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    posted a message on 85% WR Big Shaman to Legend [Wild] (SCHOLOMANCE UPDATE)

    Ancestor's call is what makes the deck. You can't replace it.

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    posted a message on I finally did it...

    It's hilarious to see all the white knights defending OP.

    I'M sorry but Legend is a worthless achievement nowadays, the +15 wins you need to reach it is exactly the equivalent of old rank 2, plenty of those guys would've never reached legend in the older system and even that wasn't much of an achievement.

    Making these ''I AM FINALLY LEGEND POST!!'' is the equivalent of OMG I REACH RANK 15!!! threads.

    Completely worthless.

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    posted a message on I finally did it...

    Your legend rank is the equivalent of old rank 2.

    So you didn't really get better since old rank 3 and 5 stars was the equivalent of rank 2 and 0 star anyway.

    So think about it before you think it's some kind of great accomplishment.

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    posted a message on Patch 17.2 - New Heroes & Card for Battlegrounds, Deck Rearranging Feature

    who would've thought a company would try to make money out of their f2p game



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    posted a message on Should Blizzard unnerf these cards?
    Quote from user-100041474 >>

    Nourish, yes.

    The others are fine. 

    Freeze an enemy is worth 0.5 Mana.

    2/1 is worth 1 Mana

    Rush is worth 0.5 Mana

    So Invocation of Frost is worth exactly 2 Mana.

    Dragons Pack is worth 4 Mana inactive and 8 Mana active, and it costs 5 Mana, that's pretty strong cheating already. 

     **others are fine**

    why aren't they played then ? because the galakrond package is garbage and not worth playing.

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    posted a message on I'm not calling for a nerf, but maybe some advice? I'm like 0-6 vs Highlander Hunter
    Quote from Majora >>
    Quote from Bee >>

    ROFL shitty galakrond priest player I hope you go 0-1000

     You're whinging that they're playing a mediocre deck?


     priest is very cancer to play against, doesn't matter if it's good or bad

    galak priest is def viable tho

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    posted a message on HSreplay now useless unless you pay
    Quote from NisamJaBre >>
    Quote from Bee >>
    Quote from NisamJaBre >>
    Quote from KurtHektik82 >>

    Only losers can't afford $5 a month which is the price of one Big Mac or less than a pack of cigarettes. You can already afford a phone or a pc and broadband/mobile data plan unless you leech of your parents. $5 is nothing - if you want it then pay - simple. Claiming that $5 is "huge" is pathetic. I bet most people who say such things spend more on weed or cheap beer per week. Get a life you morons. 

     Holy mother of God.. I have never before seen such willful ignorance. Mate, not everyone lives in your precious little bubble thats called US. There are country's with much lower average income, you do realize that? Average pay where I'm from translates to ~300$. I've been F2P for a while, but recently (2 years) started buying cheaper preorders. I can barely do it without guilt since HS is my main hobby and now I have to pay for this stupid shit website? RU fuken keddin me. 

    They ask you to download the tool so you can give them your data.

    In return they offer data combined from all the users they harvest, so you can make better deckcrafting decisions.

    So now you wanna charge me to see it, whilst I still provide my data for free. No.

     So you want them to fully provide their data for free while you can use their tracker for free and have some free data as well ? 

    Who's ignorant here ? What's the point for them to make such tracker and data bank if they don't make any money in return ? The usefulness of the tracker is the reason people use it in the first place..

     I don't need the tracker mate, who the hell doesn't know what they put in a deck? Like seriously "Oh i forget, did i put Loatheb in or not?"

    Used the app to relay data to them so they can compile it. So I give data, they give data. Seemed like a fair trade. They run adds, so they make some money from website. And now, if I assist them in gathering data, I get what? Information about low ranks I don't really need. Sure.

     Good luck always remembering everything that's left in your deck or your opponent's deck at turns 20-30. The fact that it displays the turns cards were drawn in opponent's hand or even mulligan gives you a significant advantage as well.

    Most people use the tracker for themselves, not to provide ''data'' 

    If you don't care about the tracker, there's no reason to use it.

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    posted a message on Share your Hearthstone Collection !

    Hi, I don't think anybody's going to beat me here.




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    posted a message on How many total wins do you have ?

    It's been a very long time since I've seen one of those.

    How many total wins do you have in Constructed and Arena ?

    I've been playing almost every day since may 2015. Not gonna lie, I thought of making a thread because of that beautiful screenshot. Feel free to post yours and discuss!

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    posted a message on Next Nerf Patch Predictions/Suggestions (third time's a charm)

    they said they won't be nerfing things anytime soon

    also nobody cares about your legend rank, everyone's legend this month this is a joke

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