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    posted a message on If Mage dies, Control warrior will probably take over
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    Tickatus isnt nearly as strong as folks think.


     You're right, 72% played winrate is not sooo high....

     A card could have a 100% winrate when played and still be garbage in any meta. 

    I dislike the design behind Tick, I really do, but his power level is always going to be determined by the speed in which other decks can kill you. If decks, control included, have early win conditions the current Tick lists are beatable.

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    In my case, I started from another person's list so can't claim credit, but as far as I can remember it's

    2 Imprisoned Gan'arg

    2 Shield Slam

    1 Soulbound Ashtongue

    1 Acidic Swamp Ooze

    2 Bulk Up

    2 Corsair Cache

    2 Minefield

    2 Bladestorm

    1 Bulwark of Azzinoth

    1 Feat of Strength

    2 Ironclad

    1 Lord Barov

    1 Kargath Bladefist

    2 Outrider's Axe

    2 Rancor

    2 Scrap Golem

    2 Stonemaul Anchorman

    1 Overlord Saurfang

    1 Silas Darkmoon


    Feat of Strength is the 30th card and highly questionable.  If you want extra insurance against Tickatus, that should be another Ashtongue, though my 20-11 record against that deck is with a singe Ashtongue.  Saurfang is not wonderful, but is a better draw engine than anything else I can come up with.  In a meta with lots of aggro, you could fit in the battlecry/frenzy:  "deal 1 damage to all other minions" guy to spruce up the Saurfang power.

     Thanks man, I’ll hopefully be able to give it a try when I look at my collection. 

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    posted a message on Tickatus is good or bad for this game because...

    But the majority of the meta is too fast for it. It has an abysmal winrate at Legend and it only gets worse the higher in Legend you look.

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    posted a message on If Mage dies, Control warrior will probably take over

    I haven’t seen Silas Warrior since the expansion hit, gaining ~30 armour and drawing your deck- especially when your opponent knows that is what you’re trying to do - seems pretty difficult looking at what has rotated out?

    What lists are people playing?

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    posted a message on Group therapy! Need to blow off steam? Mega salty? Here is the place! V2

    He hasn’t told Blizzard.

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    posted a message on Why you are not playing Hearthstone as often As you can?
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    not to be that guy...



     Exactly. I tried to play casual to avoid netdecking tryhards, but after the first game against Murloc Priest (!) I gave up. I personally love deckbuilding, creating a list of my own and then experimenting with it, making changes, seeing its weaknesses and strenghts. That is my favorite way to play online card games. However, now it is impossible in Hearthstone (not only in standard really, wild is the same), since every time I try to actually make some logical plays I get smashed with some unbelievable RNG, Secrets making my cards not matter at all or just generally unfair plays like Druid building a full board on turn 1 or Rogue with a 10 attack weapon on turn 4. Spell Mage and Secret Paladin are just the tip of the iceberg. I love Hearthstone as I have been a part of its community all the way since open beta, but the direction the developers have chosen is slowly reducing fun in playing the game with every year.

    How can you put those two things in the same sentence? 

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    As somebody who plays nothing but homebrew meme decks the absolute worst thing that could happen for me in this game is for people to stop netdecking.

    The meta gives me something to build around and without it every game would be even more of a casino than it is now. I actively dislike playing against decks I cannot reasonably predict but going against the grain is fun.


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    Anyone who says Nozdormu is a fine card is a liar. Fine and fair cards have never seen play outside of theory-crafting within the first few weeks of expansion, and as someone who runs this card on all of their odd decks, I haven't seen a single soul play this card. Standard is already a clown fiesta, and besides, there is no dragon synergy in Standard, so there is absolutely zero incentive to play this garbage-ass fucking card.

    Make it 5 mana 7/7 or 8/8 or 6/8. Anything! If they are going to leave Nozdormu at 7 mana, it desperately needs a taunt. Stat boost can only get you so far. Look at Dred! Who the fuck, in the history of Hearthstone ever, have you seen play Swamp King Dred? I know one person who did (certainly not me, don't look at me like that!).

     But it's not supposed to be anything more than a fine card that's the point, the fully intended that not a soul play this card in ranked modes.

    You have no idea how massive the community outrage would be (rightfully so) if this card was meta. No taunt or 5 mana for the big boy sorry. 6 mana I'm fine with it.

    It's a card made for games vs friends, and to stop you from asking a new game mode with quick rope on the forums. 

    I imagine they could make it so Nozdormu players get a special matchmaking to find eachother.

     From a design perspective this needs to stop, period.  Cards should always have a place, be it meme or serious play.  Designing cards to make them see no play is lazy.

     It's meant to see play in Casual mode when playing against friends, or at Fireside Gathering events etc I would imagine. I don't believe it was intended to be thrown into Standard lists in the hope you bump into another Noz player.

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    posted a message on Tickatus is good or bad for this game because...
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    Play something else then .  Or accept that all match ups are not good. 

     This doesn't resolve the issue of the average game of Hearthstone being a lot faster and less interactive than I wish it was.

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    You don't need to argue like a child lol.

    Proper control decks barely exist so of course you're not getting Tickatus off regularly by turn 8, Warlock has an average to poor winrate against both Paladin and Mage and during the last expansion it got wrecked by aggro AND combo as both Mozaki and DH were faster.

