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Obliterator Warrior - 72-20 to legend! (in-dept...

  • Last updated May 7, 2018 (Witchwood)
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  • 20 Minions
  • 9 Spells
  • 1 Weapon
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Odd Warrior
  • Crafting Cost: 16220
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 5/4/2018 (Witchwood)
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Greetings fellow control warrior enthusiasts, I reached legend this season playing this list and decided to share my knowledge, experience and observations with you. I've played lots of games with control warrior since I started playing Hearthstone years ago and I'm more than happy about the state of the control warrior at this moment.

Decklist and stats: twitter.com/Titan_HS2/status/992113365492355072
Deck code: AAECAYwWDqIC0AKRA5MEugT8BN4FkAf5DNPFAs/HApruAs3vAp74AghLogT/B5vCAqLHAsrnArrsAp3wAgA=
All games were played on my stream, the video quality isn't stellar but here are the VODS if some of you are interested.

**Card Choices**

I designed the deck to work optimally in this meta and it surprised me how well it has performed so far. You can switch some cards if you feel the need to, I will explain some my card choices, how to use them as well as tell my opinion about some cards that I didn't include in the list and the reasons why.

*Azalina, the Soulthief*

I love Azalina. She's our Witchwood's Dirty Rat. She can win us some games that we couldn't win otherwise and the main reason I included her is because of her unmatched efficacy against Rin. There will be situations where you want to play her and where you don't but overall she deserves a spot in the current meta. Control warrior needs her in this meta so I wouldn't change her.

*Tinkmaster Overspark*

Tinkmaster has a leading role against the Hadronox druid but he can be used in almost any match-up when you want to apply the polymorph effect or try to reduce the stats of a minion. Sometimes you can even use it when you have a token on board to apply pressure but that rarely happens. Tinkmaster is playable now primarily because we can work with more armor thanks to our beloved Tank Up. If you want to change it for something else, I would suggest running the second Owl, an Acolyte of Pain or Zola the Gorgon.

*Baron Geddon*

With all the tokens from paladin, Geddon is a pretty good choice in odd warrior lists, he's here also to finish some 2hp minions and he's also ok in applying pressure in some situations. You can consider running a Gorehowl if you want to change him.

*Harrison Jones and Ooze*

I run double weapon removal because we want to draw it asap in many match-ups, which often gives us an advantage tempowise. Consider changing the Ooze for something like Zola or an Acolyte if you feel like it's too much.

*Mind Control Tech*

This guy holds the most flexible spot in the deck. Feel free to change him with whatever you feel like. The main reason I'm running him is because he's good against paladins when we find ourselves in a spot where we don't have a needed removal for their board.

*Big Game Hunter*

I definitely think that BGH deserves a spot in the list when there are a lot of Spiteful Summoner decks. His second favorite target is the Mountain Giant.

*Fiery War Axe*

A pretty solid choice against the aggro decks. Feel free to change it for another owl, an acolyte or Zola if you feel like it.

*No Gorehowl*
Yea, it didn't make it in the list. It's fine in some match-ups but there are a lot of weapon removals and some other cards work better. If I decided to run Gorehowl, I would run 2 copies, to improve our chances against the quest rogue a bit.

*No Acolytes*

We already have enough cycle. There are match-ups where you can consider adding them but my opinion is that they are just not needed.

**Match-Up Strategies**

The best mulligan in most match-ups is keeping the town criers. Developing them on turn 1 while cycling cards and getting a curve works wonders most of the time. Keeping Rabid Worgens and Stonehills is usually good, especially against faster decks. There are some match-ups where you want to hard mulligan for specific cards and I will explain that bellow.

*Hadronox Druid*

A very good match-up for us, the Tinkmaster shines here. If they naturalize their Hadronox before we get to transform it, just play Tinkmaster first and then brawl. This will increase the chances of them getting a squirrel or a devilsaur from their Witching Hour, instead of Hadronox. The Cornered Sentry does the same job, so pick her from your Stonehill Defenders if you get a chance! If they still get Hadronox and cube it, silence their cube and then brawl. Hard mulligan for Tinkmaster Overspark.

*Spiteful Druid*

We are favored in this match-up. The last game I played against one, the opponent had a spiteful into spiteful with a great curve and I still won. The best silence target is Greedy Sprite. Definitely keep the BGH in your starting hand or even hard mulligan for him.

*Midrange Hunter*

You're in a pretty favored spot as unless they play their Deathstalker Rexxar on turn 6. In that scenario, become more greedy with your removals but try to maintain balance, dying isn't one of our win conditions. You're a playing a slow deck so don't attack their face when there is a secret during the early game.

