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    I was able to open a pack hours ago. Try from this link

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    You can see that the same question has been "replied" 3 days ago in this thread.

    Actually one of this two thread should be closed be a moderator to keep it easier to follow.

    Regarding the Pack dashboard, I think the removed it from the main page as it was not used a lot.
    You can still access it form the "Packs" menu.

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    Quote from Dinskugga >>

    I betting tuesday or even tomorrow

    The 17.6 update is a major patch.
    It will certainly, in addition of the announced nerfs, include the pre-order of the next extension, and also few event(s) or Tavern Brawl(s).

    So you may have right, they will certainly make the announcement on Monday or Tuesday, before the patch will be released.

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    posted a message on [Feedback] [Cloudflare][CDN] How to cache your website content to improve users' experience

    Hey guys,

    I just wanted to share my thought about the load of the content from your website.

    From what I was able to get, you're hosting your infrastructure behind a Cloudflare environment.
    Have you ever think about getting your static content hosted in the Cloudflare CDN infrastructure?

    Having the cards, and all of the other static files hosted in the Cloudflare CDN should improve Users' experience when visiting your website.
    Doing some tests from my place (Australia), and it took me ~ 16 sec to get the content of the Demon Hunter page to be loaded (without caching files locally) => CF attachment.

    If you can have at least the content of your S3 bucket cards.hearthpwn.com cached on the CDN storage, that should improve the load of the website pages everywhere in the world.

    Not sure if you are sharing the craftable and uncraftable cards in this bucket (as there are 9304 items available including the uncraftable cards). That can be a big amount of data to store there.
    Based on a average of 120Ko per items x 9304 x 14 available languages =~ 15GB

    From what I have read CDN is free, but I'm sure the cost of your S3 bucket is not that high.
    That can also you to get most of the pages served to client even if your infrastructure in under maintenance.

    Please ignore & remove this thread if you are already using CDN or an equivalent solution.

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    Sorry if you've faced troubles to defeat Lady Vashj with my deck.
    Did you try to make some improvement based on your experience, or are you only looking for a deck to win on the first try? 

    I had some trouble to defeat Illidan with some "well noted" decks, but I'm not complaining about them. I had to try others and do some changes to beat him.

    This is a "Challenge" Aventure, so be fair and stop blaming others for proposing decks to the community. Or at least try to make constructive suggestions.


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    Arena Simulator is not displaying any information about cards. You cannot see the displayed card, neither have information about the cards.

    Please find screenshot as example.

    Should the Arena Simulator temporarily deactivated?

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    Even if you've been playing on mobile version and the player has deleted you, your chats are saved and available from the Battle.net application.
    Once you are in Battle.net, go to your "Chat & Groups", find the desired conversation, select the user and from there you should be able to report a player for:

    • Spam
    • Harassment
    • Inappropriate Name

    Edit: I'm running the Beta version of Battle.net, not sure if this feature is available from the standard one.

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