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    Quote from Ivarenos94 >>

    Welcome to the thrilling fantasy land of Hearthstone...

    ... where the game is decided on turn 3 and you match up against the same 4-5 meta decks every game. Where creativity has no place if you're not playing against friends. Where the card-game-pimp Ben Brode and his harem of hoes (game designers) suck every single dollar out of your bank account if you want to be competitive by introducing ballsack cards like Corridor Creeper.

    I started playing HS 2,5 years ago. My first competitive deck was Kolentos aggro shaman which I started playing about 6 months after being introduced to the game. I discovered the power of going face. Completely ignoring the opponents board and solely focusing on my own strategy (strategy? should I say draw?). When you go face you truly realize how un-interactive this game can be. Very similar to the classic freeze mage which also did not really interact with the board, as well as the new dick-popsicle-flavor of the month HIGHLANDER PRIEST. 

    Surely these decks (aggro shaman, freeze mage and highlander priest to name a few) shall pose as the evidence for in which direction this game goes and always will go. It's an economics game folks, and you are all just clapping and the clowns and enjoying the circus-fiesta while having your money (or time=money) sucked away. 

    Actually I want to end this on a positive note. A lot of the art is amazing in Hearthstone and sometimes you really appreciate that golden Tirion Fordring coming down or Twisting Nether your opponents board away. All though Most of the time this game is just a random-number-generator-shitshow and if you disagree that's fine. The reason I even got into it was because I enjoy the Warcraft art stuff and was a WoW player many years ago. This will probably be my last weeks of actively playing the game since I just can't enjoy it anymore due to the complete lack of creativity in a game built to challenge your creative thinking. Also I have the feeling I'm constantly playing against 12 year olds (emoting, etc) and it makes me feel old even though i'm just 23.

    Cya in casual for some time bois! I'll be the shaman player.

     So in a nutshell....  "Blizzard sucks, the game sucks but I'm going to keep playing for a few weeks and then maybe quit....or maybe just make some more posts about how bad things are while I continue to keep playing longer."   ??????
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    Quote from Aelfscyne >>
    Quote from WispInEveryDeck >>

    Less than 20 new cards in these decks. Guess that's what happens when you push releasing a bunch of xpacs and need filler cards. 

     I think this is probably what we want.  If a huge numbers of the new cards made their way into a relatively small number of popular decks then that means those cards are likely badly imbalanced relative to prior cards.
     This. There has to be below average , average, good and great cards every release to keep any sort of balance. However, I will give you the fact this set has seemingly fewer great cards than others. When there is a constant cycle of new cards added and older cards removed you are going to see that variance. What is mediocre now or even poor has a chance at being  better after sets rotate out and new cards/keywords are added. Not saying the "crap cards" now are going to be great in April, but there is a much bigger picture than  "less than 20 new cards in these decks". Blizzard certainly whiffs occasionally , but they have a MUCH better plan and view of what they are trying to do than just looking at the latest set and claiming x card sucks and only   x,y and z are good.
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    If you want to make a wrecking cubelock deck, make sure to throw in a Harrison Jones! Nothing is more satisfying is destroying their weapon and drawing yourself 4 cards in the process!

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    Quote from Xero1995 >>

    Is it worth Craftin Tarim for aggro pally or Skull for Control/Cube lock? (I don't have the paladin weapon)

    If you dont have a strong Warlock preference, I would go for Tarim as well, as it fits almost all pally decks its more flexible and useful. It is also not susceptible to weapon removal like Skull is. The meta doesnt seem to have tons of that right now, but if that sways a bit it feels pretty bad to have a card be totally dead when you run up against an ooze or Jones or whatever. I recently added Harrison back to a few of my slower decks because I was seeing lots of this Cubelock play recently.
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    Only got 25 dust from 3 packs eh? Seems legit.......


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    People in Puerto Rico going a month without power they pay for , thankful for the help they are getting and praising Jesus.  Meanwhile  all hell breaks loose if someone has to restart the game or wait awhile to get a quest for a free game they play.  Some people's children.........

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    You sir, have problems. I suggest you go and see a psychiatrist.  You can call us names all you want, but in reality we are the rational fans that realize our minor gaming inconveniences are, at most, minor annoyances. Let's not forget the quest and gold system are rewards for players of an (ultimately) FREE game. The true offenders of this community are the spoiled, entitled little shit heels like yourself, crying like 3yr old who had their candy taken away. Grow up or shut up.

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    Quote from Riptides >>

    The list I'm running currently doesn't have Counterspell or the Arcanist.  I think Counterspell is fairly weak in the meta (cheap spells from raz-priest &c.) and with arcanologist, you really don't need to run 6 secrets.  Arcanist is a fine pick, and i think can snowball very easily because of how much burn you have, which can help protect him, when people start running more removal, you might want to think of pulling him though.  I'm also running a one of Pyroblast, sounds clunky, but i've won many match ups with it, and usually you just want the burn anyway.  So maybe pull a counterspell for pyroblast?  I've got the 3/2 +1 spellpower as a two of currently but I think Arcanist might be subbed soon.

     I can't imagine cutting counterspell, it's still super solid protection against things like Dragonfire Potion.  If I were to cut anything, it would be Mirror Entity because it's completely dead against Spell Hunter and weak against decks that run Kabal Lackey / Fire Fly / Argent Squire / Murlocs / etc which is a large part of the meta. 
    Firelands Portal feels like a better slot than Pyroblast, don't you think?  I get what you're saying, but 10 is a lot of mana. 
     I'm going to have to agree with this, Counterspell is not a good cut imo. Yes there are cheap spells that can play around it, but with the pressure secret mage is capable of in the fairly early game many times there isnt mana for the enemy to "test". Looking down lethal on turn 6 you cant test for Counterspell before casting Dragonfire to try and get the two 5 5s off the board. 
    If a secret from that list needed to be cut my vote would also be mirror entity as that is the easiest one to play around, for most classes, imo.
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    I haven't played much since the expansion came out but lot of things I'm looking forward to trying (yes, including old strong decks with 1-2 new additions only).

    I don't see how people can queue into ranked and complain about the game not being fun... I have a strong feeling your fun factor is directly related to your win %. Yes it would be nice if you could play in the more competitive mode and have fun while ranking up,  and often you can. Sometimes though, it requires the patience of stepping away for a few days, or playing decks you don't find QUITE as fun to get to the "safety net ranks". 

    You want to have fun? How about arenas, or brawls, or dungeons?  How about making your zany wacky decks and playing in casual (granted you will see many ladder decks there too, but not near the concentration of ranked). Better yet, find some like minded people add them as friends and play against them. Find a half a dozen friends, or more, and you can draw up a quick bracket and have your own mini tournament. Hell you can even ban cards or classes if you want!


    Fun is obviously a very subjective thing.. but there are many options provided to find something for everyone. And if all of the above is not fun to you and you can ONLY have fun in ranked and you can NEVER have fun while losing to the same decks... well as has been said 1,000s of times in these forums... perhaps you should find a new game.





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    posted a message on They expect ppl to preorder with only 5 cards revealed? lmao

    I played about 12 games last night and ran into 3 different people playing the new card back already.

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