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    posted a message on my take on upcoming balance changes

    My one wish for the patch = Brann removed or moved to 5 mana. That's it. Anything else is frosting on the cake.

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    posted a message on 5,032 Golden Cards

    I didnt ask if anyone cared, just asked who had more

     No ones does, and probably more people than you think.

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    posted a message on Renathal balancing.

    Very well thought out argument.....thanks for sharing.

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    posted a message on Group therapy! Need to blow off steam? Mega salty? Here is the place! V2

    This exact same thing happened to me after trying to play Nourish. Couldn't play ANY cards,  could only hero power and end turn. 

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    posted a message on Weird interaction with Dew Process?

    Just happend to me too... i was playing rogue and after playing Scabbs i was drawing 5 to the druids 3.... card is shitty enough without bugs

     So now the next druid I play.. plays Dew Process x 2 on  turn 3.  I theo and steal his Nourish. Next turn I draw 5 cards and burn two... (didnt play hero yet but is in my hand). I try to play nourish and I never get the option to choose. I exit game quickly and relaunch and Nourish is gone and I have no extra mana (maybe it casted draw 3 and burned more card?) So I'm like whatever.... opponent plays and then my turn comes and I can't play ANYTHING from my hand.. not a single card... all the game would let me do is hero power and end turn.

    How can this be going on unfixed still??


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    posted a message on Stop stealing

    They are right.

    Since the battle pass stuff came out I have not bought a single pack with real money and ended up with 50-60 packs from gold. Plenty to build a couple competitive decks day 1. 

    Also with the rotating core cards they give you complete core sets so entry to the game is cheaper than ever. If you don't play wild this is a huge change as you can dust cards without fear of them being needed again.

    They also give away more legendary cards than ever between the pre-launch one and battle pass one(s).

    BUT at the same time for completionists the game is also more expensive than ever. Battle pass, hero skins, BG advantages, huge ever growing wild mode collection. However, this is true of any collection based game or hobby...the further into its life the more expensive it is to "catch up".

    For the average (and especially new) player though,  I definitely agree the game is cheaper than ever.

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    posted a message on Finishers for this secret rogue?
    Quote from iLoveTriples >>

    I don't really want to play a burgle rogue though, I feel like I always get screwed with the random cards :D It's also a deck that kind of already exists, while I would like to build something new.

    I admit I'm leaning towards trying C'Thun, it's a versatile card that could go in many decks and shuffling 90 or 180 damage doesn't seem so bad (assuming I can survive that long), but playing Tess several times is kind of the same thing with no guarantee of victory?

    In any case, I don't have Tess, Scabbs, Maestra or Crabatoa... and don't really like any of those cards...

    Shadowjeweler is more my cup of tea, that one I could craft. I could shuffle its copies to get more fuel for a spectral cutlass addition.

     Crabatoa is an amazing card in almost any rogue deck, not sure how you cant like it!


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    posted a message on Quest Hunter is broken

    You curse Warlocks get everything you deserve. No sympathy here for that boring annoying deck.

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    posted a message on Quest 40 Card DH...Busted

    0-4 maybe bad luck with draws... but seems much less consistent and weaker than the 30 card versions imo

    Thanks for the efforts though!

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    posted a message on Fire festival is SO BAD NOW
    Quote from Makeleth >>

    You can just do they very first normal bounty 3 times. Easily done with level 1 mercs

     This is what I did, well I think it was actually the 3rd or 4th one but still super easy if you have leveled up your guys at all.

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    posted a message on New Control Lock w/ Jaraxxus!
    Quote from Malumatheist >>

    I don't have the two Full blown evil, still hoping to open them and not need to craft...

    I also don't have Dreadlich. 

    So I begrudgingly replaced them with Curse of Agony and Siphon Soul. Shadow spells for Tamsin synergy. 

    If I can get 12 curses into the deck, that's pretty good? 

    Or maybe I should put teachers in? Or the unstopable Commander Ulthok and Neeru Fireblade! Who could get me with that unstopable duo on the team? 


    No. I'm putting in a Brewmaster, a second snake, and a second starfish. The dream is to brewmaster the murloc after a good meal. What about Second Breakfast?


    And No one expects the second starfish. More trade is good. And more weapon removal is good. 





     Sounds like you may as well play curse warlock as it is more viable and better than this deck anyways


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    posted a message on 23.4.3 Patch Notes - Balance Changes in Constructed, BG and Mercs & More
    Quote from SteelZ87 >>

    I think for Cariel if they attack 5 times the weapon should destroy it self just like any other weapon. That way at least the player can decide if they should attack or not!

    To be honest For the Depths  to still have 5 cards at the bottom of your deck reduce their mana by 3 is still too strong. It should of been Dredge 3 cards and reduce one of them by 3 or reduce the bottom 5 cards of your deck by 1 and dredge 1. 

    Warrior is still going to be a problem in my opinion. 



     I agree the pally hero card is still stronger than the others hands down

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    posted a message on 23.4.3 Patch Notes - Balance Changes in Constructed, BG and Mercs & More

    Ouch! Nellie (and control warrior) just got shitted on 🤣

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    posted a message on Patch Notes and a new Balance Patch are coming Tomorrow!

    Pally hater here....

    I'd like to see Prismatic Jewel Kit lose 1 durability.  1 cost  3x    +1/1 full hand buff feels too strong. 

    Prismatic Mooncatcher is also problematic and should go the route of other "copy of" cards (another sunken mooncatcher , NOT COPY)  You would think Blizzard would learn by now, this is usually bad design (especially in classes with so much passive buff)

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    posted a message on Thieves Pirates
    Quote from SensibleSteve >>

    10/10 for effort with the graphics love it

     That's what I was thinking, dude puts in work!

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