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    It isn't just wild.. standard has games ending by turn 5 and 6 now too. (Maybe not OFFICIALLY until turn 7 or 8, but they are all but over by 5/6). Warlock quest is flat out disgusting, I just instant concede when I queue into one. Unlimited draw, healing and damage, don't think any deck can consistently challenge it except for maybe well drawn mage quest.

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    Warlock quest wouldn't be as bad if fatigue and hero power didn't both damage opponent. Maybe just CARDS PLAYED, there is still TONS of damage. It is just too much heals and damage potential when they can tap, draw and discard through their deck in 10 turns.

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    posted a message on Archdruid Naralex's RNG is Rigged?
    Quote from IDProG123 >>
    Quote from Kayel >>

    That's not how you calculate probability, the more minions in play the less chances Felmaw hits face. And no, Naralex is not rigged, from 5 dreams available, you get 2 and they can repeat, that's all.

    Do you really understand how probability works?

    You CAN rig probability.

    Let's say there are 3 types of items, A, B, and C. If there is only one of each type, the chances of getting an A is only 1/3.

    However, you CAN reduce the chances by adding more B or C items. For example, there is only 1 A, but there are 3 Bs and 3 Cs. The chances of getting A is now only 1/7.

    These two RNGs are the same. You CAN rig them in the code. It's actually pretty easy.

    In fact, Hearthstone has actually confirmed that they rigged some of the Discover card's RNG, so that they can't Discover itself.

     Not discovering themselves is not rigging anything.. its simply removing a card from the pool of available randomness.

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    posted a message on Why is HS so f***ing slow?

    Try Rocket League its quite a bit faster

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    posted a message on Dissatisfied with the nerfs...

    The Refreshing Spring Water "nerf" is nice... now it activates Ring Toss as well.

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    Wild's meta will never settle with the current card release schedule will it?

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    Yeah I agree... this card is WAY bigger issue than spring water was imo. 

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    posted a message on Make it easier for new players to play Wild.
    Quote from TallStranger >>
    Quote from P4dge >>
    Quote from Terrorsquid66 >>
    Quote from lalaola >>
    Quote from Terrorsquid66 >>

    No way.  That is so unfair to old players. I had to pay full price for my old cards and I didn’t dust them because i wanted to play wild. New players or players that CHOSE to disenchant their old cards for standard shouldn’t immediately be able to get the old cards easier just cause they want to. That’s so entitled. 
    Work up your collection like everyone else had to!

     Man you are going to hate the real life.
    stuff lose value, just because you payed full price when it was more valuable does not mean that you are entitled to be guaranteed compensation if the price drops. It is another story if they actually change the card, because then your product is changed by them.

     Who cares?  Games don’t have to suck like real life lmao.  I don’t want them to. In fact i want to feel rewarded for my investment and time spent in this game!  This is a digital card game. The value doesn’t have to drop unless it’s literally manipulated to. That isn’t fair to old players and the only reason you say ”haha life isn’t fair breh get over it” is because it benefits YOU this time around.

     Things lose value over time. Wild is getting harder and harder with each expansion for jew players to get into. You can ignore that and not care, that's fine for you personally but it feels like a wasted opportunity for Blizzard to help get more active players into a game mode as well as making money at the same time. From a business perspective it doesn't seem to make sense to keep them feeling like they just can't get into it. 

     You all keep saying that "things lose value over time," but that's absolutely not true. SOME of the old cards are essentially valueless, but that's true of new cards as well. Every expansion has pack filler. But the good cards in Wild are still very valuable. Reno, Kazakus, Guldan, Anduin, Loatheb, and others still are tremendously valuable. So why should you get these valuable cards for free when others have paid good money or dust for them? 

    As others have mentioned, the notion that Wild decks are very expensive is simply not true. There seems to be this vision that Wild decks consist of 27 legendaries and 3 spells. That's just not true. Building a Wild deck doesn't need to be expensive. Sure, there are wallet decks, but that's true of Standard right now as well. Rush Warrior isn't cheap: the version currently on Tempostorm costs over 16k. The most expensive Tier 1 deck in Wild right now is probably Reno Priest, which "only" costs 14k, but the other ones run between 4 and 7k dust and use a sizable number of Standard cards.

    Sure, if you want to create some bizarre niche deck, it's going to cost you (whether in Standard or Wild). But quite frankly that's a luxury that you SHOULD have to pay for. Lots of f2p players can't afford every Standard card. Why should anyone be entitled to doing so in Wild is beyond me.

     Because it IS wild.. and MUCH less popular "red-headed stepchild"  of game modes. Standard being the main mode makes spending 16k of dust worth it because it is the current and most popular set of cards being used. Spending anywhere near that for wild decks is supremely wasteful to many players (and probably a huge majority of new players) that would just like to dabble in Wild now and again. This problem only gets worse the more expansions move to wild.  Thrift store modes should have thrift store prices. 

    If you don't really want to pay money to go to a theatre you wait until the movie comes to Netflix right? Do you complain when movies hit Netflix and everyone can watch them because you went to the theatre and spent $20 on it? Obviously not a perfect analogy... but point being things that were worth money months/years ago shouldn't always hold that value/exclusiveness.

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    posted a message on Balance Changes Coming In 2 Weeks

    Fingers crossed for Tickatus, Spring water and secret pally nerfs!

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    posted a message on When are the nerfs coming?!?!?!

    I dont think mages are that overpowered, even when they play Lunacy on T2. Take for instance the match I just played.

    Turn 4 all the mage was able to do was:

    3 cost Skull of Gudan >  0 cost sprint  > 0 cost Auspicious Spirits (which spawned him the 5/2 scorpid > 0 cost Metamorphosis  > 1 mana to deal 4 damage to kill my only minion.

    Not end of the world... unfortunately i was unable to kill the scorpid so i played a 3 cost taunt.

    His turn 5 was not TOO impressive either:

    3 cost Nourish (to ramp to 7 mana) > 1 cost Blessing of Kings to make his scorpid 9/6 > 1 cost hero power to kill my taunt > 1 cost fireball to my face > attack with scorpid  (im still at about 15 hp here)

    I decided to play my nice big turn 6 taunt  so now i have a nice beefy 4/5 on the board  ( i got him down to 25hp by this time so Im feeling OK)

    Hes only got like 8-9 cards in his hand at turn 6 so what can go wrong?

    3 cost runic carvings to summon 4 2/2's >  1 cost Invigorating Sermon to make the trees 3/3's and the good old scorpid 10/7  >>>  ???

    I'm not sure what he did with the 5 mana he had left as at this point i conceded to go eat breakfast.

    I figure the chances of him having another 1 cost fireball or 2 cost apexis to finish me off were only about 80%.. so I probably could have made it to turn 7. Thats about 2 turns longer than I last against a paladin so I feel mages might need a slight buff.



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