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  • Last updated Sep 15, 2016 (Karazhan)
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  • 12 Minions
  • 18 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Freeze Mage
  • Crafting Cost: 6880
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 9/11/2016 (Karazhan)
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 Hi my name is amanaboss and i am a rank 1 player. I climbed up the ladder mostly with beast druid and malyrogue but after the full kharazan expansion my secret love came to play:                                                      Freeze mage.

 After a lot of time i think Freeze Mage might be viable deck after the addition of Babbling BookFirelands PortalMedivh's Valet and Medivh, the Guardian himself

10 upvotes for match-ups and replacements

20 upvotes for a detailed guide on how to use your boardclears and  when to use specific cards 

70 upvotes for a detailed outlook of each cards

 I am really happy that my deck worked out for you and thank you all for your support!!!

GENERAL PLAN: Contol the game and win from the value of the Medivh, the Guardian and Archmage Antonidas or win with the all time classic Alexstrasza.

If you want to have succes with the deck I strongly advise you to read the following pargraph DONT BE A LAZYASS 

Well the the gameplan is really simpe.Control.Beyond controlling the game you have to understand your win conditions. The thing that i like the most is that this deck has 3 win conditions.1 is your Medivh , the Guardian.To make this work out you have to hard clear enemys board with blizzard/frostnova doomsayer combo and then throw away your big dude.THEN control the board again with your efficient speels and outtempo the heck out of your opponent with the supper wepon that you have .2nd win condition is getting a lot of value out of you Archmage Antonidas and go face with infinite fireballs. The combo should look like as Archmage plus frostnova . Then spamm 2 fireballs to face and have 2 more . Enemy must be eradicated  if you have ice blocks to buy you some time playing these direct damage cards.3rd win condition is Alexstanzsa and fireball fireball frostball or sth like that. To get to all these win conditions you have to use your clears and burn cards efficientlly.This comes as you play the deck and understand the insights.




Against beast druid you will need your early removal and burn spells to control the pace off the game. The most important thing here is to remove all his threats meanwhile keeping yourself healed enough for the turn 5+  Stranglethorn Tiger stealth damage plus its combo with the new OP in my opinion card  Menagerie Warden . Against ramp druid you will win easily. Just make sure to get enough value out of your doomsayer frostnova/blizzard combo 


Against malyrogue you will need to stay as healthy as possible. THE TRICK HERE  IS ALWAYS BE MORE THAN 25 HEALTH. In other words control the game and she will not have enough damage to kill you with your secrets in mind. Keep in mind that if you have 30 health vs malyrogue  heropower yourself so he can not Shadow Strike your face for some unexpected leathals. Her minions is a joke in front of your removals and always use everything that is possible to remove her Gadgetzan Auctioneer as she can draw half her deck in one turn

Against deathrattle rogue just use your removals to control early game threats and try to draw your cards as fast as you can. If the game is too prolonged i am afraid she has the upperhand. As always you will need to make good use of your doomsayer freeze combo and if the game is goin fatigue save some of your freeze for the end


Against palladin there is not much you can do . Try to win as fast as possible as the anyfin will eventually kill you . Key here is to take a lot of value out of you Medivh, the Guardin and praise rngesus for a good minion. DONT RELY ON KILLING HIM WITH SPELLS AS THE DECK RUNS Forbidden Healing WHICH HEALS FOR 20 NOT TO MENTION Lay on Hands. You can control the game also long enough to get some value out of your Archmage Antonidas . Try to get as much value as you can and finish him before second anyfin. 


Oh man .... Warrior. But w8 m8 this is not your standard freeze mage bro. This deck actually kinda wrecks control Warrior. As it turns out warrior is slow enough to get late game value that this deck seeks. Believe it or not i have a pretty good win percentage agaist Warrior (just about 70%) . Your general plan is to get  overwhelming value out of your 2 main minions and in the end go full face for about 2-3 turns with your minions genrated by Medivh, the Gurdian . Controlling will be rellativelly easy but control warrior have a lot of variations so talking about specific cards is a little waste of time 


This is a tough match up in my opinion , but if you get the lucky draw it becomes way easier. Shaman has no draw as a class and once you wipe out his board he will lose. Simple as that .BUT if you shitdraw all your fireballs and no cheap burn cards you will be cancered by him.  Try to control his early pressence with your control tools and negate as much damage as possible before lavaburst and Doomhammer comes into play. 


 I find warlock an even match-up for this deck. Knowing when to flamestrike and doomsayer frostnova/blizzard combo is key to succes. Try to get as much value as you can without being 2 cocky and die to Doomguard Power Overwhelming combo. Controlling wont be easy but wont be hard either . Very draw dependant match by your side of view.

 Priest (is that even a class?)

LOL WHO PLAYS PRIEST?. Anyway if you find priest along the way to legend you have to be a little carefull not to lose the controll of the game. In this match-up we havnt the luxury of doomsayer oriented combos because all priests run Shadow Word:Pain. If you lose control 2 much you might aswel got at the most right down corner of the game and press the 'Concede' button. Ok you can go for that risky play but only if you have no other choice and always remember if you go for this combo to have both doomsayers into play so to minimise the chance of having an answer. 

 Mage ()

YOUR MAGIC WILL TEAR HER APART! And yea thats about it . Against tempo mage you need a good draw and ez win. If you remove his early threats his deck is pretty match done BUT if you have taken too much damage untill you are the control overlord you lose to her spells. Pretty sad i know but there is not match you can do if he draws all the direct damage at the right time.Try to take as least damage as possible and the game is well played.

