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    posted a message on How to guarantee Sn1p Sn4p will be fine without any nerf or change to the card...

    If that is all that prevents the Combo from breaking the meta, the "fix" would be worse than the problem itself.

    I don't even contemplate the fact they will actually impair a game mechanic with animations to keep it in check.

    It would be beyond silly for any game designer.

    Hopefully, they tested extensively, and found out the occurrence of the Combo + victory at early turns is very inconsistent, and/or they have a decent nerf ready to apply.

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    posted a message on Wild Buffs?
    Quote from nair >>

    There will be no Buffs because they dont care about Wild. :(

     My point is actually the opposite: Buffs could be a reason to care about Wild, because buffed cards could be appealing for players to craft = more revenues for team5. 

    Surely Buffing takes some smart planning, they can't just buff at random, but starting from unused cards (as in my example above) is already a pretty safe starting point to avoid breaking the meta.

    > Basically they could generate revenues from cards that are atm worthless for them.

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    posted a message on Wild Buffs?

    So team5 unlocked Buffs as an occasional policy.

    I was thinking, what if they buffed Wild cards too?

    Such a policy could be used to revamp Wild as a mode, AND try to generate more revenues from old design efforts!

    Personally i'd love to have Lyra the Sunshard at (4) to enhance Miracle Priest. I'd immediately spend 1600 dust on it, if they did that.

    What do you think? Is this a policy all Wild players should wish? Is there some Wild cards you'd like to see buffed?

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    posted a message on The Great RoS Nerf Bingo!
    Quote from Ace1a >>
    Quote from RavenSunHP >>

    There we go!

    I'll be back soon with top results and the winner of the Bingo!

     I have the feeling we will see a second balance patch in June since the first one came fast and only touched Rogue. Blizz still needs to nerf other classes, including Barnes in wild big priest. Declaring a winner is premature...

     Possibly, but for now I can declare the (temporary) winners. To be fixed later on IN CASE.

    +1 for each correct card
    -1 for each wrong card (many players, including myself, got a negative score because of this)
    actual nerfs didn't matter for points, or it would have been too complicated.

    With a total of 2 points for each of these players, the winners are:

    Hopefully I didn't make any mistakes.

    All the other players added too many wrong guesses, hence their neat score was lower than 2. 

    Congratulations and thanks everyone for making nerfs a matter of sportsmanlike socialisation. :)

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    posted a message on I need help for my deck of Rogue Jades

    Remove the Shuffle cards, they just pollute your deck, if your goal is to curve out as fast as possible.

    OR keep them, and equip more survival tools, such as a Taunt/N'zoth package, Sap, etc.

    You also need Aya Blackpaw. That's a must-have for Jade Rogue.

    Ultimately, Jade Rogue is an off-meta deck: too slow against Aggro meta decks, without enough counterplays, and not fast enough against slower meta decks. Not a hopeless deck, but don't expect smooth climbing with it.

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    posted a message on New Even Shaman with Thunderhead and The Storm Bringer

    Thunderhead is is interesting but i am still unconvinced with the Spell.

    Thing is, it's a Tempo loss, while Even Shaman is all about Tempo.

    If you morph your minions, you will often waste the effort made to build the Big ones.

    Imo, if you go for The Storm, one should add Storm Chaser and maybe go full-blown token to maximize it.


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    posted a message on Odd paladin or PIrate warrior

    Odd Paladin. Pirate Warrior is just a similar Aggro deck, but weaker, so...

    Either way, only proceed if you are positive you enjoy repetitive Aggro strategy in your ranked games.

    PS: Patches the Pirate is a strong card, but not strictly necessary for good winrates.

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    posted a message on Planned obsolescence
    Quote from iandakar >>
    Quote from toucharaa >>

    Thing is Wild is treated once more as the trashbin of the game. Sure, it's not the major mode, but why having it at all, if all they do is making it more unpleasant every expansion?

     I think it's because they aren't sure what to do with it.

