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    Yeah they are still pretty crippled vs 4 attack minions with more than 3 health (looking at you Azure Drake). Could have made Purify permanently remove 1 attack from a minion and draw a card. Would have maybe made the card playable and complement   pain, horror, cabal and madness plays.

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    Well I wouldn't say nothing. Deadly Shot does, and half a dozen other lesser played / situational things. But if its not alone on the board then it is very hard to guarantee removal. 

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    I assume he is whining about the new quests they added, saying that people are just playing stuff to get the quests done, and not trying to play the actual game. What I don't get is why he is "done ranking" this season since you can't lose the rewards you earn...  playing ranked would solve his "problem".

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    I played a few games with my Yogg mage last night. First three I won 2 of 3 he wasn't even played. The 4th was a great example of how hes card that I love to hate. 

    Me vs control warrior -  Had warrior to  8 health and 10 armor when I played Yogg (unsure exact amount of spells cast but min of 12), I had 9 health 1 armor. He had a 6/6 on the board. 

    Yogg casts fireball to warriors face -- warrior left with 8 health 4 armor .... I cheer

    Yogg casts consecration -- warrior left with 8hp 2 armor  and 6/4 minion ... I cheer

    Yogg casts divine shield on himself ... I cheer

    Yogg casts smite on warrior ,  down to 8 hp .... I cheer

    Yogg casts half a dozen other random spells of no real consequence , card counts change but board stays same health and minion wise

    Yogg casts sap on himself, goes to warriors hand ... I gasp


    Warriors turn --  he plays Yogg

    Yogg casts cold blood on his 6/4... i cringe

    Yogg casts blessing of kings on himself ... i wince

    Yogg casts fireball to warriors face.. down to 2 hp! .. I cheer

    Yogg casts call of the wild ... I cry

    After 2 or 3 more random crap spells that do nothing, he hits my face with his 8/4 and Huffer hits me for 5 ..... I explode

    ..... I quit Yogg



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    I play a priest quite a bit and agree sometimes the cards stolen are kind of stinkers, however based on no real statistics I feel that I almost always get a 3+ value card for the trade off (of course sometimes the tempo loss can be a bummer). Also, not to be taken for granted,  you are increasing your deck to 32 cards when using thoughtsteal as it takes 1 slot but grants 2 cards... this can be a huge factor in many games even if what you steal isnt a legendary.

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