Prince Malchezaar Prologue Boss Guide - One Night in Karazhan

Prince Malchezaar Boss Guide

Welcome to our Prince Malchezaar boss guide for the One Night in Karazhan adventure. Below you can find more information on this fight including tips to fight against the boss, successful deck lists, and the rewards!

Table of Contents

Boss Overview

Prince Malchezaar is the first boss in the The Prologue wing of the One Night in Karazhan adventure. He is the only boss in this wing and is unlocked immediately with the release of the adventure for free to all players. You will play as Medivh with a preset deck.


Pro Tips and Strategy

  • A crazy 60 Health and 60 Armor on Heroic!
  • Malchezaar's deck on Heroic contains 60 cards, good luck exhausting him, simply using Archmage's Apprentice to push spells back in won't cut it.
  • Astral Portal on turn 1 can give you some pretty crazy stuff. Try using the mulligan phase to get it.
  • Arcane Power and Arcane Explosion is amazing board clear and probably needed early on.
  • Your hero power is super important as it draws 3 cards for only 2 mana. Use it as much as possible.

Your Deck

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Ability (13)


Defeating Prince Malchezaar for the first time will reward you with cards!

Once the regular version of the card(s) is unlocked, you can craft the golden versions.


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