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Prepare to be boarded! Next Gen Pirates!

  • Last updated Sep 9, 2014 (Naxx Launch)
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  • 21 Minions
  • 4 Spells
  • 5 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 5420
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 9/2/2014 (Naxx Launch)
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Avast matey!

I've been playing pirates for fun for a couple of months now, creating my own custom decks. And with the new naxx card's it's just got so much better!

If you have tried out post-beta pirate decks before, you will have been sadly disappointed with the results. While this deck probably won't roflstomp you to legendary, it does give most decks a run for their money, I have even won many times vs zoo with this version, which I never thought pirates could accomplish.  

I am a rank 4 player 3 seasons in a row now. I only play this deck in casual and vs friends but in casual the win rate is over 80%.

It could be more powerful if you removed some of the pirate cards but that removes the point of the gimmick in my opinion, so every pirate card in the game remains there.

What I think has enhanced the pirate deck so much is the Sludge Belcher and Death's Bite. This is for 2 reasons. Firstly, the only problem with my old pirate deck was half the time you didn't have a weapon in your hand, so the pirates were useless. You also had hardly any ways of stopping your opponent rushing you down. Sludge belcher and Death's bite directly address this problem and the deck is now much more powerful.

Another problem used to be card draw. But with this is now somewhat reduced thanks to the 5 card draws in the deck, as well as an improved mana curve that lets you play more steadily.

The 2 new legendary additions for this deck; Sylvanas performs well for us here and Kel'Thuzad is check mate when it works.

Aggressively mulligan for weapons and try to get off combo's

When you get a weapon equipped you have to save the last charge until you have another weapon to play. Or you will not be able to make pirate combo's very often.

Save bloodsail corsair for weapons

Saving the parrot for when you know you'll equip a weapon soon can make for a smooth combo

Try to only use upgrade as an opening 1/3 weapon if you have pirates to play and no other weapon you can combo with upgrade. It can be a good idea to equip it early vs a paladin. You only need 1 charge left saved on this to make the pirates playable. This is all pretty yolo though as we always prefer a charge on Fiery Win Axe or Death's Bite.

Warsong commander + bloodsail raider with a weapon equipped for huge charge damage.

Turn 4 Weapon + dread corsair will win you games.

While Upgrade! does combo ridiculously well with the deck, it's actually just there to give you more of a chance of getting a weapon in your opening hand.

Think about when to trade and when to go face, when to race them down is a key part of winning

Ignore the guidelines, break some rules. Sometimes the correct play might be to do something different than suggested here, even if that wombo combo might be in play soon.


The following phrases will help you vs your friends. Not using them can be a huge miss-play.

"ARRRGHHHH" - this phrase shows general discontent. or it can also mean that someone is about to get wild- a.k.a. a battle cry. 
"Ahoy, me hearties!" - Equivalent of "Hello, my friends!" 
"Dogs ahoy!" - Equivalent of "Things to kill, straight ahead." 
"Shiver me timbers!" - Like saying "Oh My!" like my legs are shaking 
"Skuttle me Skippers" - Making a mistake and being judged for/by it. 
"Avast ye varmint" - Stop right there young man because you're in big trouble. 
"Weigh anchor!" - Let's go! 
"Yarr." - I agree. 
"Yarr!" - I see your point, and agree wholeheartedly. 
"Yarr-ha-harr!" - You're right! 
"Yarr?" - Excuse me, what did you say? 
"Yarrgh" - I respectfully acknowledge that you are right and I am wrong 
"Yaharr..." - a filler word. 
"Blow me down!" - You don't say? How surprising. 
"Savvy?" - Is that okay with you? Do you understand? 
"Ahoy" - Call to attract attention, something akin to 'Hello, there!' 
"Jack" - A flag or a sailor; showing how sailors would refer to their ship's colors as one of the crew. Hence Jack Tar for sailor and the Union Jack flag. 
"Salmagundi" - A dish of chopped meat, eggs, anchovies, onions and anything else the cook can throw in; A piratical delicacy
"Weigh anchor! Hoist the mizzen!!!" - Basically adds on to Let's go! 
"A merry yarn" - A good story 
"Where be the treasure?" - Where is the treasure? 
"Land Ahoy" - I see land 
"Hoist the Colors!!" - Raise the flag


Good luck! Give it a try and see if you have as much fun with this deck as I do.