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    So, this is my entry. Note: The Hero Power stucks, so if you cast it 5 times without taking damage you can negate a Pyroblast (very unlikely though)

    Main Strength: Tons of answers against aggro, has access to both armor and heal (if you consider heal the hero power), big spells

    Main Weakness: Can't apply enough pression against combo, doesn't have weapons (except the legendary one), passive play style and lacks of a solid win condition (so far XD ) and limited card draw


    The new Keyword bounds your minions to Mother Earth, preventing them from being affected by your opponent's effect and enhancing their power. The follow is an example of a basic card I ve created, which is none-the-less every Earth Mage's signature: the golem summon!




    Basically your plan all along the game is survive till your opponent end his resources, thanks also to Medusa, your Classic Legendary card that can easily turn a game in your favour.

    Now that you can defend yourself from upcoming attacks, you ll need to counter attack but how? Simply with the cards you will see during next phase ;)

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    Quote from Deck_Fiend >>

    I went on a wee hiatus for a few months, there's a new set out and I know nothing about it. 

    would any of you wonderful fellows give me a quick run down of what's what, please? 

    I got a rogue legendary shark dude that eats stuff and a warlock one from my freebies. I play those classes so hopefully it's a jumping off point for me.

    Looking by the way the stats are though on the front page, looks like maybe rogue and warlock are not the best classes to be playing right now? 

    Any advice to help me get back into the swing of things would be greatly appreciated. 



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    Big Minions + Grommash's Gauntlet (?) (i.e. the treasure that reduce to 1 the cost of all your weapons) + Woecleaver--> EZ

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    So? What's next?

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    Ondasta is very similar to Master Broakheart, if played on curve can win you the game thanks to a big Tempo Swing (you need to add cards thar synergyzes with it though, 2×Grizzly in this case)

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    Isn't the even version just better?

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    Quote from Bagari>>
    Quote from Bagari>>

    I'll try and let u know if it's fun to play. 

     oh sh*t i'm sorry. I don't have Hemet and he's not worth crafting. He even makes barnes more inconsistent. I understand that you need him to destroy bloods in your deck but i'll try deck without him if you want me to

    It doesn't make sense in this way the combo because you have the same handicap of your opponent, although you could add Archbishop Benedictus to minimize the chance of drawing a spell

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    Quote from inus95 >>

    I don't think that 4 3/3s on turn 4 or 5 is that strong especially since most classes have good AOEs to kill them by turn 5 (priest - duskbreaker, warlock - hellfire, mage - dragon's breath, warrior - brawl/flurry, etc.)

     Aggro decks say hi

    (Said by a Control player)

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    Quote from jainaishot >>

    Any smorc or hunter deck. Also big mage and odd warrior. Basically any braindead crap :P

     Wait, Odd Warrior and BSM aren't so brain dead if compared to Huntards and Odd Rogues... are they?

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    Tier 1: Rexxar, Jaina, Gul'dan

    Tier 2: Zul'Jin, Hagatha, Dr. Boom, Malfurion

    Tier 3: Uther, Anduin, Valeera

    Tier 4: Garrosh, Thrall

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    Quote from Xynot >>

    No problem with control here, they can't beat combo, they can't (apparently, by their own account) beat aggro, that leaves the mirror?

     They can beat aggro actually

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    Guys, they have already refounded you for Kingsbane: you can fully dust now Deadly Poison, Vanish, Sap and Fan of Knives, in addition to Leeching Poison, all core cards in KBR, so why are you complaining?

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    NOTE: It is not a Mech by purpose, ya know, this is an Eggception :) 

    Next: A Legendary Mage Weapon that features Magic Orbs

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    Quote from SlydE >>
    Quote from Pumpkin03 >>

    You forgot Undertaker :)

    He is mentioned, but I actually don't think he would be that great considering what he would be up against... Feel free to try to make a deck with him that could compete!

     Yeh, sorry, I haven't seen it :/

    Btw, a 1 mana 1/2 that gains +1/+1 each time you play a DR minion is pretty op of compared to pre nerf Mana Wyrm and Hench-Clan Thug

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