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    Quote from Popeye123 >>

    Lol is this a joke? People dont meme in this game they’re too busy tryharding apm mage and other bullshit

     There's a meme in the making right here... :-)

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    posted a message on Hi! Lets play a nice match of afair card game!

    There is already a specific thread for discussing Tickatus. 

    No need to make a whole new one just to spread more salt about him. We have a thread for that sort of thing too. 


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    Quote from 3nnu1 >>
    AlQuote from Scorpyon >>

    Rogues and Druids (and to a lesser extent Warlocks) have been doing the deck cycling thing for a long time in previous expansions - Gadgetzan Auctioneer has been a central figure in that regard for a long time.

    That said, the OP Post probably belongs in the Salt thread, but I'll let it be for the moment and see how this progresses.

     hey guys, lets not talk about an oppressive unfun deck that ruins standard which blizzard had the opportunity to nerf but could not understand that refreshing spring water is a ridiculously OP card. Let's keep those posts in the nerd rage ghetto so people are not confronted with things like this. 

    Also, if you think Gadgeteer is similar to RSW in power level.......just lol. 

    Oh, you're saying you WANT this kind of discussion to be curtailed and ignored, and not given the reasonable benefit of the doubt - you know, like I LITERALLY just did right there? 
    Maybe rethink your opinion on that one? You seemed to respond in haste.

    Also, nobody compared power levels of anything, merely mechanics and decks that use that sort of mechanic.  (Or specifically, a card that allows them to). Honestly, if you're not even going to read the posts properly.... yikes...!


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    Quote from Ace1a >>

    Mage desperately needs a nerf in wild. My friend just told me now diamond 1-4 is almost 100% otk flamewaker mage and theres no counters. Even aggro loses to otk mage.

     If a deck had no counters, as your friend claims, it would be prevalent through the entire meta, not relegated to a minor section of it. And everyone would only play that deck, knowing that there was no other deck that could beat it (barring the mirror).

    I think your friend might be exaggerating a little. Maybe to impress you...?

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    Consider this for a moment:

    I created a deck
    I am making that deck public for others to use and try out
    I am patiently trying to help those who are not having as much success with the deck as others.
    I am willing to offer advice and tips where possible to help others enjoy the deck.

    That hardly seems like trolling to me. 
    There are minions in the deck. All minions can be used to fill the board.
    It is not a "zoo" deck, so you won't have endless minions to play (which seems to be where your confusion lies here). It is not a deck that relies on steamrolling the opponent with minions. Instead, you should use the minions you have to keep the pressure on the opponent each turn (also known as tempo-flooding). The resources are there in the deck. You just need to use them patiently and in a considered manner to reach the end goal.

    In fairness though, it's maybe not a deck for everyone to be able to use. If you are used to aggro decks that play out your hand and expect the deck to refill your hand the next turn, it won't work for you. This deck requires a little more skill than that to play.


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    I don't think I have ever had a bad experience playing against OMY. 
    If anything, most of them have been amazing because it often goes in my favour by giving me a much better spell than the one I cast. In fact, the opponent playing OMY has won me the game on a number of occasions.
    If I'm playing against Secret Paladin, I will always - I mean ALWAYS - keep a spare throwaway spell to test for OMY when I want to cast something that is important to me. 
    And if you have the coin, it's "Thank you very much" time - you are usually likely to get either the druid 0-cost mana ramp (which doesn't affect you at all) , or (at worst) something like Backstab, which if you are smart will help remove one of the opponent's minions for you. Again, thanks very much Mr Paladin! Lol!

    It's a "Bad" counterspell, basically, (Hence why it costs less, I suppose), because it doesn't prevent you from still doing something powerful if you are smart and play the secret against itself.

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    Hmm. I'm not sure about making a video, as I don't really have the equipment for that sort of thing. (Or, probably more truthfully, the time to make it - family man, etc etc).
    But I'm more than happy to try and give some tips on how to play it and dealing with different situations that come up.

    Having the right cards at the right time is a tricky one, mostly because I suppose that relies heavily on RnG in your favour to an extent. That said, there are also ways to improve this for yourself. While every situation is different (and there may be some times that it is simply not going to go in your favour - it happens), I have found that you need to try and judge when to use clearances etc. Don't rush to clear the board every turn, especially if the damage incoming is low and you can delay another turn.

    Look to remove primary danger targets when they appear (like that windfury murloc, etc).

    A heal-heavy deck is going to prove tricky, but what I have found that works against Warlock is simply flood the board (within reason - don't empty your hand on one turn. Be aware of their removal). 
    If you maintain a constant amount of little pressure, they struggle to know when to board wipe, and that trickle of damage will kill them in the end as they get within burst range. 
    Also, most low-skilled warlock players have a habit of spamming that Hero Power which is a death trap against decks like this.

    If there's any other help I can offer, let me know.
    Maybe I will see if I can find some time to do a video on this at the weekend perhaps, after all. Will see. :-)

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    Quote from Ravzar>>

    The acidic swamp ooze isn't needed. That needs to go.

    Hmm - I have personally found them a Godsend against decks like Secret Paladin, and recently for Frenzy Warrior, myself. 

    The deck has no card draw, but that isn't your fault.

    It does have some card draw, such as BloodMage Thalnos, however I have honestly found it not to be necessary most of the time. Usually card draw is required for fast-cycling of the deck, which is not really needed in this deck since you often have things to work with as long as you use your resources wisely.

    You probably also don't want primordials but rather taleon fordring in order to pull your prime, because that's about all the draw you have. The problem with primordial is 8 drop minions arnt insanely good like 5 drops, but they are alright.

    The benefit of the Primordial is less in the 8-drop it provides than the fact that it tutors out the 8-mana life-replenishing god-card. It has single-handedly won me almost every game against token or aggro decks. The extra 8-drop is really just a win-more and it would still be good even if it just drew me the card, to be fair.

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    The Official Hearthstone Meme Thread

    Greetings everyone! 
    Sometimes we all just want a little humour and fun on these forums
    and we are hoping that this thread will be a place for just that!
    So for the first time (in what seems like a very long time),
    we are allowing the posting of meme images in this thread only.


    A Few House Rules...

    In order to keep the peace here and ensure that the thread remains fun (and more importantly unlocked),
    we need to lay a few ground rules to abide by.
    Since these kinds of threads can sometimes get a little out of hand if the rules are not followed,
    it will be closely monitored for anything that breaks them or is in poor taste / overtly offensive.

    1. All the standard forum rules apply to this thread.
    2. Posts may be more firmly moderated without warning if deemed to be problematic or offensive (at Mods' discretion)
    3. Memes should be Hearthstone-related 
    4. Memes should be in picture / image-with-text format only 
    5. Images should be a respectable size (visible on one page) or they may be edited/deleted by a Mod. 
    6. Strictly no negative political/religious memes that target groups or individuals
    7. Memes should not target specific users. 
    8. Comments on posts are allowed, but be mindful of the forum etiquette and be respectful to others. Flaming/trolling etc will be moderated more firmly on this thread.

    Addendum: these rules may be extended/modified over time as this thread evolves. 


    Meme Away...!

    The floor is open. Have fun, everyone! 

    Hearthstone Funny Memes | Funny memes, Hearthstone, Memes

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    posted a message on Thank you random mage player called Ventrul

    Always good to see generous play / kindness in the game / community. 
    Especially when it is something that is not required / expected and is freely given.

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