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    posted a message on Five Predictions of Mammoth Proportions

     Darkmoon fair is what I want to see, its crazy, fun and has a lot of mysterious stuff in the forest around it.
    I honestly think the darkmoon fair is the closest to the fun and wacky hearthstone was meant to be, I say meant because its just not as wacky as before and this is what I want. 

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    They misspelled this card, its actually called; "Five Dust"!

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    You pay 8) for a 8/8 dragon that spawns minions you have to kill with your hero power for 2 random legendary cards (at 4 mana over two turns). seems a bit slow.

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    posted a message on Frozen Throne Mage, Paladin, and Warlock Legendary Death Knight Leaks!

    Even if you say, OH the new cards are all going to be slow so it will be playable, consider the stupidly fast cards already in the meta *akhem* patches *akhem* and the easy possibility of new fast cards...

    Sorry to say it would need to be an entirely slow set starting a slow block to make the meta slow.... once the whole block is out...

    So yes you can complain its too slow..

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    posted a message on New Paladin Card - Spikeridged Steed

    Never pressume the meta will slow down, even if there are alot of slow cards in a set there will always be people exploiting that with fast paced cards...

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    posted a message on New Paladin Card - Spikeridged Steed

    OP cards such as sludge belcher don't inherently win you the game (like pre&post nerf yogg), they are just stupidly good value.
    It should be an auto include for any control pally deck but I think its going to be a midrange silverhand meta.

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    posted a message on New Mage Quest - Open the Waygate

    I think its ment to be a nigh win condition for having played 6 non-deck cards.
    thats hard because they are usually worthless and your wasting mana and turns you cant afford to.

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    posted a message on New Card - Meteor

    This fixes mages biggest problems, huge minions!
    It kills very large minions and clears the board in many cases, it makes opponents need to be careful about positioning.
    Its better than a destroy card because its bound to kill the threat 9x/10 and has that added clear potential for 6!
    Everyone has something very strong and I think this is mages.

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    posted a message on New Paladin Card - Spikeridged Steed

    Its a stronger sludge belcher for 1 extra mana and having to buff a minion.

    Guaranteed 2/7 taunt with a 2/6 taunt when it dies, does it carry over through polymorph or hex though? the wording suggests it might so it may be perfect!

    Makes a valuable minion extra sticky and punishing while being a better pseudo sludge belcher!

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    I dont know about you, but I have a life.
    I dont want to spend ALL my disposable income and time on hs, also i dont want to quit hs because its a fun time-killer...

    If you want more ways to get more out oif it... theres always people better than you, hone your skills and dont look for easy ways to cut them out.




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    posted a message on ******** Secret Wild

    No Coghammer?

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    posted a message on New 'Loot Box' Regulations in China

    Must list the entire collection of rewards and all possible outcomes with 100% accurate %chances on a website.

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    posted a message on Daring Reporter

    Discarding would be horrific to the game, the game as it stands relies heavily on your hand and its your skill to keep the balance of presence, threat reduction and presence.

    Also that is basically negating their draw and removing hard elements at random, that would be so toxic.

    At 4 mana most cards have ~4 attack so it would balance out but make it more sticky for removing with spells.

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    posted a message on White Eyes

    In all its worrying because the devs have no clue what they are doing!
    This set they have given all the other classes half-done support and metas and then given the leading class superb cards for the one archetype they are lacking in.
    This legendary adds to that viability of its control game being superior when it has the whole meta at aggro!
    Priest they gave potions, slightly altered cards already not played and an emphasis on using their usually dead hero power!

    Its a meh turn 5 drop, but when its dead it just causes the enemy to have this impending doom that a giant wall will appear and if you cant deal with it you'll get a smack!
    To top it off they will probably be able to add another huge threat as most of shamans stuff is highly value for mana.
    So 1 meh turn for 1 turn of multi threat drops at late game when it matters :L

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