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(10 DAYS FAST LEGEND) Silverware golem zoolock

  • Last updated Aug 18, 2016 (Karazhan)
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  • 27 Minions
  • 3 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Zoolock
  • Crafting Cost: 1400
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 8/15/2016 (Karazhan)
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This is my take on silverware golem without fully devoting to the discard archetype, ill post a full guide if i get 20 upvotes PROOF


Ho' there, my name is James and recently i got to legend by playing my own version of zoolock.


The initial inspiration from this deck came from my own mistake of not including imp gang master in my deck, but in my surprise i found out zoo works better for me without the most broken 3 drop in the game (who could imagine?). I mostly use zoolock to climb the ladder and when i saw the new cards regarding discard about warlock i was mainly hyped for SILVERWARE GOLEM but not for MALCHEZAARS IMP (I even made a Reddit post about it) cause even though a 1 3 is great in zoo i think the idea of building your deck around a 1 drop is severely faulty so i worked my way around with the other card.


So the main point of the deck is to overwhelm your opponent with small minions and buffed tokens, something which zoo specializes on, and end your game by punching your opponent to death with PO, doomguards and soulfire.

Now lets break down every matchup piece by piece


HUNTER: Hunter is a class that specializes by ensing the game using savannah highmane,call of the wild and agressive spells to end the game by turn 8 or 10 by max. Hunter will begin by playing strong 2 drop (kings elekk, huge toad) or fiery bat. Now your plan is to snatch the first few turns by using your strong class minions and abusive sergeant and use defender of argus to block his big lategame threats.MULLIGAN you should start with a 1 drop like ARGENT SQUIRE or POSSESED VILLAGER,and hopefully keep abusive sergeant to buff them. If youre going first you should definately play around Fiery bat and not go for a greedy FLAME IMP and go for ARGENT SQUIRE or POSSESED VILLAGER. 80% of the time hunters will coin out their 2 drop to outtrade your meek 1 drop, so then plan is to keep abusive OR if you have POSSESED VILLAGER play KNIFE JUGGLER and go for a trade on his 2 health 2drop for a 50 50 chance to instantly win the game.


WARRIOR: Thats a tricky one, warrior is typically the class that beats zoo decks due to its strong potentials of hitting minions with spells and weapons or using brawl. Your winning plan against them is to try and overwhelm them, while still being cautious about brawl. DARKSHIRE COUNCILMAN is the guy you wanna use to beat warriors, he punches for a lot and he is generally hard to remove.MULLIGAN: Your plan is to generally play around fiery war axe, start with 2 1drops if possible (warriors will either use axe on them or ignore them) or use your voidwalker to absorb an axe hit, which is generally pretty good value. You generally wanna hide behind shitty taunts and use your strong minions (KNIFE JUGGLER, DARKSHIRE COUNCILMAN) to punch your opponent to death,also keeping your minions behind ravaging ghoul reach is essential. DIFFERENT MATCHUPS warrior has a lot of decks at the moment so were gonna use some examples.Cthun warrior, a generally bad deck to face due to the sheer amounts of value his cards have. You want to end the game as SOON as possible bexause if he plays veklor or brawl your chances to win are pretty low. IMPORTANT META DECK DRAGON WARRIOR, oh boy this deck is gonna screw you over, one of the greediest deck out there, axe wrecks us alexs champion wrecks us blackwing corruptor wrecks us and dragonid crushes completly takes advantages of our self harm ability, your chances to win are pretty low but generally the best tip i can give you is to never play turn 1 squire, if he uses BLOOD TO ICHOR on it, you have probably lost.



SHAMAN: well everyone loves 4 mana 77 am i right? This deck has some potential against shaman due to its greedy elements and token buffs there are 2 decks out there for shaman, faceshaman and big taunts shaman. Your winning condition is the same, punch them to death as soon as possible before doomhammer or taunts come out. MULLIGAN i generally think every shaman uses tunnel trogg so the ideal hand is either flame imp or 1drop with abusive next turn, cause if trogg lives youre probably gonna lose. Use your buffs to trade totem golem and carefully play around lighting storm, also argus on a divine shield token minion wrecks 4mana 7 7. If doomhammer comes out be as desperate as possible to win before he uses rockbiters and ends the game.



