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    posted a message on New Neutral Legendary - Griftah

    This card is to have fun, to play with friends and lol about it.

    that is all. Discover 2 cards (spells, minions, dk, weapons...) and then give them randomly is for troll. not even as a mill strategy

    fun card for fun.

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    posted a message on What card can't you wait to rotate out?

    Rexxar DK, Ultimate infestation, Druid DK, MAge DK, warlock DK, Voidlord, rogue DK, keleseth, every other DK, level up, and I hope that Shadowstep rotate to Hall of fame with Nourish.

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    posted a message on New Priest Card Reveals - Bwonsamdi, the Dead & Spirit of the Dead

    Meh card. You need to do a lot of setup, to bring the minions that your opponent already killed, to your hand again.

    I would rate it playable if, instead, the card ressurect minions or fill the board with minions from your deck.

    Now is just another Memedictus, and the spirit card isn't helping at all

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    posted a message on New Mage Minion - Pyromaniac

    Decent one, extra card per turn if you manage it's condition

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    posted a message on INFINITE DAMAGE!.......2% of the time

    Gratz! I love this kind of decks that forget about the "hardtrying meta" and remember that is just a game to relax and get fun

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    posted a message on Is the matchmaking system really random, or rigged?

    well, many people call me and others FOIL HATS. Then Activision (owner of blizzard) reveals a patent to screw matchmaking to make you spend money (if you are more interested, please google it, there are a ton of info and data)

    ty activision, we are right, ty for reveal it and make it clearly visible, thank you for give us the reason of this rigged matchmaking issue.

    if you still saying: "nah, if they will cheat matchmaking they can do it and it will be so obvious that blabla...", please, go to a doctor, you are blind as a tree

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    posted a message on New Warlock Hero Coming Soon - Nemsy Necrofizzle, the Gnome!

    Hs headquarters: we need to make popular our bad designed fireside gatherings, so people will play it and we will not need to spend a cent improving it

    bbrode: k let me do it in hearthstone way. Lets print a deck with possible new heroes from the classic cards, lets add shitty and random cards (for the lulz)

    *shuffle and draw...

    Borde: topdecking nessy... mmm...

    Get you exclusive new warlock hero in halloween fireside gathering blablablabla!!!!!

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    posted a message on Is the matchmaking system really random, or rigged?

    Decks have codes. A big game company like blizzard dont leave stuff to random issue. Even a card game. 

    They know, based in your deck code, the winning rate, favorable and unfavorable matches. The winning mulligan, the insta-lose one, and everything. 

    And guess what. Everytime you try a new combination of cards (aka deck) they do a small sample with every or almost every other deck. And compares it to their data (actual meta vs designed meta)

    My personal experience: when i get a hot streak or gonna rank up to any floor (15,10,5...) , the stars and sun line up to match again my nemesis with my +5 Mana cost mulligan hand, justo to watch her rekt me. 

    Or she have the perfect hand. The issue is to lose 2-3 stars they my nemesis dissapears and i can rank yo again. Grind. Grind and grind. Bored and artificially mechanic tied to a card game. 

    You know. When something happens a lot you must be  suspicious about an invisible code.

    an example: in every showmatch to show us the new expa cards, ben seems to know what is gonna happen next, what card will be draw every turn and stuff. so much artificial than expected.

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    posted a message on Ben Brode Explains the Reasoning for the Naga Sea Witch Rule Change

    what a mess, i need to remember that entire text wall with different interactions now!!!

    and remember that win axe change too! dammit i cant manage those things

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