    That's not a rant.  Blizzard flat out said about half a year ago that they aren't really sure what to do with the mode.  Remember they really didn't have any plans for it.  They didn't even want to make a ladder for wild.  The added support was requested by the players that they had come in for advice.  So even from the start Wild was this odd...thing that they knew needed to exist since Standard exists but...*shrug*.

    Half a year ago they wrote a post saying that it's really still the case.  There's a few competing visions on how Wild can be: a place for insane high power levels, a competitive alternative to Standard, and an archive of the past.  All three ideas are nice, but clash with each other.  Blizzard isn't sure what to do and is asking the community for ideas of what they want.  Myself I haven't heard too much of a consensus since the same article also talked about us not getting tournament mode so THAT topic blew up.

    So yeah, until Blizzard really gets a read on what Wild should be then they'll be mostly spinning their wheels here.  

    1.  Archive of the past is impossible, if applied to decks in a meta. At least, it's not possible for many decks, which are bound to be t4, untill completely revamped to a new version (at that point it's not a 'past deck' anymore).
    2. Insane Place is the current direction of Wild, and their best solution in order to make most money for Standard, I guess (because the community mindlessly drools for cycles of brokenness-relieve in Standard). But it's gonna fail sooner or later due to the mode turning into a junk mode of highroll vs aggro.
    3. The alternative to Standard is harder to make, but not as hard as it seems: it would only require to them to NEVER print cards that can, potentially, break the balance of the mana curve (with spikes being allowed around turn5+ and complete curvequakes at turn 8+), OR the requirement of drawing the damn cards before triggering their effects. It's really not hard to avoid breaking those 2 rules. Thing is it requires the will to do so, and holding off the community that drools for cycles of brokenness-relieve (which in turn makes them gain more money, so they'd be fools not to do what makes more money who cares of the total quality of the product)...

    I think they are just delaying it as long as they can, with the option #2, because afterall, it's unimportant to them if the mode fails entirely and is depleted of a decent population.

    We should hope they find a way to monetize Wild mode, so that they would be more interested in keeping a serious balance in any release, instead of just a contextual balanced focused around Standard.

    Problem is, the later they wait, the harder it is to actually fix the many flawed/broken cards that keep stacking up at each release...

    PS: notice that if they ever tried to fully implement #3, also option #1 would be better implemented, for many more decks.

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    posted a message on SN1P-SN4P 07K

    Pretty sure you should call it "SN1P-SN4P 0TK" :p

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    posted a message on What's your opinion about card buffs this time?

    On paper, i like it.

    In practice, buffing holds a set of problematic consequences.

    One of many is the fact that one is never sure what to disenchant, based on one's own judgement of card potential. Changing mana is subtle, but some may have dire implications and suddenly turn a card from trash to keycard.

    What they should do is making smalls sets of NEW cards (even just 10 new cards) as Midterm releases.

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    posted a message on Prieststone Inc.......

    By "tech" i meant counterplay. You can still stop it in a variety of ways, since it is a TTK.

    How consistently is the question.

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    posted a message on Prieststone Inc.......

    The tech argument is arguable.

    If a counterplay at hand is the only way to survive the next turn, then the Combo is still obnoxious.

    Counterplay or struggle is ok.

    Counterplay or die is bad.

    The only way for this to be acceptable is to be very inconsistent until lategame, and/or the meta going hard on Aggro (which is still arguably bad, Wild docet).

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    posted a message on So...Crystology...

    The only real use for the buffed Crystology i can see is in an Odd Aladdin Paladin with Magic Carpet. Or similar stuff, with a specific target in the deck.

    For sheer draw, Divine Favor is still much better.

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    posted a message on Reckless Experimenter nerf before buffs in June?

    Btw, how Priest-like to close the game, in the middle of the game,with a Mech-based OTK huh?

    Class identity anyone?

    I hope they know what they are doing...

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    posted a message on Even Pirate Oil Rogue

    I also thought about it.

    But in order to be useful, we should also introduce the Waggle Pick, and probably dismiss Hooktusk as well by consequence of the many Pirate draw.

    But i'll test it!

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