 Hunterino cancerino

I hate hunters . This deck hates hunters 2 .Not much to say... control the heck out of him and win or die or die in my experience. You need a really good draw but in general you have a 45% win ratio (thats what i have at least). consider turn 8 in empty board throwing a doomsayer to prevent the new cancerino card Call of the Wild. You will find controlling easy in my point of view but it varies based on draw

Card guide (4 those who want to know more about the deck and the cards theirself)

Ohh man this is gonna take a while .....

HERE WE GO...                     

Babbling Book

Babbling book is a nice little card that came with  Kharazan Adventure. It has one of the worst stat lines in the game as a 1 mana minion must have at least 3 stat value . Luckily enough for us the battlecry effect is pretty good in my opinion given that the spell you get is a mage spell and the average mage spell tend to be pretty decent in my opinion. Beyond that it can trade pretty well combined with your hero power to destroy enemys 3/2 minion. 


Not much needed to be said here. An excellent removal spell as well as a freeze effect to stall the game longer when the  enemy plays big threats on board. Use it wisely .

 Medivh's Valet

One of my favourite cards of Kharazan . A average staline with a overpowered effect.Having a secret up is not that hard in this deck i would say. This card value is HUGE. 3 damage is worth 2 mana. If you do the simple math you can understand that this card is 0 mana 2/3 AND  NOT ONLY THAT . This card has both of them  making it a Legendary minion against agro decks  and not only 

Arcane Intellect

Lets face it there is not a mage deck that arcane intellect is out. Its a pretty good card and a simple one. Just draw 2 cards.Pretty much explanatory . Draw=Good

 Forgotten Torch

My second most favorite card in LoE , being defeated by THANK YOUUUUU [the first who finds the card and comments it in the comment section can make me a random question about anything he wants LET THE GAMES BEGIN] Anyway forgotten torch is a pretty good card in my opinion and a very underated one. It begins as a 3mana 3 damage which is pretty bad but this deck need burnspells as agro is shining these days. In second draw it is a fireball but 1 man less . Who doesnt like free better fireballs? 3 mana 6 damage is a huge tempo wise swing #2good4me

 Frost Nova

Not much to say. Stall the game one extra turn , avoid huge damage , combo it with doomsayer and have a pretty nice boardclear with you leading the game.

 Ice Barrier

3 mana 8 armor. Also a  secret to proc your Valet . Nothing much to say.....

 Ice Block

Hands down to the card that makes our shitdecks possible. This card is awesome. Not dieing 4 an extra turn is huge as you can just kill your opponent with spells , not giving a f%ck about his minions. Such a nice card :D .Also the card that make Valet viable. 


4 mana 6 damage. Want that midrange threat removed?  Does his portrait need to be a little brighter? Well if something of these happen , here you go , your fireball is here to altern the situation.


2 damage aoe + Freeze effect . Pretty good i would say. Stall the game a little more or combo it with doomsayer 2 wipe the board like the dinasaurs were wiped.

 Archmage Antonidas

One of your3 win conditions . Wont tell anything go read the first spoiler of the guide

 Firelands Portal

Remove midrange threat and gain one. This card synergise so well  with the wep of your medivh . THE TEMPO ADVANTAGE YOU GAIN BY THE COMBO AND EVEN THE CARD ITSELF IS HUGE PEOPLE. 7 mana hit for 5 and sumon a 5 drop. Dealing 5 damage is somthing like 3,5 mana so if you do the math this card acutally summons a 5 drop for just another 3,5 mana. ISNT THAT INSANE. well not i suppose because the average 5 drop is not the best in the world but the risk if getting something that will make this card bad is very litle .Even if rngesus gives you a 4/4 this card is still pretty good


The doom of every cancer deck out there (4 mana 7/7 gj Ben Brode] . Use it to clear the board of the cancer it has one . The trick is

when you are about to flamestrike a full board of cancer just roleplay.Become a surgeon  and wipe this cancer out of your patient (which is the board) . Then spamm a little more all emotes and make him regret being a f@cking agro #%^$$^&%&*^%$%$&!!!


 Bloodmage Thalnos

Dude this card is so gooooooooooood. spell damage + Draw effect . Pretty huge in my opinion considering the amount of spell you have and the amount of value you can get.


The wipe , the clear , the Doomsayer . All these words are synonyms. Throw it in empty board if you expect a very good turn by your opponent. This comes as you play the game and getting to know each classes and deck's power turns.

 Acolyte of Pain

5 mana turn on this deck is empty. What about drawing a card instead?  Throw acolyte and fireblast him for some drawing feltish action .Alaways make sure to take at least 2 cards from acolyte so to be efficient and draw you cards.  Draw=Good 

 Medivh, the Guardian

Your second win condition . Go read the first spoiler upp there.


Your third win condition . Go read the first spoiler 



Card swaps and replacements

 I dont think there is a lot of replaceable cards but...

You can replace Babbling Book with Emperor Thaurissan

If you havent Bloodmage Thalnos dont repalce it with Kobold Geomancer. The card's advantage is that you draw a card not the plus 1 spell power. What makes this card so worth is the fact that it gives both of them .Anyway use Loot Hoarder instead.

 TL;DR  A lot of rant has been detected due to the misleading title of the deck. The original idea was to evolve one of the oldest decks of the game , making it somewhat viable and more Kharazanic. It is true that it's name is not the most accurate thing in the world but i dont think that ranting about it will make it any better. Comments of improvement are all welcome as long as there reasonable enough to make it in the deck. 

If you have the time and patience ,I defenetly recommend you to check a new deck that a friend of mine made : http://www.hearthpwn.com/decks/635553-renozoth-warrior