ROGUE: most rogue decks rely on combos which are pretty damn good effects for dealing with zoo. There are not many meta rogue decks atm, but the plan is to punch your opponent in the face and win. Also rogue doesnt have too many damage spells for your face, so you can get pretty greedy with lifetap if needed. MULLIGAN generally you want a curve against rogue, keep DARKSHIRE COUNCILMAN in cause he will probably uses all his turn 3 to get rid of him. You also need to kill some of your tokens that have use their deathrattles or divine shields cause fan of knives is essentially in every rogue deck atm.       



PRIEST:Well im out of memes so heres a guide, just go face and try to kill him and never trade any of his minions beyond northshire cleric and auchenai soulpriest. Personally ive faced 5 priests in ladder so im not your guy on this topic, i dunno ask reynad or something. MULLIGAN just get your average curve out and overwhelm him, always play around excavated evil.



MAGE aka the zoo destroyer, mage is literally the worst matchup against this deck, there are 2 variations of mage right now, freezemage and tempo mage, i generally had about a 50% chance against a tempo mage, and a 15% against one with flamewaker coin missiles. Tempo mage is the most outstanding class on killing your tokens like nothing and then winning the game with fireballing your face, freeze mage is certainly easier, but needs a Faster aproach. MULLIGAN against TEMPO MAGE keep soufire at all costs and use it on flamewanker even if you discard a card on the process. Generally keep high health minions instead of your tokens and try to stay ahead of board cause if you dont youll lose. Against FREEZEMAGE just be as greedy as possible and hit him hard and fast if youre lucky youll win by turn 7 or 8 

Also crazed alchemist is an essential mulligan against mage because he makes wyrms easy to kill by making them 3 1s or killing doomsayers instantly (ive had 2 freezemage instantly concede on turn 3 after i alchemist their doomsayer.



DRUID: its generally a strong class thats pretty good against zoo. Playing around swipe is mandatory and living roots is an insanely good card against zoo.MULLIGAN generally go for VOIDWALKER, ARGENT SQUIRE, POSSESED VILLAGER but not FLAME IMP, these minions are generally good against living roots. As for cthun druid you will need buffs on your minions to trade cthun cards and win the game as fast as possible cause druid runs a bunch of taunts.



WARLOCK: these days we mostly see zoo in warlock so im gonna talk A LOT about zoo and not emphasize on renolock.MULLIGAN Zoo is all about minions and tokens, so how do you beat that? You get more tempo on board, always keep 2 1drops in hand id youre second , now what 1 drops you should play first is entire math:

This days zoo runs these 1 drops, FLAME IMP. ARGENT SQUIRE. POSSESED VILLAGER  VOIDWALKER. ABUSIVE SERGEANT. You wont see people playing abusive on turn1 but its possible so lets break it down, FLAME IMP trades perfectly VOIDWALKER but dies to 1 damage so it should be played cautiously or after a voidwalker, VOIDWALKER trades very nicely POSSESED VILLAGER and ARGENT SQUIRE. ARGENT SQUIRE and POSSESED VILLAGAR trade flame imp really nicely. 

So the best plan in my opinion is to keep a squire or possesed and use abusive on the next turn, else just play stuff if you dont have them. TLDR fill your hand with 1 drops and play a 1 1 first and use ABUSIVE SERGEANT next turn with another 1 drop to get max tempo. 

Doomguard into silverware is a huge tempo swing, so it can probably win you the game single handedly!!

DIFFICULTY its literally who gets the best hand but id rate 8/10


PALADIN: a generally good class against warlock due to the best zoo clear in the game (CONCECRATION). There are 2 meta decks atm, both are not very popular but ill give them both a rundown, MULLIGAN against healing paladin with murlocs, you generally wanna keep minions that dont get demolished by concecration and burst the paladin down from 20 or something, Token paladin is all about how much free trades you can get with his tokens, i can say knife juggler is the most important card to stay alive in this mtachup, protect it at all costs.



Some small topics i wanna adress are: first i made this deck to last after brm is gone so it can have some long term play, also at 12th of the month i was at rank 10 and that was when i created this deck , beforehand i used a similar zoo deck that had some similar but lower success, still without imp gang boss, and i started playing ranked at 5 of the month but i think the highest ranks that are above 10 are certainly harder but this deck can easily pwn rank 10 mmorowand below

Also the reddit post is totally legit and thats why i support that malchezaars imp wont be so good.