message on Will you be playing Battlegrounds in the long run?
    Quote from JockyRhonson >>

    Battlegrounds is  but i think the only thing it needs is a way to confirm that your tavern is complete. So that nobody has to wait 20+ seconds to get into battle. Once everybody has confirmed their battlefield it would initiate battle, no matter how much time there was left on the clock. 

     I don't disagree with you there, but barring maybe the first 1.5 rounds, I find that I am pressing my nose up against the end of the rope on almost every turn, and sometimes don't get all the actions done that I want.
    This is partly because of analysis-paralysis I reckon, but even when I know exactly what I want to do it can sometimes take a while.

    On phone, though, its a pointless exercise. With the tiniest lag spike or misclick on the screen, it wrecks your game. Every time! :-(

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    posted a message on They killed bees/Linecracker interaction?
    Quote from dragonsdemesne >>

    If it was working as intended before, then the devs never read their own cards :p  The BEES are doing the attacking, not the linecracker, so linecracker isn't supposed to grow when the bees suicide into him.

    The Overkill keyword has nothing to do with attacking. It is to do with dealing more damage than the opposing character (minion / player), on your turn.
    The fact people keep forgetting what the keyword actually does, rather than what they think it does, is why this misunderstanding keeps happening.

    You can check the Wikipedia page for this here:

    Overkill is an ability that activates whenever a card with the keyword deals damage to a character with less Health than the damage dealt during your turn.

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    posted a message on I can't squelch!
    Quote from Nightmus >>

    Now they owe part of playerbase an apologetic auto-squelch function.

     Finally! XD

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    posted a message on Save money, if you are buying the Pre-Purchase in the UK

    I've never heard of anyone being banned for buying a product from Blizzard...

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