    The argument this thread asks is whether Tickatus is good or bad for the game, not whether he is overpowered at the minute or that Warlock is any good at the minute.

    My point is that the game is broken in many ways, Tickatus being one of them. He along with many other issues speed up the game more than I (and many other) want.

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    I don't see how Ticklock being combo or control has any bearing on the argument? It's purely semantics, going by your definition and calling it combo doesn't change anything. Combo decks shouldn't be going off consistently by turn 8. This was a big issue with Demon Hunter and Mage during the last expansion, and along with hyper aggro was the major reason proper control decks barely existed - they got rinsed by everything. Tickatus is just one issue with the game, but he's probably the most visible and the easiest to point out for control players, hence the hate.

    Card generation, since you mention it, is another issue, along with the insanely cheap card draw. These things also need fixing, they shouldn't be used as a reason to support Tickatus.

    The thing is Blizzard don't want a well balanced and functioning card game, they want hyper fast decks, wacky swing turns and crazy RNG.

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    posted a message on Has Blizzard lost control of your card collection?

    ^erm, I mean you’re almost there.

    F2P is very generous in Hearthstone. If you put enough time in you can easily be playing with a large collection. Get good at arena and there was never a reason to pay. I understand the feeling of accomplishment from being F2P but I will never understand the demands of players wanting more free packs who proudly proclaim that they have ‘never put a penny into the game’.

    However the cost of packs is outrageous which means anyone who cannot play the game in that manner will need to spend a LOT of money. The Tavern Pass sort of alleviates this a bit but probably could do more to encourage moderate spending.

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    posted a message on Deck of Lunacy Fix Suggestion
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     I had a mage complete his C'thun on turn 7 today with only 6 cards left in his deck hehe, not sure the card is problematic but it sure is annoying when they get 3 of them in the early game

     I think it is problematic. The Mouzaki combo decks in Wild is pretty disgusting as well, I never thought 2 Frostbolts would kill me from 30 health, but that bad boy does it before 10 mana!

     I hate that Mouzaki was decent for a short time and then fell out favor.  Neat card design but he doesn’t have the tools to exist in standard.  Really none of the existing mage legendaries stand out as strong cards it seems.

     It's a really awful card design. People shouldn't be dying on turn 7. OTK DH is very bad for the game too. Those types of decks where they do nothing but execute a game plan where you can't do anything but watch them kill you is not fun. It doesn't matter if it only works 45% of the time. It's basically a prolonged coin flip in your favour but there isn't really any big decisions going on.

    I think the following decks are good design:

    1. Miracle rogue. You draw a lot, play lots of cards, so lots of decisions to be made.

    2. Midrange hunter. These decks since the introduction of buffing things in your deck and drawing them have always been interesting (started with zixor). The current beast hunter in standard isn't a great deck, but it's ok now they fixed mankirk. It is an interesting deck though and fun to play because you have to keep up the tempo and push your game plan forward while ensuring you are buffing the right things in your deck and pulling the right stuff out of your deck. Some may argue it's solitare in that sense, but it also has other decisions in relation to your discover effects and what you need to choose, as well as which minions to play and when. There are also decisions about when to go wide and when to hold back your tempo in case of clears.

    3. Control decks like priest which execute long game plans. These decks are very difficult to play, as evidenced by priest in standard right now mostly having 40% - 45% win rates (or worse) yet some players are piloting those same decks to top 10 legend. Because it's complex with lots of decisions, it's an interesting and deep deck to play.

    4. Aggro decks that fight for board and contain many nuanced decision making including down to minion placement. This is the traditional zoolock deck.

    What is bad design is:

    1. OTK decks where they just play solitaire.

    2. Decks that kill you on turn 4 or 5 consistently enough where there isn't much you can do.

    3. Tempo based decks that have no decision making and you are just playing curvestone. In these decks, there is usually only one clear play every turn and it is obvious. Obviously anyone can make a deck like this, but it shouldn't be a tier 1 deck.

    4. A deck that is intended to be strong and is guaranteed to win against an entire class. An example of this in the past was freeze mage vs warrior. An example in the present is control warlock vs priest. It's ok if you have one archetype, especially a tier 3 or 4 archtype, that can have a near lock against another archetype of another class. It's not ok if you have a high tier 2 or tier 1 deck that is almost certainly guaranteed to win vs an entire class regardless of the archetype that class plays.



     I agree with pretty much all of this. Hyper aggressive damage and ludicrously cheap card draw are the main issues. 

    Considering they printed Refreshing Spring Water I can only assume the have no intention of changing that.

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    posted a message on does people always whine about every class they lose to ?
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    like really why do all people whine about everything watchtower , mage , Warlock , why dont u just play the game and play around this decks the only thing i can see is op is paladin and thats because it has 3 top tier decks ,really if u cant handle losing then stop playing and go play single player game and not card game , u talk about something powerful talk about DH when he came out that was something extremely powerful made people go from low rank to legend in a day people whine about mage cause he can cycle his deck fast , talk about druid who can go to 10 mana while u are in turn 5 or less dont really understand people just close the game and go whine to blizzard to nerf anything they dont like , instead just go whine to buff ur deck and stop whining 

     Stop whining 

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    posted a message on My perfect penflinger nerf

    Wow you are very knowledgeable.

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