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    posted a message on Rise of Shadows | Worst and Best legendary?

    Of course Oblivitron is the first legendary I got :p I'll make it work, I swear it.

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    posted a message on Year story twist accidentally teased

    Actual plot twist : Rafaam turns out to be a mere pawn, with M. Bigglesworth being the true mastermind.

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    posted a message on Rise of Shadows

    Just a small detail : shouldn't it be  "A random golden Legendary from Rise of Shadows" for the mega bundle?

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    posted a message on Does Animal Companion need nerf?

    Deathstalker rexxar, the spellstone and to a lesser extent zul'jin are what makes Hunter oppressive. Huffer was considered problematic like 2 years ago, time to move on :' )

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    posted a message on Returns & Exchanges Is This Week's Brawl! Get a Sweet Card Back, Find Bad Decks!

    Yeah the winning strategy is to go Warrior and make a deck with only awesome 5+ mana minions. Hold the beginning with armor + most likely cheap minions from your opponent's deck, swap as early as possible, deal with the oncoming good cardthreat that your opponent drew during the first 4 turns thanks to Warrior spells (and the armor that you stacked) and on the long run you cannot lose if your opponent made a purposedly shit deck. 

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    posted a message on Upcoming Hearthstone Balance Changes - Wild Growth, Nourish, Level Up!, Saronite Chain Gang, Leeching Poison

    Someone didn't log onto the game since Raiding Party came into being, it seems.

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    posted a message on About how expensive HS is..

    Opened  120 packs this expansion, didn't spend a dime. And I don't even play HS that much, I just don't miss any quest. 

    I got 8 legendaries, many useful epics and enough dust to craft the few cards I'm really missing. Not every single legendary is needed to have fun. 

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    posted a message on Why i will never buy Artifact
    Quote from ZCFlayer >>
    Quote from yoQ >>

    You can get all your money back by selling the cards again though, can't you? In HS, your money is gone forever. In artifact and MTG, you just "lend" it to the company.

     Not true. You can sell the cards in Artifact for Steam wallet money, not real money. Once you spend money on Artifact that cash is never leaving the Valve ecosystem.

     Of course it can leave the Valve ecosystem. Just buy tf2 or csgo keys on the market, and then sell them to Paypal buyers. You wouldn't see as many csgo and, some years ago, tf2 traders, if the money was stuck in the valve system. There's actual money to be made here, and the same will go for Artifact.

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    posted a message on Did you purchase either pre-order? Or is your finger on the button?
    Quote from Lanko >>

    No, because the pre-order this time is just terrible.

    Witchwood gave you 70 packs. Boomsday was 50 with a golden legendary. Now that they've seen the complete flop of Artifact, they just chilled and just gave you 50 packs.

     Jeez, how is this an argument people actually have? Of course the pre-order is worse than Witchwood, because this expansion has a far higher power level so it clearly won't be the same "value". It has nothing to do with that sleeper of a game you mentioned. 

     I think what actually happened is a midpoint between what you two said: it might not be so much because of Artifact, but it doesn't have to do with the power level of the expac, which is something Blizzard can't actually forecast super accurately.

    What happened is that sales last year, for Kobolds and Catabombs, might have been poor for whatever reason, and giving the 20 bonus packs for Witchwood was a way to get back on track. Since this measure was apparently successful, but still needed to give some incentives, they added the gold legendary in Boomsday. Now, I guess their sales are alright, and don't see the immediate need of giving incentives other than cosmetic stuff. The cycle will continue and, if sales aren't good enough here with RR, you can expect an amazing pre-order deal next year. No game lives forever, and as Hearthstone's commited player base naturally dwindles (to what extent, that we do not know), we're gonna see more and more great deals anyway.

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    posted a message on Is this the Beginning of the End?

    Blizzard is never gonna abandon one of their games overnight.

    As for the matter of printing cards based on the same ideas, it's not new, far from it. The first example that comes to mind is how Princess Huhuran got her value completely denied by Terrorscale Stalker which was literally the same effect printed on a Rare, and then it became a common spell in Play Dead But that's just one of many. 

    Not all expansions have to bring many crazy ideas on the table: this one is clearly reinforcing existing archetypes, or ones that weren't as strong as they could be, and that's a good thing. 

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    posted a message on Return of Mechazod! - Tavern Brawl #181

    That moment when the boss is about to die, and in two turns magically decides to hit both players twice in a row, dealing 28 damages. Fuck this piece of shit brawl.

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    posted a message on Too many reveals before stream?

     I mean, for the first few years of HS, that's exactly what they did. Only about 60 cards were already revealed, and half the legendary and epics weren't known yet, so the stream was super fun. This time around it was 1 legendary, 2 epics, and then a bunch of commons. Not sure why they're doing that, but it's a trend that's been going on for some time now, this one particular stream just happens to be the worst ever in that regard. 

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    posted a message on What do you think about this expansion?
    Quote from Morkimus >>

    Well, to answer OP: I am sort of hyped about the expansion.

    It kinda saddens me that the first thing people now say when seeing a card is "Odd/Even Class can now play this!!!" It's just sad when the community is already barricading half of their own collections for the sake of forced netdecking introduced in a previous expansion.

    "Odd Warrior cannot run this.", "Odd Paladin doesn't need healing or immunity.", "I can sense this being used in Odd Rogue.", "Might see some play in Even Shaman in Wild." Oh wow, nice of you to already cut down half of the incoming cards before they come out. Back in the day, they were filler if they were bad. Now they are just filler if their cost is not the mainstream class cost! What a time to be alive.

    Genn and Baku have pretty much neutered the Loa playstyle before they even came out, just because most of their spirits do not share a cost with them.

    Still, I am hyped for those 15% of people who might not be so eager to leash their own deckbuilding by the balls and who may actually do something new during the first week. As for the rest, well, if I see Baku or Genn in the first few days I'll give them the instant-concede (it's probably the win they are after anyway).

     I mean, people who restrict everything to Odd / Even are just not seeing the potential of cards and deckbuilding in general. It doesn't have to sadden you, just build the decks that seem coherent to you, try them out, tweak them, and eventually come up with original stuff that'll wreck these Odd / Even netdecks like taking candy from a baby. 

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    posted a message on New Neutral Legendary - Griftah


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