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    posted a message on Farewell HearthPwn...

    Well, see you on the other side/site. ;)

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    posted a message on The HearthPwn Tavern Is Closing Its Doors

    Thank you xD

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    posted a message on The HearthPwn Tavern Is Closing Its Doors


    What about the other website you opened?

    Will that keep running?

    How the hell am i supposed to stay up to date? :|

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    posted a message on hunterace's Water Rogue

    Yeah. But it's still misleading. At least to somebody who actually saw Water Rogue as a top tier meta deck, back then...

    Maybe "Sea Rogue", or simply "Shark Rogue" would be more appropriate?

    Well, I guess it's just a veteran's problem...

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    I thought the Water archetype was based on Murlocs + Pirates?

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    posted a message on I miss wild

    Despite all the wise comments about attitude towards Wild, defeatability, etc.

    The thing that makes Big Priest and Darkest Hour Warlock toxic is that they are perceived, and rightfully so, as decks pertaining a DIFFERENT GAME entirely.

    It's ok in Wild Casual, you just concede before wasting time and effort, if you want. Or you go ahead and keep playing. You choose, nothing to lose anyway.

    But Ranked should be based on an average EQUALITY of game mechanics.

    There is no equality in coinflipping the entire game with a 3-card combo as soon as turn 5-6, or repeatedly vomiting out-of-the-curve minions.

    (mass) Summoning for extremely cheap AND Resurrect from a place that is out of the direct reach of players (Graveyard). They are not normal mechanics.

    > Those are flawed, broken mechanics, and should not be available in Ranked.

    Despite their average winrate, decks that work in that way are generally called meme decks, and are only acceptable when they are no better than tier-4, and a very low population.


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    posted a message on Why people see aggro as a no skill archetype

    It's an age-old debate, and i doubt it will ever be fixed.

    People think through stereotypes and fixed schemes. No matter the quality of the argument, and how many times you try to explain it: people love their prejudice more.

    Ultimately, it doesn't matter what people think of abstract archetypes, so it's all good either way, as long as the meta is varied enough...


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    posted a message on I miss wild

    I am pessimistic here.

    If they see people migrating from Wild to Standard, it's all good for them.

    If they see Wild population staying stable, it means it's ok as it is, from their point of view.

    Either way, they do not care if the Wild meta contains toxic decks and becomes obnoxious itself.

    And it's not just meme decks gone wrong, like Big Priest and Darkest Hour Warlock. It's also hyper-resilient Aggro.

    They just check average winrates and as long as nothing reaches 60%, they call it a day...

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    posted a message on Why is Echo keywording so inconsistent?

    "Need to collect more data".

    Sorry, I can't find any decent answer beside sarcasm...

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    posted a message on Literally nobody uses original decks whether it's casual or ranked (If any, it's like less than 5%)

    Success by competition doesn't reward being original: it rewards being successfully.

    So we don't care if some hipsters need to despise netdecking in order to feel relevant: the game is built around success, and success only.

    Kudos for being successful AND original, ofc.
    But nobody cares if you're not original, as long as you are successful.
    And nobody cares if you are original but unsuccessful.

    If you want to get out of boredom, YOU must try and be original with homebrews. Boredom is a state of yours, independent of what your opponents do (in a healthy meta ofc, without toxic decks).

    If you are good at homebrewing, you have no reason to complain of others, because you make your own fun with your creativity.

    So, do you want originality? Move your back, and get to homebrewing! Too lazy? Too hard? It's your choice. But you cannot complain of others, because you are not entitled to have expectations on them.

    PS: originality needs to be rare. We can't all be constantly original, by definition. 

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    posted a message on Big priest this, big priest that...

    It is actually an anti-Control deck.

    Big Priest is more similar to a Combo deck. But without having any real Combo. 

    Big Priest is what happens when you allow TWO broken mechanics co-exist in the same deck (Summon + Resurrection).

    Both those mechanics were just a Meme at first. Then they gave it so much consistency that it became not just a meta deck, but THE meta deck.

    That's how degenerate it is.

    Same goes with Darkest Hour Warlock. Which is actually possibly worse. 

    The two, together, push further the meta towards an already top tier (but boring) Aggro.

    But who's more retarded? The devs, or the players who keep playing in this Bullshit meta (including myself)?...

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    posted a message on Dalaran Heist - Robot Barkeeper

    Should have called it "Bobot".

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    posted a message on Why did no one thought of this combo?

    It's a well-known combo, just out of meta.

    Turn 9 is too slow for TTK in Wild.

    The only viable TTK is from Miracle Quest Mage so far, and even then, it's obviously not a real TTK with Time Warp, since you do not let your opponent play a turn in-between (so it's more like an OTK from hand).

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    posted a message on Is this community getting more and more toxic?

    Well, i guess it also depends on the tone you used for your discussion.

    Like if you were spiteful, accidentally or not, you'd get acid replies in answer. Harsh but fair.

    It must also be added that many posts are indeed salty or stupid, and deserve a harsh treatment, with no need to argue, because the OP didn't even try to build an argument. So there's nothing to do but pointing out saltiness.

    On the other hand, part of this community is indeed toxic, with people replying with no real argument, just to bash you down. Or even with an argument, but with the main goal of bashing you down, and defend what they conceive as a faction.

    So yeah, some toxicity is there.

    Ultimately tho, i am pretty sure it is a widespread phenomenon of the whole internet, wherever web communities are. Not just this website.


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    posted a message on The Great RoS Nerf Bingo!
    Quote from Kovachut >>
    Quote from Kovachut >>

    Here are my guesses:

    Sap (to 3 mana) [new cards will most likely dodge the nerf bat]
    Raiding Party
    (to 4 mana)
    Preparation (cost reduction decreased to 2 mana)
    Omega Devastator (Mech tag removed)
    Brawl (6 mana) [I don't think it should be nerfed, but it might be a valid candidate]

    Barnes (to 5 mana)
    No nerf to Bloodbloom YET, because the devs would want to gather more data

    Almost, almost. :P

    I thought that warrior will get nerfed too and that the devs would get influenced by the community's outcry. This is why I added Brawl in my first post, although I personally think it's fine. I knew that I should have included EVIL Miscreant there as well, but I didn't expect new cards to be touched. I thought the devs would do the same to Sap as they did to Hunter's Mark.

     Yeah same here. I guess they deem Mage strong enough to keep Warrior in check. Maybe Druid too.

    I'll surely make another Bingo thread for the next expansion!

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