Rastakhan's Rumble Run - All Shrines and Starting Deck Options

Rastakhan's Rumble Run - All Shrines and Starting Deck Options

Coming to Hearthstone this week on December 13 is a new PVE game mode called Rumble Run. Like other recent adventure content, this is free to play for everyone and has high replay value. Here's a quick overview of how Rumble Run works.

  • You start off every run as a young troll named Rikkar.
  • Since Rikkar has not yet joined one of the Rumble factions, you get to choose one for him.
  • Choose your class/team by picking a shrine. 3 shrines will be presented to you at random at the start of your run.
  • Your opponents during the run will be the other 8 classes in the game.
  • Like Dungeon Run and Monster Hunt, your deck will get bigger over time.
  • In addition to being able to add new special minions to your deck (fighters from your team) there are also powerful passive abilities.
  • There is a card back reward if you can defeat Rumble Run once with any class.

What Are Shrines?

Shrines are like the passives we saw back in Dungeon Run during the Kobolds & Catacombs expansion. 

  • You get one shrine per run. This is chosen at the start of your run.
  • Shrines start on the board and act as minions.
  • When a Shrine dies, it goes dormant for 3 turns and no longer has their power active.

We're now going to see all the available shrines and their associated deck.

Druid Shrines


Hunter Shrines


Mage Shrines


Paladin Shrines


Priest Shrines


Rogue Shrines


Shaman Shrines


Warlock Shrines


Warrior Shrines



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