*Odd Face Hunter*

Try to tank up as much as you can and don't refrain yourself from using shield slams on their early minions if needed. The match-up is very favored for us, almost unlosable.

*Face Mage*

Try to guess the secrets they played and play around them. Sorceress Apprentice is our primary target, Mana Wyrm comes second. We're in a really good spot against them if we play smart. Keep your weapon removal for Aluneth unless you're forced to play it on board for tempo or you want them to fatigue. Remove their board until you develop some big taunts. Then they will try to throw everything into your face but to no avail.

*Control Mage*

I haven't faced a single one with this list. I used to play 2 acolytes last season and I was having a bad time against them. Try not to draw cards and hope they don't have the Frostlich Jaina on turn 9. We have a better chance against less greedy lists, the lists that I played against were quite greedy.

*Even Paladin*

You have a good chance against them but since it's the best deck in the game atm, I suggest you to be careful. Remove their boards and try to play around Sunkeeper Tarim if possible. Go for tempo unless you're setting up a board clear with Reckless Flurry. Your primary target is the Knife Juggler. We have enough removal, try to evaluate whether you should be greedy with it or use it. It's fine to keep Reckless Flurry in your starting hand.

*Murloc Paladin*

Most of the Paladins were even paladins. Don't be greedy with removals against this version and focus on removing their murlocs. Emptying your hand as much as possible is good, because it plays around our greatest threat in this match-up - Divine Favor. Definitely keep Reckless Flurry in your starting hand.

*Odd Paladin*

Almost every paladin is the even paladin. The odd paladins don't pose a big threat to you and they don't generate a huge pressure. You don't need to play around Tarim, the only problematic card is Divine Favor but you'll still be in a pretty good spot. You'll be fine.

*Mind Blast Dragon Priest*

Don't miss using the hero power. Deal with their minions. You're in a good spot because they can't deal enough damage to kill us most of the time. Use your shield slams before they play the Geist, so don't save them for too long. They have a chance if they play the Geist on turn 6. Feel free to use Azalina in this match-up, even before turn 10 if you predict that it's fine to do so.

*Odd Rogue*

A very good match-up for us as long as you deal with their minions. Remove their Hench-Clan Thugs and Vicious Fledglings asap, don't let them spiral out of control. They will run out of resources and they won't be able to keep up with your taunts and your hero power.

*Quest Rogue*

It's a terrible match-up for every slow deck and unfortunately it made its way back into the meta, taking all our fun away. Consider playing double Gorehowl to have a better chance against them.


I played against a few of them so I'm not sure how to evaluate this match-up. You're fine against them if it's not a full combo with Grumble. Be proactive against them and save your mind control tech against their Shudderwock. Azalina is pretty good in this match-up, play her during the later stages of the game.

*Control Warlock*

I have a positive winrate against them because of following the strategy of playing Azalina after they use a Dark Pact on Rin. So, hard mulligan for Azalina. Most of the warlocks I faced were the control warlocks and they will wreck you with Rin. Unless... You have Azalina! They will always dark pact their Rin. As soon as they do that, play Azalina. Or hope you draw her during the stages where they're still creating the seals. During that time try to pressure them if possible, so they can't play the seals. If they play Azari before you got to her, you're doomed.

*Cube Warlock*

Most of the walocks I played against were the control version. The cube warlock is trickier for control decks. Keep the BGH and a shield slam for their Mountain Giant. Definitely keep your weapon removal, it's very important that you destroy the Skull of Manari. Try to Tinkmaster their Doomguard and silence their cube if possible. If you want to improve this match-up, add another Faceless Manipulator to your deck but that will hurt your other match-ups.

*Taunt Warrior*

Play for tempo and pressure. Your best win condition is creating pressure and playing Azalina when they finish the quest. When you play the Sulfuras that you stole with her, you win the game.

*Dead Man's Warrior*

I played against one and it's a skill intensive match-up, another one where Azalina is great. Try to get double dead man's hand with her. Definitely try to apply pressure on them. If both strategies fail, try to go for a turn limit where it ends in a draw. I managed to win because I evaluated that playing Dinomancy from an Un'goro pack is correct and destroyed him afterwards with a huge Direhorn.


I hope that you will find this text helpful and that you will enjoy this deck, control warrior has always been my favorite archetype in the game. Feel free to ask any questions and give your opinions! -Titan

P.S: If you enjoyed the guide and games with the deck, I invite you to to follow twitch.tv/urkoth and twitter.com/Titan_HS2 so we can create more great things while having fun, TOGETHER! Cheers!