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    posted a message on There it is..
    Quote from sahtradoog >>

    I don't get the point, is this some kind of emotinal reaction to a kids game from a fully "mature" adult?

     Wait... don't you play this "Kid's game" too...? o.O

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    posted a message on Problem with the most recent Neutral Legendaries

    Couple of things.

    What you are describing here is natural "power creep" that happens in all games of this sort. You can't compare the power strength of cards that came out 2-3 years ago with those currently, because the game has moved on hugely in power and variation since then, so cards like that would be different if created now, then they were back then. 

    Secondly, you are comparing only 2 of the many neutral legendary cards that came out with a few from back then. This is problematic because you are cherry picking non-similar (except for possibly C'THun) cards which have no bearing on the ones from current standard. 
    What about Neptulon, The Jailer, Lor'themar, Mutanus, etc? These are all super-strong neutral Legendaries that also have huge impact on the game, and are all stronger than most of the legendaries from 2-3 years ago. 
    Again, this is really normal. 

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    posted a message on What's your ideal perfect meta, and whats your nightmare meta?
    Quote from AndreiLux>>

    Would you prefer to start the game at 10 mana, 100 hp, with 10 cards in hand, 100 cards in deck then?

    Ummm, no. 10 mana, 5 cards in hand and 30-40 cards in deck seems fine. I mean, not sure where you got 100 cards and 100 health from exactly, but certainly can't have been from anything I said? 

    Regardless, I was not going to argue about personal tastes. What I disagree with is that aggro requires zero thoughts.

    I mean, that IS my personal opinion. So... yeah. I am honestly not really sure why you're being so defensive / reactive about it. The OP asked what  people's Golden and Nightmare meta's are. Plenty of others have posted theirs. Why is mine such a problem for you?

    As I said, if aggro is just play minions, control is just remove minions.

     And is that your "personal opinion"? Do you see where the problem lies now?

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    posted a message on I can't play anything at all

    Can't say it has happened to me at all, am afraid. 
    Best I can suggest is to raise a ticket with Blizzard for tech support.
    Without details of your device, etc, there's not much to go on and even so, it would still be guesswork. 

    Possible options would be to delete your cache (if playing on Android).
    Or delete the game and reinstall (if iOS or Android). 
    And maybe do a hard reset of your device.

    If you're on PC, I would probably delete and reinstall as well.

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    posted a message on Is Astalor's music burned into your head yet?

    I think there is little doubt in almost anyone's mind that Astalor is problematic and definitely something that needs looking at. 
    As for the music, I only ever play with music off because I find it annoying and distracting, so I don't know what his "music" sounds like - thank goodness, apparently, lol.

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    posted a message on Saving space (text)
    Quote from Screwjank >>

    Still waiting for "Can't be targeted by Spells or Hero Powers." to be changed to Elusive

     They can't do this, because "Elusive" is a keyword that was used exclusively in WoW TCG. It carries the same sort of copyrights (or whatever) as keywords used in other games like MtG, etc. 
    It's also why they went with "Charge", since they already used "Ferocity" in WoW TCG.

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    posted a message on Nerf Speculation
    Quote from Kaydens1 >>

    Imo, damage from hands should never exceed 15, its like the classic mage double fireball frostbolt turn 10. 

     I just took 64 damage from Brann and double Astalor on turn 6. Such fun. 
    I agree damage from hand should be capped. Not removed altogether otherwise it would obviously just make the game boring for everyone who likes interesting and interactive games.  

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    posted a message on [Username] is a bot

    We dont allow naming and shaming of other users on this forum, regardless of what happened.
    For this reason, I am locking this.

    That said, if you believe that someone is botting or cheating in any way, you should use the in-game reporting system to let Blizzard know, who will deal with it.

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    posted a message on Everytime I'm at FULL stars Diamond 2..

    Ehhh, I have this on every ledge. 
    The amount of times I have hit 3 stars on rank 1 or 6 of every colour, is ridiculous. 
    It happens to everyone- and the reason it is noticeable is because it is at a point where you pay more attention due to the closeness of moving to the next ledge. 
    No, it's not gatekeeping, no, it's not the game stacked against you, and no, it's not pre-programmed to make sure you don't get to win. Its annoying, but its the same on every game that uses ladder systems and ELO, ranking algorithms, etc. 

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    posted a message on Death Knight broke HS :(

    writing ` instead of ' gave me cancer

     Just FYI : “Instead of” is perfectly acceptable grammar. It is an abbreviation of “ln the stead of”, referring to one thing taking another’s place. 

    Anyway, that said, please keep it civil and on topic instead of attacking the OP for voicing their current difficulties. Perhaps make some useful suggestions on how to improve their game and beat the decks they are struggling against. 

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