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Elfisch's Silence Priest

  • Last updated Nov 23, 2017 (Marin's Treasure)
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  • 14 Minions
  • 16 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Silence Priest
  • Crafting Cost: 1100
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 11/21/2017 (Marin's Treasure)
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This is deck for my friend Elfisch with very limited card options.

General gameplay / Idea of the deck:

Silence/Buff Priest attempts to create one huge minion that OTKs (OTK = One Turn Kill) his opponent.

This priest wants to have a lot of cards, carefully removing big threats and buff his minion(s) to kill him opponent. This deck usually has more silences and more silence targets in the ranks of his own minions, but you know beggars can't be choosers...unless you are from South Park and THEY TOOK UR JUUUUBS!

Card explanations / Comboes:

Inner Fire + Divine Spirit - Bread, butter and salt of this deck.

Ancient Watcher + Silence - Turn 2, 4/5 that can attack...Turns out thats preeeettyyy good.

Auchenai Soulpriest + Circle of Healing - Good ol' board clear for 4 mana.

Mirage Caller + Silence - Copy Watcher, Tiger and get a big board.

Best late game targets for big buffs: Stranglethorn Tiger (Comes even with stealth), Mogu'shan Warden (High risk, high reward if you manage it to buff it and it did not turn into ultimate form of Yogg-Saron...THE FROG-SARON! (Seen in youtube video below)